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Minutes of March, 1998 Meeting





March 26, 1998

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.    Call to order: 9:03 am by President Dick Byrnes, followed by pledge to Flag.


2.    Establishing a Quorum and Roll Call. The following Representatives and Alternates signed the Roll Call sheet: Bob Aberg, Carol Agers, Loyd Barnett, Bill Bookwalter, Dick Byrnes, Bob Carlile, Carolyn Fisher, Dorothy Hores, Joanne Johnson, Nancy Kent, Dottie Lucas, Joan McClelland, Ray Spencer, Bob Wier, Hany Williams, representing 13 member associations, and thereby constituting a quorum (a quorum requires the presence of 9 or more members).


3.    Secretary’s Report. (Bob Carlile) The minutes of the meeting of February 26, 1998 were approved.


4.    Treasurer’s Report (Dorothy Hores). Treasurer Dorothy Hores reported that income for March to-date is $330 while expenditures are $20. Total income for 1998 is $1955.44 and expenditures are $239.89, leaving a net balance of $1715.55.


5. Old Business.

Harvard Investments (HI) Planned Area Development. Craig Kruminiede and Doug Zuber of HI made the following points. HI representatives have met with adjacent homeowners to try to resolve disputed issues. Mr. Kruminiede stated that the number of gates had been reduced to two, which would be set back 150 ft. from Jacks Canyon Rd. Trail access has been discussed and in his opinion that issue has been resolved to the satisfaction of the homeowners. The “theme walls” have become rock columns with a plaque bearing the name of the development: La Barranca. The total number of columns is 3. There will be no columns where Lee Mountain Rd joins Jacks Canyon Rd. In response to questions, Mr. Kruminiede stated that the total number of units in the Development is 76; of the 112 acres, 25% is open space; the average size building envelope is 14,400 sq ft, while the average lot size is 1000-2000 sq ft less than 1 acre; the smallest lot is 14,000 sq ft. An application has been submitted to the District for reserved capacity in the Big Park Wastewater Treatment Plant. There has been no response from the District Board to-date. If HI is unable to connect to the Big Park Plant, they will build their own wastewater treatment plant.

Bea Gordon, representing homeowners adjacent to the Development, made a presentation. She stated that of the 84 acres that are currently zoned RCU2A (1 house per 2 acres), HI has only reduced the homesites by 1.5 sites. She said that the homeowners feel this is unsatisfactory and ask the Council to recommend to P&Z that the density be restored to 1 house per 2 acres. Ms. Gordon submitted a letter with this request signed by 66 homeowners adjacent to the proposed HI PAD. Carol Agers asked why the homeowners weren’t satisfied with the proposed density since 68% of the area was to be left in its natural state. Ms. Gordon replied that the house density would still be double that allowed by current zoning. Joan McClelland pointed out that if the 84 acres zoned RCU2A was developed as a subdivision, there could be only 38 lots. This calculation included subtracting 10% for roads, but with all other land included in lots. For the entire 112 acres, keeping existing zoning and subtracting 10% for roads, you could have only 69 lots (compared to the 76 that are proposed.

President Byrnes asked the Council to focus on four issues: density, trail access, sewer approval, and gates. He summarized the status of the four issues. Density: HI is not willing to change the density; petitions have been signed by 66 residents opposing the proposed density in the PAD; an arrangement has been made between HI and a few residents to pave part of Bobcat Trail. Trail Access: HI have negotiated this issue and the new trail relocation and trail access relocation meets the approval of the homeowners. Sewer approval: HI has applied for annexation to the District; they have applied to the District for reserved capacity. They have neither received nor been denied approval to-date. Gates: Most of the gates have been removed; also the number of rock columns (formerly “theme walls”) have been reduced. It should be noted that the revised Community Plan discourages gates and gated communities.

President Byrnes then asked the Representative for each Council member to state their views on each of these four issues. Secretary Carlile called the role. The following persons responded: Bill Bookwalter (Cathedral View II), Carolyn Fisher (Oak Creek CC Est, #1), Bob Wier (Oak Creek CC Est, #3), Ray Spencer (Alt, Oak Creek Estados), Bob Carlile (Pine Valley POA), Nancy Kent (Pinon Woods I), Bob Aberg (Red Rock Vista), Hal Carter (representing the Ridge), Harry Williams (Sundance Townhouses), Carol Agers (Valley Vista Est), Joan McClelland (VOCA), Dorothy Hores (Village Park Assn), Dottie Lucas (Wild Turkey Townhouses). It should be noted that the Sedona Village Business Assn, Highland Estates, and Pinon Woods East had no representative. A 5 minute recess was called while President Byrnes and Secretary Carlile conferred to present a statement of the consensus (majority opinion) of the Council. When the meeting was reconvened, President Byrnes said that he regretted that the Sedona Village Business Assn was not present. He then gave this consensus statement: There is a consensus that gates and trail access are non-issues. There is much concern about the sewer issue. The resolution of the sewer issue will probably be determined by how well the HI presentation to the District goes and how the District reacts to it. Concerning density, the consensus is that the density that is contained in the proposed HI PAD is satisfactory. Three members felt that the density should be held to current zoning. He requested that Secretary Carlile send a letter to Mike Rozycki communicating this consensus (copy of letter is attached).


6.    Committee Reports.

A. Big Park Community Plan (Joan McClelland). Ms. McClelland passed out copies of the latest revision of the Plan to the members. P&Z will hold a public hearing on the plan on Wednesday, May 6. Ms. McClelland was thanked for her excellent work. President Byrnes pointed out that without the Council’s help, the County would have had to pay tens of thousands of dollars to obtain this revision of the Plan. Bob Wier felt that the Council should review the revision and approve it before it goes to P&Z. Carolyn Fisher proposed that the Plan be taken to our members who would be asked to say ‘yes, we accept it’ or ‘no, we don’t’, without any changes being made. The members would give a corresponding vote at out April meeting, and this would be communicated to P&Z. A claim was made from the audience that the process of formulating the Plan had not been sufficiently open; however, the Council strongly disagreed.

B.  Boys’ and Girls’ Club (Jim Moore). In Jim Moore’s absence, Bob Carlile gave the following report: Two grants have been applied for. The first is a federal grant applied for through the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Sedona for funds to support a director and for administration. Russ Snyder, Principal of the Big Park School, thought that there was a classroom at the school that could be used immediately if this grant was obtained. The second grant seeks funds through the County from a resource paid into by TV cable companies. If granted, these funds can be used for any purpose including purchase of the existing Fire Station.

C.  P&Z Liaison Committee (Joanne Johnson). Ms. Johnson reported on a proposed PAD adjacent to Sedona Golf Resort (Suncor Development). The new hotel under construction at Sedona Golf Resort is to be called the Shadow Rock Hotel and is owned by United Properties. It will be managed by Delta Enterprises. United Properties wants to build casitas, containing 64 living units, on 3 acres on the slope facing Hwy 179 between the hotel and 6 acres of commercially zoned land which abuts onto Hwy 179. Both parcels currently are owned by Suncor. The 3 acres may be sold to United Properties for the purpose of building the casitas. The 6 acres may be sold to Pacific Ridge. Mr. Hardy, of Pacific Ridge, says he would build small businesses on the 6 acres, i.e., a drug store, and plans no large businesses such as a supermarket type grocery store. To build the casitas, a PAD zoning change is required to order to build the 64 units. Ms. Johnson felt that the proposed PAD would not enhance the small village atmosphere that we are trying to maintain. Mr Hardy has said if the PAD is not approved, he might buy the 3 acres from Suncor as well as the 6 acres for a total of 9 acres of commercial development. Ms. Johnson stated that this appears to be intimidation. She has polled most of the P&Z Commission and the consensus is against a PAD zoning change. Bob Wier asked: what is the enormous excavation project going on there now? Bob agreed to investigate what is the nature of this project. President Byrnes was concerned about the height of the new hotel which should be less than 31 feet.


7.    New Business and Other Business.

A.  Sign variance for Supermax Theater item was deleted from the agenda.

B.  Lillian Blechschmidt, of the City of Sedona Growth Committee, passed out copies of a Growth Committee report, entitled “Managing Sedona’s Growth”. She pointed out that it refers to the entire Verde Valley.

C.  President Byrnes pointed out that much of the building that is currently going on in the Village, and is of concern to us, is the result of decisions made by the Supervisors prior to the existence of the Council. What the Council is doing is not allowing the devastation of our community to continue. That is the responsibility of every member of this Council.

D. Bob Wier stated that the request for the closing of Ridge Trail has been withdrawn.



8.    Adjourn: 11:20am


Respectfully submitted,



Bob Carlile





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Christmas, the November and December meetings will be the THIRD Thursdays, Nov. 19 and

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