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Minutes of February, 1998 Meeting





February 26, 1998

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to order: 7:00 pm by President Dick Byrnes, followed by pledge to Flag.

2.     Establishing a Quorum and Role Call. The following Representatives and Alternates signed the Role Call sheet: Carol Agers, Bill Bookwalter, Dick Byrnes, Bob Carlile, Meg Downs, Carolyn Fisher, Dorothy Hores, Jim Moore, Dottie Lucas, Ivan Madar, Joan McClelland, Chris Stefan, Joan Steninger, Bob Wier, representing 12 member associations, and thereby constituting a quorum (a quorum requires representation of 9 or more members).

3.     President Byrnes welcomed the Reps and Alts as well as an audience of about 50 visitors. He stated the purpose of the Council. He emphasized that the Council does not levy taxes, formulate legislation, or violate the charters of any of the member associations.

4.     Secretary’s Report. (Bob Carlile) The minutes of the meeting of January 22, 1998, were approved. A letter was received from Mark Mumaw, Michelle Wendell, Bea Gordon, and Martin Britt stating concerns about the Harvard Investment proposed development on Jacks Canyon Rd. Copies of the letter were passed out to the Reps/Alts.

5.     Treasurer’s Report (Dorothy Hores). There is a total income of $1625.44 and expenditures of $219.89, leaving a balance of $1405.55. 14 of the 16 members have paid their dues. Dorothy Hores moved to accept the Treasurers’ report; seconded: Joan McClelland; passed. Bill Bookwalter, representing the Audit Committee, consisting of himself and Carolyn Fisher, stated that the Treasurers’ books are accurate. Joan McClelland moved to accept the Audit Committee’s report; seconded: Dorothy Hores; passed.

6.     New Business.

A.  Harvard Investment Planned Area Development (PAD). Craig Kruminiede, President of Harvard Investments (HI), gave a short presentation. He introduced Douglas Zuber of HI, and John Wesnitzer, of Shephard and Westmtzer, a local engineering firm. Mr. Kruminiede made the following points: HI constructs high end developments; the project on Jacks Canyon Rd. is 112 acres, with 25% open space and preservation of hill tops and ridges; it is in compliance with the existing Big Park Plan; there are 76 lots with and average size of 41,984 sq ft with the minimum size lot being about 16,000 sq ft adjacent to R1-b zoning; each lot will have a building envelope which will restrict where a home can be built which will lead to a total non-disturbed area of 68% of the total acreage, enforced by CC&Rs; a trail system will be dedicated for public use; there will be five entrances with two having gates, deceleration and left hand turn lanes on Jacks Canyon Rd, underground utilities, sewer, and larger lots adjacent to existing developments; sign walls on Jacks Canyon Rd at Lee Mountain Rd have been eliminated from the plan.

Following this presentation, Jim Moore asked if photos or drawings of the sign walls could be made available to the Council. Following a question about price, Mr. Kruniniede replied that lots will sell in $200,000 range and they expect to be selling lots in about one year. HI stated that they have a letter from Sunrise Engineering indicating that the Big Park Wastewater Treatment Plant had adequate capacity to take on the HI development when the sewer line infrastructure is built. Ruth Kane, Chairman of Big Park Domestic Wastewater Improvement District, who was in attendance, was not aware of this letter. HI stated that they would supply a copy of it to the Council. The discussion of the sewer lines continued. The nearest entrance to the sewer system is at Canyon Mesa where there is a 12 inch line. The sewer lines will be located under roads within the development, with a sewer pump at each home. Outside the Development the lines would follow Jacks Canyon Rd; they want to avoid putting the lines along Jacks Canyon creek, although this hasn’t been worked out yet.

At this point, Mark Mumaw, a signer of the letter referred to above from concerned residents, made a presentation. His letter, he said, had been signed by about 45 residents who lived near the proposed HI development. He had four issues: 1) he objected to the density transfer within the PAD, and asked that HI be limited to 40 sites in the part of the PAD now zoned for 1 house/2 acres; 2) he wants to protect a ridge west of lot #51; 3) he asks that gates and theme walls be excluded from the PAD or moved to a location where they are not visible from Jacks Canyon Rd; 4) trails in the area have been use for 20 years, and these should not be excluded from public use. He concluded by asking the BPRCC to support these changes to the PAD, and in particular asked the Council support the denial of any zoning exchanges within the PAD.

Following Mr. Mumaw’s presentation, there were several comments and questions. Carolyn Fisher asked what the rationale was for a gated community. Mr. Kruminiede replied that the short answer is that buyers prefer them. Chris Carter objected to those roads within the development which didn’t follow elevation contour lines. Big Park Water Co. is looking at a site for a well for a community water system. The well will be tied into Big Park Water system. HI will provide the water delivery infrastructure. Regarding height restrictions: one story except on slopes. HI is willing to work with those interested in trails to develop trail access. Ruth Kane saw a conflict between the public riding horses through the development and the owners of million dollar homes who might not like the public access. Mr. Kruminiede replied that access will be set forth in CC&R’s so that every lot buyer will know about the access prior to purchasing a lot.

After the general discussion had subsided, President Byrnes thanked HI for coming and making its presentation. At this point much of the audience left the meeting, although the Council discussion continued. Bob Wier asked if the Council would have an opportunity to find consensus on the HI PAD. President Byrnes did not think the Council had enough information to take a position on the PAD, and suggested that a group from the Council have a meeting with 111 and report back at the March Council meeting. Dorothy Hores said that the HI response to our meeting tonight and particularly the input from the concerned residents should be communicated to the Council before the Council takes a position on the HI PAD. Mr. Zuber said that HI wants to submit the proposal for the PAD to P&Z at its April 1 meeting, which then would be a voting meeting of P&Z. President Byrnes suggested to HI that they delay their application to a later P&Z meeting, pointing out that it would benefit HI if the Council had all information available before the Council takes a position on the PAD. President Byrnes asked Mr. Kruminiede to get their response to this meeting to the Council and asked Joan McClelland to the recipient of all incoming information. Mark Mumaw agreed to be the spokesman for the concerned residents.

B.  Amendment to Master Plan for Sedona Golf Resort (Bob Wier). Bob Wier, Rep for Oak Creek Country Club Estates #3, stated that his Assn. has received a notice from P&Z, stating that the above Amendment, requested by Sedona Golf Resort, calls for the abandonment and closure of Ridge Trail Dr. north of Ridge Route Rd. Also, two gates are proposed which would gate the townhome part of the Resort. His Assn. would oppose this closure because it would divert traffic onto Hwy 179 and onto Verde Valley School Rd. Mike Rozycki, Director of Planning and Zoning, and a visitor to the Council meeting, reported that a letter had been received from Brad Swisher, of Sedona Golf Resort, asking that this matter be removed from the March 4 P&Z agenda. He said that if it is placed on the P&Z agenda at a future date, the Council will be informed. The Council did not consider this issue further.

7.    Committee Reports.

A.  Big Park Community Plan (Joan McClelland). The revised Plan will be on the agenda for the May meeting of P&Z which will be a public meeting for the Plan. It should be available for discussion at the March meeting of the Council.

B.  Boys’ and Girls’ Club (Jim Moore). The Committee is considering two sites: one near the Big Park school and the second being the current Fire Station.


8.    Adjourn: 9:00 pm


Respectfully submitted,




Bob Carlile, Secretary











Minutes and Report: February 10, 1998 meeting, 10:00 a.m.



James Moore, Chair, B.P.C.C. member

Dick Byrnes, Pres. B.P.C.C. Kiwanis

Dottie Lucas, B.P.C.C.

Carolyn Fisher, B.P.C.C.

Joe Sansing, Big Park P.T.S.A.

John Egan, Sedona Village Business Association

Ralph Kurtz, S.V.B.A.


James Moore opened the meeting with introductions and a summary of the agenda.


The first item of business was to approve the 8th revision of the Parks and Recreation section of the Big Park Community Plan rewrite. Jim Moore added some demographic information, and Dick Byrnes added mention of a Kiwanis sponsored Builder’s Club for grades 6,7,&8 and plans to implement a Key Club for high school youth. Mr. Byrnes also mentioned the volunteer construction of a challenging bike trail surrounding the Big Park School grounds with ramps and jumps appropriate for B.M.X. type trick riding. The rewrite was then approved.


The second item on the agenda was to focus upon our objectives for serving the children and youth of the Big Park area. Jim Moore gave a brief report on the status of Fire Station No.3. Chief Alvor plans to market the property as residential, realizing that conversion to commercial zoning was a very uphill struggle. It was decided that efforts to secure the property should continue.


Joe Sansing gave a report on the prospects of acquiring property at Big Park School. He said principal Russ Snider was very much in favor and so was Superintendent Nancy Alexander. He also had spoken to several members of ‘the school board who also expressed their support. The committee agreed this would be an ideal location for a children’s recreation facility because of the safety of being on school grounds. The availability of school facilities such as playgrounds and ball fields was also noted as a great advantage.


Jake Weber’s IGA Market was dropped from consideration because it has been sold to Artisan’s Galleria.


Because of its remote location, complete lack of facilities and tentative prospects for approval, the Camino del Pueblo proposal was also dropped from consideration.


Discussion proceeded to types of services and who needs to be served. It was agreed that all levels of youth are in need of service. Dottie Lucas cited a number of incidents involving youth behavior. Carolyn Fisher noted the wonderful things youth were doing when given opportunity and supervision. She noted the very successful high school tutor program where volunteer teens are helping fourth grade students with reading and language skills. Both age groups benefit. Dick Byrnes noted the same occurrence with the Kiwanis Club. Young people want and need to feel an active role in the community. Planning for services must include their input. Interfacing between all age groups in the community must be a high priority.


Jim Moore reminded the committee of the opportunity to apply for a Federal start-up grant through the Boys and Girls Club of Sedona. It would require developing a Sedona Boys and Girls Club branch in the Big Park area, could only be used to fund programs (not property or buildings), and must be applied for by February 20th. Don Hall (Executive Director, Boys and Girls Club of Sedona) said he would apply on our behalf if we were interested. It was decided to join Sedona Boys and Girls Club and apply for the federal grant. -


Ralph Kurtz suggested we make serving grade school children the first priority because there was more local support and Boys and Girls club was available to help. Dick Byrnes said that youth and teens are just as needy of programs and should not be put on hold until the children’s center is established. It was decided to try to develop both a children’s facility and also a separate youth and teens center: a Boys and Girls Club at Big Park School, and purchase or lease of Fire Station No.3 to be called Big Park Community Center which would serve adults and youth. Jim Moore said his survey of local residents showed a strong support for a combined adult/youth facility. Dottie Lucas concurred and offered valuable insight concerning long standing residents -in the community.


The final item of business was to assign duties to committee members to help implement the plan. Carolyn Fisher said she would consider being a communications coordinator. Dick Byrnes will work with and through the Kiwanis ~and help guide Big Park Community Council’s support. Joe Sansing will head negotiations through the Big Park Parent, Teachers, Student, Association with the Big Park School and Sedona/Oak Creek School District. John Egan and Ralph Kurtz will work through and with the Sedona Village Business Association to help raise money and coordinate a cooperative community construction effort. Dottie Lucas offered to help communicate a sense of community through contact with local residents. Jim Moore will continue to work with Don Hall and Sedona Boys and Girls Club, and also apply for grant money from Yavapai County and enlist county support for this project.


With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 11:25 a.m.





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