Friday, June 26, 2020

Nancy Maple and Mary Pope Appointed Co-Chairs of Bylaws Committee

The Executive Board has appointed Nancy Maple and Mary Pope as Co-chairs of the Ad hoc Bylaws Committee, effective immediately.

Nancy has served as a member of this committee since its inception in July 2019. She also served on the 2019 P&Z Committee and is a member of the 2020 P&Z Committee.

Mary Pope is the Representative for LaBarranca II and served as Co-chair of the Parliamentary Training Committee that developed the current Code of Conduct and Meeting Rules for the Council.

Margie Gershtenson (alternate Representative for Las Piedras HOA) volunteered to join the committee along with former member of the committee Phil Feiner (Representative for Lee Mountain West).  Current members Matt Werner and ex officio member Camille Cox round out the committee of six.

The committee looks forward to completing its original Purpose and Scope by developing a Grievance Process and will also update the proposed bylaws to include electronic voting and meeting requirements.

We are grateful to these volunteers who will take the review process forward, and incorporate changes that arise from the Council discussions. The discussions will progress as per the Council's motion passed at the March meeting.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, send a message to