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Minutes of September, 2003 Meeting


Minutes of September 2003 Meeting of Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

  1. The meeting of September 11, 2003 was called to order by President Zona Fink at 9:00AM at the Big Park Fire Station Meeting Room. 14 members were present, which is a quorum.

  2. The minutes of the August 14 meeting were approved as presented.

  3. Treasurer’s report – Don Beard reported that there were expenses of $255 during August and that the August ending balance for the Regular account is $1,509. It was also reported that the Liability Insurance check (was included in June expenses) has still not been cashed and that contact had been made with the insurance agent to resolve. The Recreation account balance remains at $8. Report was approved.

  4. Las Piedras/SR179 Apartment Project – presentation was delayed until the October 9th BPRCC meeting.

  5. Mr. Enalo Lockard, Asst. Director, Yavapai County Development Services—discussed how the County Zoning Ordinances relate to CC&Rs of individual Sub-divisions/Homeowners Associations (HOAs).

    1. County Zoning Ordinances—are established and enforced by the County to govern the division and use of land. Specifically, the ordinances help to:

      1. Secure safety from fire, panic and other dangers;

      2. Provide adequate light & air;

      3. Prevent overcrowding of land and avoid undue concentration of population in certain areas;

      4. Facilitate adequate provision of transportation, water, sewerage, schools, parks and other public requirements;

      5. Maintain and promote stable values of land and structures.

    2. CC&Rs—or Deed restrictions are a contractual agreement between the HOA and the individual homeowner that generally add local requirements/restrictions vs. the County Zoning Ordinances in areas such as aesthetics (color of exterior, roof, etc.), property maintenance requirements, larger setbacks, location of Evap. Coolers, Landscaping, etc. These deed restrictions are not enforced by the County.

    3. Commercial Development—The County can (officially) only enforce specific zoning laws. However, the County can use powers of persuasion/encouragement to try to enhance the Commercial development to, for example, improve the exterior appearance of a particular building and its landscaping.

Further information and the actual written zoning ordinances can be obtained by contacting the County Development Services activity or from the Yavapai County website at www.co.yavapai.az.us.

  1. Committee Reports:

    1. Transportation Committee:

      1. SR 179—Tom Hutchinson reported that there will be several upcoming events related to the SR179 highway project in the beginning with the Kickoff event with ADOT Director Victor Mendez on September 15 at Bell Rock Plaza. Other Events include:

        1. Speakers bureaus at various times and locations;

        2. “Donuts & Dialogue”, monthly, at the ADOT Project Office in Bell Rock Plaza;

        3. The first Charrette, beginning the week of November 3rd. Further details as to time and location of these and other meetings can be obtained from the ADOT office that is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday every week plus additional times for special events. The Project Office phone number is 284-2503.

      2. SR179 MOU – Mike Willett from Yavapai County reported that the SR179 Project Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is in the final stages of its approval process. The Village of Oak Creek/Big Park area is shown clearly in the MOU as one of the Key project stakeholders. However, Yavapai County will sign the MOU on our behalf. A motion was approved for the Council to send a letter of support for the MOU.

      3. Forest Service Visitor Center Location—two sites are under consideration:

        1. Bell Rock Pathways trailhead;

        2. Woods Canyon Trailhead.

The Transportation Committee recommended that the Big Park Council support the Woods Canyon trailhead location. It is believe that this location would provide more efficient “early” help for visitors and reduce the growing congestion in the Bell Rock Pathway area. A motion was approved to send a letter from the BPRCC to the Forest Service recommending this location.

      1. Gas pipeline sub-committee: Citizen’s Gas (now UniSource Energy Services) is delaying the start of the pipeline extension for six months to a year due to shortage of building materials and other issues. The BPRCC sub committee will continue and develop a recommendation for presentation to the BPRCC in the near future.

    1. Planning and Zoning Committee:

      1. Multi Family Dwellings development—Mr. Reiter of Coldwell Banker Real Estate, who is representing the owners of the proposed 56 unit Apartment development being considered at a 4+ acre site at the corner of SR179 and Avenue de Piedras, met with the P&Z Committee at its August 25 committee meeting. Mr. Reiter subsequently met with the Las Piedras homeowners. While the proposed development does not call for any zoning changes or variances, it does need site plan approval from the County. At the August 25th meeting, 18 specific concerns were raised for the developers to address. The P&Z committee will meet with Mr. Reiter again on September 22 and hopes to have a report ready for presentation at the October 9th BPRCC meeting. The County’s legal hearing on the matter is planned for November.

    2. Recreation Committee:

      1. Swimming Program -- Dorothy Hores reported that thanks are in order to Steve Miller and The Hilton for its support for the swimming program this past summer at the Hilton. The program was extremely successful and very well supported by many volunteers

      2. Playground—Special thanks to JMS Excavating for donating the time and equipment to remove the old playground equipment adjacent to the OCC clubhouse in preparation for installation of the new equipment. Yavapai County is funding the installation of the new equipment and a dedication of the new facility is tentatively planned for September 27th.

      3. Skateboarding Plans—Bob Carlile reported that skateboarding outings will begin on the first Saturday of October. Also, because of the slow economy, it was felt that the event should be available to local children free of charge. It is estimated that $100 will be required to cover gasoline for the season and that $50 had been donated so far. Additional donations are welcome.

  1. New Business:

    1. Plaza de Angeles – Zona Fink reported that the project has been turned back to VOCA to resolve the trash and weeds problem; attorneys are also working to resolve.

  2. Old Business:

    1. Community Clean-up day – Zona Fink announced that Bob Carlile has agreed to lead the Clean-up day scheduled for November 22nd. Bob Carlile reported that he has contacted the owners of the property at the southeast corner of SR179 & Jacks Canyon to seek permission to use the property for the Clean up day. Also, that the event will be held from 8AM to 4PM and that about 12 volunteers will be needed for 2 to 3 hour shifts during the day.

  3. Announcements:

    1. Chip Davis Community Meeting—The next meeting will be held on September 25th at the Big Park Community School library at 6:30pm.

    2. Sedona Literacy Center—Carolyn Fisher reported that Volunteers are needed to assist with this Very worthwhile program to help improve the reading skills of local 2nd & 3rd grade children. The tutoring sessions will be held on Monday and Wednesdays for Big Park children and Tuesday and Thursdays for Sedona children. People interested in helping should contact Carolyn.

    3. SVBA Golf Tournament – The Sedona Village Business Association will be sponsoring a golf tournament (scramble format) on September 13 at Oak Creek Country Club. Entry fee is $110 and includes cart and box lunch and prizes; there is space available for 120 participants. Proceeds from the event will be used to support local VOC youth groups, etc.

    4. Pie Baking Contest—will be held on Saturday September 27 at 9:15am in the parking lot at Webers IGA. Volunteers are needed to help with pie judging, etc.

Meeting adjourned at 10:25 AM.

After the meeting, a reception was held honoring Helmut Woellmer, the outgoing Big Park representative (12 years of service) on the County P&Z commission, and Joan McClelland who has been appointed to replace Helmut on the County P&Z.

Approved October 9, 2003

John Gillam,


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