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Minutes of January, 1998 Annual Meeting




January 22, 1998

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to order: 9:04 am by President Craig Stromme, followed by pledge to Flag.


2.     Role Call. The following Representatives and Alternates signed the Role Call sheet: Bob Aberg, Carol Agers, Bill Bookwalter, Dick Byrnes, Bob Carlile, Harold Dean, Craig Dible, Carolyn Fisher, Dorothy Hores, Joanne Johnson, Dottie Lucas, Joan McClelland, Jim Moore, Craig Stromme, Harry Williams.


3.     Secretary’s Report. Minutes of the meeting of December 18, 1997 were approved by acclamation.

Secretary Carlile stated that a copy of a letter had been received from M. J. Rozycki, Yavapai Co.

P&Z, to Don Dorman, District Engineer, ADOT, confirming a meeting at Donnan’s office on Jan.

29, at 11:00 am concerning safe access along SR 179 in VOC. Dick Byrnes and Dorothy Hores will

attend to represent the Council.


4.     Treasurer’s Report (Dorothy Hores). There are $525.44 unexpended funds from 1997. Dues paid to date for 1998 is $660 for total available funds of $1185.44. Expenditures for 1998 to date is $10, for a net balance of $1175.44 as of Jan. 22, 1998. As required by the By-Laws, and audit will be performed. The audit committee consists of Bill Bookwalter and Carolyn Fisher. One more member is needed.


5.    Old Business.

A.Community Name (Dick Byrnes). A Conunittee, consisting of Dick Byrnes, Lloyd Marlowe, Ivan Madar, and Dottie Lucas, has met (Lucas was not present) whose purpose was to review the issue of renaming the community. After much discussion, this committee recommended that this issue be tabled. Bob Aberg moved that the issue of renaming the community be tabled; seconded:

Carolyn Fisher; passed.

B. Roads Committee (Dick Byrnes). No meetings. The next meeting will be Jan. 23, at 10:00 am. Bob Aberg said that APS is installing above ground power lines along Verde Valley School Rd. to Supermax Theater. These should be installed underground. Joanne Johnson said that the VOCA P.U.T. Committee will look into it.


6.     President’s Report. President Stromme summarized the work of the Council during the last year.  He stated our accomplishments and pointed out that we have established contacts with and gained the respect of leaders of the community. He thanked the members for their diligence and for always stepping forward when a need arises. Bob Carlile then presented Craig with a plaque which read:  The Big Park Regional Coordinating Council extends its thanks to Craig Stromme for exemplary service as the first president of the Council 1997.


7.    Election of Officers (Craig Stromme). The slate of officers submitted by the Nominating Committee

is: President: Dick Byrnes; Vice-President: Joan McClelland; Secretary: Bob Carlile; Treasurer:

Dorothy Hores. President Stromme asked for nominations from the floor. There being none, a motion was made to accept the slate as proposed by the Nominating Committee. Seconded/Passed. At this point the gavel was turned over to the new president, Dick Byrnes, who conducted the rest of the meeting.


8.    Committee Reports.

A. Wastewater Treatment Committee (Ruth Kane). Ms. Kane, chairman of the Big Park Domestic Wastewater Improvement District Board, read a report which is available from the Secretary upon request. She stated that the Board would like to provide the Council with a report about every two or three months, and encouraged members to attend Board meetings to be held at VOCA Community Center on the second Wednesday of each month at 10:00 am. Notices of meetings are posted at VOCA, Weber’s, and Bank One, at least 24 hours prior to each meeting.


B. Big Park Community Plan (BPCP) (Joan McClelland). A useful meeting was held among Mr. Rozycki, other persons from the County, and BPCP Sub-Committee Chairmen to discuss the draft Plan that was submitted to the County for their comments several months ago. The Sub-Committees are now working independently to revise the document to include comments from the County. This Committee should be ready to present this revision to the Council at the March meeting or at a special meeting of the Council at an earlier date. Subsequent to that, at some unspecified date, the Supervisors will hold a public meeting on the formal version of the document.

C. Parks and Recreation Sub-Committee (Jim Moore). Jim Moore reported that a door-to-door survey of the area around the site of the current Fire Station showed that there is support for a children’s center(ages 6-14) and a center offering adult services, although support was lacking not for a teen center. Mr. Moore wants the Council to decide 1) if it wants to support this project and accept the responsibility of managing it; 2) site location; 3) what age group are we interested in. If the Council supports this project, Mr. Moore recommends proceeding with a simple program consisting of a children’s program. The Committee has been considering a second site besides the Fire Station: 1.5 acre lot on Big Park School property. Harry Williams stated that teenagers must be included. Bob Carlile asked what are possible ways of acquiring funds to purchase the Fire Station site. Mr. Moore responded that there is currently a tax levied on the TV Cable Co. It is possible that these tax funds can be used for parks and recreation projects. Mr. Chip Davis, who was in the audience, confirmed that this is a possibility. He said that there had been a $10,000 grant to Red Rock Pathways. Dorothy Hores said that in Cottonwood there is a program for youth at a school which is administered by the YMCA, and it is self-supporting. The school provides space only. We might try this as Phase 1 of getting this program going. Bob Carlile moved that the Council strongly support the development of a facility for youth through high school age in the VOC community. Seconded: Joan McClelland/Passed.

D.   Membership Committee (Bob Carlile). 1) Dick Byrnes and Bob Carlile visited the Canyon Mesa Board of Directors to encourage them to join the Council. 2) At the Special Meeting of the Council on July 1, 1997, a motion was made by Harry Williams (seconded/passed) to accept Sedona Village Business Assn. as the single business group allowed by the By-Laws. A second motion was made by Harry Williams (seconded/passed) to allow Bell Rock Plaza to remain a member of the Council until Dec. 31, 1997. The Membership Committee, upon analyzing the CC&R’s of Bell Rock Plaza, finds that this organization is not a homeowners’ association, but rather a business association. Since the By-Laws will not allow a second business group to be a member, this Committee declares that Bell Rock Plaza is no longer a member of the Council. The Council thanks Craig Stromme, Rep. for Bell Rock Plaza, and who has been our President for the past year, and Lynne Crowe, Alt, for Bell Rock Plaza, both of whom have made major contributions to the Council during the past year.

E.   Highway 179 Committee (Joanne Johnson). Joanne Johnson read a report concerning the proposed development of 179 from south of VOC to milepost 312.7 (Sombart Lane) and deceleration lanes in VOC. These matters will be further discussed at the meeting on Don Donnan’s office on Jan. 29. The complete text of this report is available from the Secretary.

F.   P&Z Liaison Committee (Joanne Johnson). Joanne Johnson read a report concerning the work of this Committee during the past year. One highlight was that a new PAD development by Harvard Investments is planned along Jacks Canyon Rd. This development will consist of 79 lots on 111.86 acres. The Committee considers it a good plan but objects to an excessive number of theme sign walls. The complete text of this report is available from the Secretary.


9.    Adjourn. Dick Byrnes again thanked Craig Stromme for a fine job as President during the past year. The meeting was then adjourned at 10:55 am.

Respectfully submitted,


Bob Carlile, Secretary







JANUARY 22, 1998

President Byrnes, Board members and delegates, Supervisor Davis, ladies and gentlemen, the Improvement District Board would first like to thank you for your interest and support during our first two months in office and during the previous eight months the Wastewater Committee spent learning about the District’s operations and issues.

Since the conversion of the District to a Domestic Wastewater Improvement District on November 10, 1997, your new local Board has held six regular meetings plus a study session and an executive session. The seven members of our Board have simultaneously weathered personal tragedies and numerous major and minor medical problems ... but we’re still here, and we’ve accomplished a lot in these two short, busy months.

At our first meeting on November 12th, our terms of office were decided in a drawing, and the Board elected me as chairperson and Tom King as vice-chair. Three of us (Candy Czarny, Dorothy Vande Linde, and I) drew four year terms while Loyd Barnett, Joanne Johnson, Tom King, and Martha Nohowec drew two year terms. Our first elections will be held in the fall of 1999.

The District has no employees on the payroll and while the law says Board members can collect $15.00 each for a reasonable number of monthly meetings, we have chosen to leave this princely sum in the operating budget.  The District is on a fiscal year, rather than a calendar year, which runs from July 1st through June 30th.

We have approved seven contractual agreements, which are as follows:


1.   Environmental Biomass is the same Class 3 and Class 2 plant operators who were running the wastewater treatment plant prior to conversion. This is a two year contract, to be renegotiated if necessary at the end of the first year in mid-November this year..


2.   Legal services are being provided by Van Wyck & Vandemoer of Cottonwood and Flagstaff through June of this year.


3.   Utilities Services & Administration in Prescott Valley, a division of Sunrise Engineering, provides us with all administrative, bookkeeping, and billing services through March of this year.


4.   Sunrise Engineering, the District Engineering firm prior to conversion, has a contract extension through June 30.

5.   Sunrise Engineering also has a contract for the supervision, inspection and certification of the Belt Press construction for the plant, which is scheduled for completion in June.


6.   Westec Security of Newport Beach, California was awarded a two year contract for installation, monitoring, and extended warranty of the plant’s operations alarm systems.


7.   Approval of Environmental Utilities Services of Phoenix to prepare Requests for Proposals for both a Rate Study and Administrative Services.


Additionally, the Board has studied, discussed, and adopted policies for its meetings, agendas, and other necessary routine matters.


As you know, we also made a decision not to participate in the Verde Valley School Road project, which was an upsizing and extension of our sewer lines solely for future line capacity. The decision was based on our lack of budgeted funds this year and next to cover an expenditure that had grown from a $50,000 estimate in June to $93,000 in October to $131,600 by November 4th. Even without the inevitable additional cost of change orders, this project would have forced us to delay or delete planned capital expenditures that are necessary in this fiscal year and the next.


We will be working with the County to resolve any financial issues or differences of opinion surrounding our actions as well as those of the former Board and County staff. A good relationship with the County is important to us and to you and is one that many Big Park volunteers have worked hard to establish and foster.


We would like to provide the Council with a report of this kind every two or three months. We encourage you to attend our meetings which are scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month here at VOCA at 10 a.m. unless there’s a conflict in the use of the hall. Meeting notices are posted here as well as at Weber’s and outside Bank One at least 24 hours prior to each meeting. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to let you know how we’re doing.




Ruth Kane

for the BPDWID Board

January22, 1998

To: Craig Stromme, President

Big Park Regional Coordinating Council


From: Joanne Johnson

Planning and Zoning Liaison


In January P&Z committee member Ruth Kane reported on a resolution passed by the County Planning and Zoning staff to allow them to alter current zoning plans by making minor changes in the plans with no citizen input. The Council decided to send a letter to County P&Z objecting to this resolution of zoning changes without review by the BBRCC.


In February the Camino Del Pueblo project was discussed, Jim Hoist, County Administrator, explained that ADEQ would require a 500 foot setback between the plant and adjacent housing at complete build out of the plant at 1,000,000 gallons. Currently the land adjacent to the plant on the North is owned by a private developer. The plant has 340 feet of set back so 160 feet of additional setback may be required. A history of the development was explained. The project is on 34.9 acres on the East side of highway 179 and on the South side of Wild Horse Mesa Drive. The developer proposed an amendment to the Big Park Community Plan to allow a mix-use zoning of homes, townhomes and commercial mini-storage units. The Community Plan calls for very low and low density residential zoning on the land. The request was denied by County P&Z on November 6, 1996. It was re submitted on February 5, 1997 and was again turned down, On February 12 the Board of Supervisors delayed a vote until March in order to have input from the BPRCC. The Council decided to have a special meeting on March 13 to discuss this issue. At this meeting a report by Ruth Kane was read summarizing the work of the Sewer Committee and their recommendation. that a buffer structure be planned and that the Supervisors deny the development. A majority vote was taken by the Council to deny an amendment to the BPCP by the developer. The Board of Supervisors turned down the project on March 17, 1997. You committee was present.


At the March 27, 1997 meeting it was suggested that the VOCA PUT committee and the BPRCC Planning and Liaison Committee be combined as they were dealing with the same issues. There were no objections.


In May your Committee worked with Raj Idnoni to change the roof color of the Kokopelli Motel from a bright blue to a more acceptable green color and the parking lot lights were lowered several feet to have less impact on the neighbors.


All Seasons Resort - The Council P&Z Committee objected to the development at the resort of timeshare lockouts and rentals of less than one week. VOCA sent a letter to the County objecting to this development, Santa Fe Village (Las Piedras) - This is an 80 acre development on the East Side of Highway 179 across from the Sedona Golf Resort. In August Gary Hoffman and Jim Sullivan gave a presentation on the development. A year ago the County Supervisors passed an amendment to the Big Park Community Plan to allow the subdivision which will have a greater density than the original zoning. Recently we have learned that the project will be developed in phases. The first phase will consist of single family homes, clustered townhomes and 6.7 acres of residential services adjacent to Highway 179. The residential services acreage is now for sale and will not be developed by the original developer. Your committee has questioned the perpetuity of the open spaces, which residents have access to the planned pool, and who will manage the open spaces which are not under any homeowners jurisdiction.


A new PAD development by Harvard Investments of Phoenix is being planned for 79 lots on 111.86 acres on Jacks Canyon Road and Lee Mountain Road. The developers met with Council P&Z Committee on January 19, 1997 to present their plans. They will not build on the top of existing hills and will have 25% open spaces. The lots will have building pads to protect the views. They hope to start build in the Fall. Your committee liked their plans but we are questioning the seven theme sign walls shown. There is no name for the project as yet.







January 22, 1998

To:  Craig Stromme, President

Big Park Regional Coordinating Council


From: Joanne Johnson Highway 179 Committee Member


Subject: Highway 179 Yearly Committee Report

The Highway 179 Corridor highway design concept study was started in October 1994 and the final draft should be completed in the near future. The preferred route, alternate “C”, is the result of coordination efforts with the Coconino National Forest Ranger District. The design concept study is being built around the SR 179 Corridor study completed in December 1992 and is being improved upon. There will be one more public meeting to show the completed study and then the actual construction design plans will be started. The ADOT five year financial plan, if approved for 1998 through the year 2002 consists of money for construction plans, right of way acquisition and actual construction. The project is planned to be developed in three phases, the first phase to be completed in the first five year financial time frame.

Design plans start South of the Village at mile post 304.5 to mile post 306.5 at Jacks Canyon. This area will be four lanes with no curb and cutters, and starting at the Sedona Golf Resort, curb and gutters will be added. From Jacks Canyon Road to just North of Circle K, a five lane landscaped median with left hand turn lanes is planned. North of Bell Rock Blvd. to mile post 309.5 (Back 0’ Beyond) will be a divided into to two lane highways North and South with no curb and gutters. From Back 0’ Beyond North to mile post 312.7 (Sombart Lane) will be a four lane urban highway (curbs and gutters) with a raised median. There will be a five lane urban roadway from mile post 312.7 to the “Y”. There will be a number of photo turn outs on both sides of the highway coordinating with the Pathways project. Two photo turn outs are now being built by the Forest Service, one just North of the Circle K in the Village and one near Back 0’ Beyond. A visitors welcome center is being planned for either North or South of the Village according to the Forest Service. It has not been decided which of the three phases of the Highway 179 construction project will be first.

A more recent development concerning Highway 179 is the lack of right hand turn lanes and deceleration lanes. At present there isn’t any right hand turn lane planned for the Southeast corner of Highway 179 and Cortez in connection with the planned building of the Lukich Motel. There also should be a right hand turn lane at the intersection of Highway 179 and Canyon Diablo, the location of the new Kokopelli Motel. The Council voted to send a letter to ADOT concerning this issue. ADOT responded that the Kokopelli Motel would not have a significant traffic impact so no deceleration lane was required ADOT said a deceleration land would probably be required for the Lukish Motel. Dorothy Hores wrote to ADOT and the County concerning these issues and asked for a meeting with ADOT, developers and community members. We will be hearing more of this issue later.

At the December meeting Ivan Madar said some members of the Sedona Village Business had offered to landscape and maintain the median in front of their businesses.

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