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Minutes of May, 2003 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of May, 2003 Meeting


  1. Meeting of May 8, 2003 called to order by President Zona Fink at 9:05AM at the VOCA Center.  13 members were present, which is a quorum. 
  2. The minutes of the April 10 meeting were approved as corrected.
  3. Corresponding Secretary – no communications received.
  4. Treasurer’s report – Don Beard reported that the April balance for the Regular account is $2,866 The Recreation account balance is $288.  Report was approved.
  5. Committee Reports:
    1. Transportation Committee:

                                               i.     Tom Hutchinson reported that the SR 179 Scope Development Team is hoping to identify the Corridor Development Consultant for the project by the end of May.   After this selection, the Needs Based Implementation Plan (NBIP) process can begin.  It is expected that the DAPs (Design Advisory Panels) will begin work in late Summer or early Fall to support the planned construction start date for the VOC portion of the Highway in the fall of 2005.

                                              ii.     Tom Hutchinson also reported that the BPRCC will be asked to approve the official Big Park representative to serve on the Project Executive Team.   The Transportation committee will make a recommendation to the Council (probably on of the present group attending the scooping sessions --Jim Gibson, Jim Patterson, Zona Fink, Doug McDaniel, Tom Hutchinson). The stakeholders to be represented on the Executive Team include Yavapai and Coconino Counties, Federal Highway Adm., ADOT, U.S. Forest Service, City of Sedona, & Big Park, as well as the Corridor Development Consultant & Process Coordinator (facilitator).  Tourists and Commuters, while stakeholders, will not be represented.  It was also reported that ADOT is establishing a website for the SR 179 project (www.scenic179.com).

    1. Noise Abatement—Lloyd Marlowe agreed to attend the next Noise abatement meeting and will report back to the BPRCC.
    2. Planning and Zoning Committee:

                                               i.     Coyote Station Update—Judy Cooper reported receipt of a letter from Shell agreeing to changing the canopy color from yellow to brown and emphasizing that Shell wants very much to cooperate.   It is anticipated that the new canopy will be installed by the end of Summer.  It was agreed to send a letter to Shell thanking them for their willingness to change the canopy.  It was also reported that:

1.     There appears to be no significant noise problem with the car wash;

2.     Wendy’s will move to Coyote Station in the fall;

3.     The lighting under the Shell canopy is a good example of the benefits from the dark skies ordinances.

                                              ii.     Zoning Ordinances:

1.     Junk car ordinance – per a suggestion by Jim Gibson, the Junk Car definition will be amended to:

a.     include any vehicle without a license;

b.     require screening from both the street and neighbors;

 The ordinance still requires approval by the County Supervisors before it becomes official.

2.     Ordinance priority list –The County is being requested to reprioritize (move up) the following items from the Community Plan:

a.     Building on Slopes – move up the development of an ordinance for limiting building on slopes and ridges (presently #9 on the old priority list);

b.     Flood Control District Policy—“modification of county flood control district policy to provide for drainage review of all parcels regardless of size”.  (presently #18 on the old priority list);

c.     PAD ordinance – Encourage the county to amend the (PAD) ordinance to remove acreage of roads from the acreage used to compute density of development.  (presently #7 on the old priority list);

d.     Commercial property sewage requirements – It is recommended that the proposed change to “require any proposed commercial development to clear their project with the appropriate improvement district before any county approval of construction begins” be moved up to Priority number one (from #15).

 These recommendations were approved by the Council.


    1. Recreation Committee

                                               i.     Swimming Program Update—Dorothy Hores reported that The Hilton (Steve Miller) expressed a great deal of enthusiasm and support for the summer Swim Program for local youth.  At the present time, however, there is a shortage of adult volunteers.  Orientation for the Volunteers will be on June 1st—the opening day for the program.

                                              ii.     Community Park Update - There was a meeting on April 26 to discuss future plans for the park, including representatives from the County Facilities department.  A needs based analysis will be completed, including a cost Estimate.  Everyone was reminded to attend the May 9th auction at the VOCA clubhouse; all proceeds from the auction will go towards the park construction.  In addition to the auction and previously announced contributions, JMS Excavation has agreed to provide its services (gratis) to the project.  All in all there appears to be a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for the project.

                                             iii.      Skateboard day–- Bob Carlile reported that there will be no additional skateboard outings this school year due to date conflict.  The program will begin again in August after school resumes.  It was also reported that Latino children seem to be the strongest supporters for the program, but that their attendance may be limited by the $3 charge.  Strong consideration will be given for a “free” day in September.


  1. Old Business:
    1. Village Community Newsletter – Zona Fink announced that Gail Shaw has agreed to volunteer to report on behalf the BPRCC for the new Village Community Newsletter.  Publication will begin in July.

    2. BPRCC Website – Carolyn Fisher will investigate the financial implications for setting up a website for BPRCC.

  2. Announcements:
    1. Zona Fink announced that County Supervisor Chip Davis will hold his quarterly meeting with Big Park residents on Thursday, May 29th at 6:30pm in VOCA.

Meeting adjourned at 10:20 AM.


John Gillam





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