Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Would you like to be promptly notified when something noteworthy
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Your Big Park Coordinating Council is implementing a system to alert you by email when noteworthy events occur in our community.
  • When something exciting is happening?
  • When someone is missing?
  • When fire or natural disaster threatens us?
  • When burglaries occur?

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Big Park Regional Coordinating Council was incorporated in 1996 to promote the best interests of the residents of the Big Park Community. This community includes residents, property owners and businesses within the boundaries outlined by the Big Park Community Plan. The Council studies community issues and seeks their solutions. In doing so, it represents the interests of the Big Park community to County, State and Federal bodies and agencies, persons, firms or organizations that affect the community. (Source: Articles of Incorporation)

Regular Meetings of the Council:

Date: 2nd Thursday of each month
Time: 9:00 A.M.
Location: Sedona Fire Station # 3; 125 Slide Rock Road, Sedona, AZ 86351

Mailing address:

Big Park Regional Coordinating Council
P.O. Box 20248
Sedona, AZ 86341