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Minutes of May, 1998 Meeting





May 28, 1998

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.    Call to order: 9:00 am by President Dick Byrnes, followed by pledge to Flag.


Establishing a Quorum and Roll Call. The following Representatives and Alternates signed the Roll Call sheet: Bob Aberg, Loyd Barnett, Bill Bookwalter, Hal Carter, Dick Byrnes, Bob Carlile, Craig Dible, Dorothy Hores, Joanne Johnson, Jim Moore, Dottie Lucas, Gary Hofmann, Joan McClelland, Ray Spencer, Chris Steffen, Joan Steninger, Don Trautman, Bob Wier, representing 15 member associations out of 16, and thereby constituting a quorum (a quorum requires representation of 9 or more members).


2.    Secretary’s Report. (Bob Carlile) Joan McClelland moved that the minutes of the meeting of April 23, 1998, be approved; seconded: Ray Spencer; Approved.


3.    Treasurer’s Report (Dorothy Hores). Dorothy Hores reported that there is a balance of

$1807.05. The Sedona Village Business Assn has paid $100, and still owes $10. All other members are current. Bob Aberg moved to accept; seconded: Phillis Medley; Approved.


4.    Committee Reports.

A.   P&Z Liaison Committee (Joanne Johnson).

1.  A Day in the West’. (Update) Following the April 23 Council Meeting, the Council send a statement to the County expressing considerable concern about the granting of a use permit for this project on the Bradshaw ranch. This project was presented to the P&Z Commission at its May 6 meeting; the Commission voted to table the project until the June 3 P&Z meeting. Ms. Johnson asked that anyone who wanted to object write to the P&Z Commission at Yavapai Planning and Building Dept., P.O. Box 188, Cottonwood, AZ 86326, to Enalo Lockard. Background on this item was sent to Council members with the May 28 agenda.

2.  Oak Creek Factory Stores.(Update). The developers have presented a proposal to the County regarding their plans for the expansion of the Factory Stores. This will be a 30 ft high structure. The County Planner says that there is no ordinance to prevent this expansion. The County suggests that the Council write to the developers expressing our objections. Background on this item was sent to Council members with the May 28 agenda. Joan McClelland moved that a letter be sent to the developers inviting them to come to our June meeting to make a presentation, and expressing our concern about the height of the wall along Cortez; Seconded; Jim Moore; Approved. Letter sent May 29th .

3.  County Revised Home Occupation Ordinance. The County has not taken any action on the revision of this ordinance. Elise Link says that the County would address this item in June in July. She will advise us of the results. Note that background on this item was sent to Council members with the May 28 agenda.

4.  Deer Pass Ranch Project. This was a discussion item only at the May 6 P&Z meeting, and it is not on the June 3 agenda of P&Z. Background for this item was sent to Council members with the May 28 agenda. At the May 6 meeting of P&Z, the safety of the bridge over Oak Creek leading to the project was of great concern, and that a new bridge would have to be built. The Committee requests that a letter be written to the County objecting to the project. Dorothy Hores moved that the Council pre-authorizes writing a letter to the County expressing concerns about the Deer Pass Ranch Project; Seconded; Approved.

5.  Verde Valley School Rd/Bell Rock Blvd. (Update). Final plans for the improvement of VVSR from Weber’s store to Bell Rock Blvd, were presented to the Road Committee on May 27. This improvement will include drainage, center landscaping, striped 6 foot shoulders for golf carts and bicycles. A pathways trail will be located on the south side of VVSR. The County hopes to go to bid in July and start construction in August. Cost:  $1,300,000.

6.  Grading Permit for SunCor. A grading permit was issued for grading work done at the hotel site, but none has been issued for the 25,000 cubic yards of dirt that has been moved onto the 9 acres in front of the hotel. It looks like the grading is on the site where SunCor wants to build the lock-out casitas. The Committee requests that the Council write a letter to the County requesting close monitoring of this work.

SunCor claims they are stockpiling dirt, which is allowed without a permit; however, some Council members expressed doubts that stockpiling is really what SunCor is doing. Joan McClelland moved that a letter be written to Chip Davis stating our great concern about the grading that SunCor is doing. Seconded: Bob Aberg. After some further discussion regarding the content of the letter, the motion was passed unanimously. [Letter sent May 29 to Chip Davis which expressed concern about the visual impact of the SunCor project on the community and in particular on residents of Valley Vista Estates; that when a grading permit is issued, that our P&Z Liaison Committee be notified; that we need assurances that Yavapai County will follow up to determine that work was done in conformity with permit; that we need a definition of how 30 foot height limit is calculated.] Candace Czarny suggested that a member from the Council should sit on the County Planning Committee.

7.  Tree Farm Project. This item will be presented within a week at the next P&Z meeting for discussion only. This is a proposed private resort surrounded by Forest Service land consisting of 178.1 acres off Boynton Pass Rd in Boynton Canyon. It consists of an 18 hole golf course, 27 one acre home sites, and a 32 room guest lodge. The Forest Service wishes to acquire this land because it is an isolated area of private land surrounded by Forest Service land. Many local civic organizations such as Keep Sedona Beautiful, the 4Rs, the Sierra Club, and the Red Rock/Dry Creek Community Plan supporters, are objecting to this development. The Committee recommends that the Council send a letter to the County protesting this project.

Bob Carlile moved that we send a letter to the County expressing concern about the Tree Farm project and the impact it will have on the community; Seconded:  Dorothy Hores; Approved. [Letter sent May 29].

B.   Big Park Community Plan (Joan McClelland). The Community Plan will be on the P&Z agenda on Wed., June 3. She asked anyone who had worked on the Plan to be present.

C.   Boys and Girls Club/Community Center (Jim Moore). A meeting was held with Nancy Alexander, Russ Snyder, and Ron Hall. The result was that the school supports a Boys and Girls Club on the school grounds. However, the school would retain full control over any property and would retain the right to annex any building that we constructed as a class room. They approved our conducting a site review. This review was performed by Cavanaugh Construction free of charge; they projected a cost of $350,000 for a two classroom-size structure that would house the Boys and Girls Club. Mr. Moore felt that there are problems with this plan. Also, there is a jointly sponsored summer camp, co-sponsored by the Sedona/Oak Creek School District, Sedona Parks and Recreation Dept., and the Boys and Girls Club. It serves the children of the entire community including the Village. Bus service to the Village is being donated by Laidlaw Bussing. The children of the Village are encouraged to participate. The summer camp begins at 8 am and parents of Village children will have to take their children to the facility in Sedona in the morning, and then bus service will bring them back about 4 pm. Mr. Moore will send a letter thanking the summer camp sponsors for allowing Village children to participate. On other matters, the disposition of the current Fire Station is in limbo since the energies of the Fire District are aimed at construction of the new facility. They will list it with a real estate agent no sooner than two months from now.

There was discussion about whether the Council, according to their By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation, could apply for grants and solicit funds.


4.    Old Business. Alternate Route to Lee Mountain Road (Dick Byrnes). Chip Davis and Richard Straub have agreed to no longer consider a route through Forest Service land north of the Village which would connect Hwy. 179 with Lee Mountain Rd, and possibly the Jacks Canyon area. Mr. Davis said he would write a letter to the Council stating this explicitly, if, first, the Council will sustain the vote of the community, expressed at the May 19, 1998, Special Meeting of the Council and to which the public was invited. At that meeting, the public voted overwhelmingly for the County to no longer consider this route. Secondly, Mr. Davis asked that the Council establish a committee to review traffic problems on the east side of the Village, and come up with a set of recommendations to the County on how to alleviate these problems, if problems are perceived to exist. President Byrnes named the following persons to this committee: Candace Czarny, Tom Hutchinson, Don Trautman, Don Beard, Joan McClelland, Jim Moore, and Bob Carlile. Ms. Czarny recommended that Mike Rozycki and Richard Straub act as advisors to the committee. Chris Steffen moved: that the Council send a letter to the Supervisors, via Chip Davis, stating that the Council is in agreement with the majority of the residents of the Big Park area, who voted on this issue at the Special Meeting of the Council on May 19, 1998. That vote indicated that consideration by the County of building a road north of Pinon Woods through National Forest land for the purpose of connecting Lee Mountain Rd to Hwy. 179 be abandoned, and that alternate routes be thoroughly investigated and considered although none should require an easement through National Forest land. The Council also requests a letter from Mr. Davis directed to the Council stating that the County has agreed to eliminate the route through National Forest land from further consideration; Seconded: Joan Steninger; Approved. [Letter sent May 19]. Mr. Steffen stated that when we receive the letter from Mr. Davis, that it be published so that the community will understand that the route has been abandoned. Bob Wier moved to approve the committee to investigate traffic problems and consider alternative routes; Seconded: Bob Aberg; Approved.

5.    New Business.

A. Voting Criteria (Bob Carlile). Mr. Carlile said that he has been dismayed at what he regards as weak voting responses to some of the issues that have come before the Council. To avoid this in the future, he proposed the following procedure.

Urgent Issues. The response from the Council last month on ‘A Day in the West’ was that we ‘expressed considerable concern’ regarding the granting of a use permit for the purpose of constructing this facility on land zoned rural residential. We toyed with the idea of having an up and down vote on this issue. You’ll see in the Minutes that Carolyn Fisher made a motion to have a vote, but eventually it was withdrawn. Mr. Carlile said he felt that this was a weak response to an important issue that affects the entire Verde Valley. A weak response does not reflect well on the Council. This is an example of an issue 1) that we were given a quick response deadline (actually 4-8-98); 2) our P&Z Liaison Committee has studied the issue, had given a report, and had presented a recommendation, in this case that the Council “object to the development.” In the future, we should handle urgent issues like this by having a motion put on the floor immediately, preferably by the Committee Chairman, which reflects the Committee’s recommendation. Then there is plenty of opportunity for discussion. If you accept the Committee’s report, vote yes; if you don’t or are uncertain or you think you need more information, vote no; if you don’t feel you can represent your HA on the issue without consulting the HA, abstain. If you want your vote recorded, Roberts’ Rules always allow you to call for a roll call vote.

Issues that Involve the Community Plan. Mr. Carlile said that you may feel uncertain about representing your HA on a Council vote without discussing the issue with the HA first. We have a Community Plan. Why not get permission from our respective HAs in advance to vote against an issue if it is contrary to the Community Plan; conversely, that we can vote for it if it agrees with the Community Plan.

To facilitate this process, if there is an item that you want on the agenda, if you will provide the Secretary with a write-up of the issue by the 2nd Thursday of the month, he will send it out to all members with the agenda. Mail it to him at our P0 box address.

President Byrnes supported Mr. Carlile’s remarks and pointed out that Council members have a responsibility to study the issues that come before the Council which includes reading the Minutes each month. Ms. Hores asked if when we get a request for our comments on an issue coming before P&Z that they indicate whether it is in agreement with the Community Plan or not.

B. Power Lines on Las Piedras (Gary Hofmann). Mr. Hofmann introduced Kent Jones, Area Supervisor for APS, and Robin Fries, also of APS. Mr. Hofmann said that there is a 69 KV transmission line that runs through Las Piedras partially in the flood plane, but then it makes a jog onto buildable land. The poles will have to be moved. He proposes, as one proposal, that they be moved near Hwy 179. He would like input from the Council on this or other possible routes for the transmission line. Mr. Fries pointed out that the consequence of moving the lines to Hwy 179 might be that the “Scenic Highway” designation of Hwy 179 by ADOT could be in jeopardy. Mr. Hofmann offered to take Council members on a tour of the property after adjournment of the meeting.


6.    Adjourn: 11:40 am


Respectfully Submitted,


Bob Carlile,













for Items IV.A 1-4 of May 28, 1998, Agenda

P&Z Liaison Committee



IV.A.1:            A Day in the West


There is a proposed project called ‘A Day in the West’, to be on the Bradshaw Ranch located of f Red Rock Canyon Road and Hwy. 89A. It totals 90.02 acres with on-site septic system and water wells. The developers plan to build an old west movie site, an adobe House museum, Elvis site, red rock movie set, Indian village, a replica of Montezuma’s Castle, a fort, a restaurant, a horse arena, and wagon station using Forest Service land for wagon rides. Your P&Z Liaison Committee feels that we need to be good neighbors as part of the Greater Sedona Area and write a letter to the County objecting to this project for the following reasons: 1) it is a proposed commercial development on land zoned one house per two acres; 2) It is surrounded by National Forest land and is serviced by Loy Butte Rd, a dirt road. Your Committee feels that this is an inappropriate use of this ranch parcel and will cause a domino effect for commercial development on other ranches in the area. The Boynton Canyon area has beautiful red rock vistas, wild life and Indian ruins. The beauty of the area attracts many visitors and should be preserved for future generations. It should not be ruined by commercial development.


IV.A.2:            Oak Creek Factory Stores


The owners of the Oak Creek Factory Stores are planning an expansion of the stores on the east side in the parking lot area. Two buildings totaling approximately 32,000 to 37,000 sq ft are planned. The developers plan to the build the new stores on piers. The ground floor will be a parking garage and the second floor will contain the shops which will be on the same level as the stores in the original development. The area between the original stores and the new stores will also be built up on piers. The back of the stores (30 feet high) will be along Cortez and a higher landscape berm will be built to soften the look of the back of the factory stores. Your P&Z Liaison Committee has not seen the building plans but will come back to the Council with more information at a later date for your input and action.


IV.A.3:            County Revised Home Occupation Ordinance.


The P&Z Liaison Committee has received a copy of the current ordinance and the proposed changes. The current ordinance only covers R1 zoning categories (individual site built homes and manufactured homes). This zoning category places few restrictions on home occupation (a business carried out within the home). For example, a 4 square foot lighted sign announcing the business is allowed. The revision proposed by the County would expand these privileges on home occupation to include R1L zoning (site built homes only that are typically found in a subdivision). Your Committee feels that the ordinance should not include any R1L zoned areas except by special use permit and each case should be judged on an individual basis. While many areas currently zoned R1L are within subdivisions with CC&Rs which probably would take precedence over the freedom allowed for home occupation by this revision, many areas zoned R1L may be without CC&Rs and therefore at risk. In addition, your Committee feels that the ordinance revision should include the following conditions on home occupation: 1) no sign advertising a home occupation; 2) no truck deliveries related to home occupation; 3) no increased neighborhood traffic; 4) no activity that indicates to the neighborhood that there is a home occupation within the residence; 5) no employees; 6) those living within 300 feet of the home occupation site should give their approval.


IV.A.4:            Deer Pass Ranch Project


This project is on 70 acres located between the City of Sedona and Cornville. It is surrounded by Forest Service land and is accessed by a Forest Service road which is not regularly maintained. The owners wish to change the current zoning of RCU—2A (one house per two acres) to commercial C1 or a PAD zoning for the purpose of operating and educational environmental retreat. Patrons would be shuttled from Sedona and plans for the project also include a trail system in the National Forest. Your P&Z Liaison Committee feels that changing the current zoning to commercial on land in a remote area surrounded by Forest Service land is not a proper development of the land. The Big Park Community Plan borders this area and it would not allow this zoning change. This is another attempt to commercialize a beautiful remote area that should remain pristine. Your Committee recommends that the Council send a letter to the County recommending no zoning change for this parcel.




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