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Minutes of May, 1998 SPECIAL MEETING





May 19, 1998

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.    Call to order: 6:00 pm by President Dick Byrnes, followed by pledge to Flag.


2.    Roll Call. The following Representatives and Alternates signed the Roll Call sheet: Bob

Aberg, Carol Agers, Don Beard, Hal Carter, Dick Byrnes, Bob Carlile, Dorothy Hores,

Joanne Johnson, Jim Moore, Nancy Kent, Dottie Lucas, Gary Hofmann, Joan McClelland,

Ray Spencer, George Stearns, Chris Steffen, Joan Steninger, Don Trautman, Bob Wier,

Harry Williams.


The following guests from Yavapai County were present:

Mr. Chip Davis, Supervisor, District 3,

Ms. Diane Joens, Administrative Aid,

Mr. Richard Straub, Director, Public Works,

Mr. Mike Rozycki, Director, Planning and Building,

Mr. Enalo Lockard, Assistant Planning Director,

Ms. Catherine Ronzo, Assistant Director, MedIcal Assistance Long Term Care,

Mr. Ken Spedding, Director, Flood Control,

Mr. Ken Genteman, Roads D~vis~on Director.

In addition, Mr. Ken Anderson, Head Ranger, Sedona and Beaver Creek Districts of the US

Forest Service, was present.

3.    Public Meeting. At this Special Meeting of the Council, the public was encouraged to attend. Approximately 10 members of the public were present. The main topic to be discussed was the Alternate Route to the Jacks Canyon area. This topic had been advertised and there was considerable community concern about it. For that reason it was put first on the agenda. However, Mr. Davis also wished to discuss other matters which were: Red Rock Crossing Update, Impact Fees, Big Park Community Plan, Flood Control, Verde Valley School Road Chip Seal, and Long Term Care.


A.  Alternate Route to Jacks Canyon Area. President Dick Byrnes welcomed the public, then presented background on the Alternate Route to the Jacks Canyon Area issue. He stated that the County had sent a survey crew into Forest Service land north of Pinon Woods. This was part of an effort to determine the cost of an alternate route through Forest Service land to Lee Mountain Rd. and the Jacks Canyon area. He then asked Mr. Davis to address this issue.

Mr. Davis said he had learned that to get a good attendance at a public meeting all you have to do is send out a survey crew. He thanked the Big Park Council for inviting him to this meeting. He stated that when he came into office the closing of the Pebble gate was a controversial issue. In order to fix the problem, the County did some traffic studies based on complete buildout. Since Jacks Canyon Rd is the only road into the area, the traffic studies showed that there was going to be a traffic problem on that road and so alternate routes into the area should be considered. The forest service route was one alternate route. This route had also been considered in 1995. The survey crew was there to determine the feasibility of that route. When the presence of the crew caused controversy, there was a meeting with Dick Byrnes, Jim Moore, and Don Trautman of the Council. Mr. Davis stated that Jim Moore made some suggestions about possible routes that have been added to the County’s list: a route through the Suncliffe area that was never developed, and which is now an undeveloped island north of the Kachina Point area. If the traffic can be dispersed through this or other routes, the Pebble gate could come down. He then introduced Richard Straub who stated the results of the traffic study: currently there are 5800 cars/day on Jacks Canyon Rd. He projected 8800 cars/day at complete buildout.

President Byrnes invited Council members to ask questions. Joan McClelland pointed out, regarding the Suncliffe option, that to make that feasible you would have to build roads on VOCA lots, which is contrary to VOCA CC&Rs. She said that no one can buy a VOCA lot and build a road on it. Gary Hofmann said that the Suncliffe option would require bridges to be built across washes. Bob Wier asked what 8800 cars/day would require in terms of state, etc. requirements for improvement of Jacks Canyon Rd.  Richard Straub answered that shoulders, turn lanes, standard 28 ft. pavement would be required. Bob Wier concluded that if there is a problem, improving Jacks Canyon Rd. is an alternative solution. Bob Carlile asked, regarding the traffic study, where the measurements had been made. Mr. Straub stated that the 5800 cars/day was measured where Jacks Canyon Rd intersects with Hwy. 179. Where Jacks Canyon Rd separates from Lee Mountain Rd, the current traffic count is 900 cars/day, and the projection is 3300 cars/day at buildout. Lee Mountain Rd has 1200 cars/day, and projected to be 1400 cars/day. Mr. Straub stated that to get a projection, they take every vacant parcel, take the current zoning, and then calculate how many building units that zoning would allow. Jim Moore pointed out that our Community Plan supports the interconnecting of subdivisions. The Suncliffe option would allow five connections across that area. Chris Steffen asked Ken Anderson how the Forest Service could allow a County route through Forest Service land? Would this be done through a land trade? Mr. Anderson answered that if the County applies to the Forest Service for use of its land, the Forest Service has an obligation to consider that request. If the Forest Service decided that the request should be granted, it would give the County an easement. Regarding land trades, the current land trade policy is very restrictive. The use of a land trade to give the County land for a road is not an option.

The audience then asked a number of questions. Howard Harrison asked if it is known when the peak traffic time occurs and what the flow of cars is at the peak time. Mr. Straub answered that this has been determined for existing traffic. Kelly O’Conner thought that making Jacks Canyon Rd a three lane road would handle all traffic after buildout. After discussion subsided, President Byrnes called for a vote of the public in attendance regarding the route through Forest Service land. Those in favor of this route: 13, Against: over 100. This concluded the discussion on this issue. Mr. Davis asked the Council to define and resolve this issue. He asked the audience to communicate their views to the Council not only on this issue, but others as well.

B.  Red Rock Crossing Update (Chip Davis). The County has asked the Forest Service for their NEPA funding back, and are asking for their Memorandum of Understanding back, also. The County wants to get out of the limelight. There is not a traffic problem in the Village. There is a problem in the City of Sedona. Why should Yavapai County foot the bill and take the heat for a regional problem? We have sent letters to ADOT, to City of Sedona, to Coconino County to join together to find a solution.

C.  Impact Fees (Chip Davis, Mike Rozycki). There will be a public hearing on this issue on June 1, 1998, in Prescott. Because of a shortfall of resources for road improvements, there has been proposed an impact fee on new construction to make up the shortfall. The amount is currently envisioned to be less than $1000 per house.

D.  Big Park Community Plan (Chip Davis, Mike Rozycki). Mr. Davis stated that this is the first time that a plan like this has been prepared entirely by the community. Normally, it is prepared by consultants hired by the County. Mr. Rozycki thanked Joan McClelland for chairing the effort and all those who have worked on the Subcommittees. The Plan will be presented to the P&Z Commission on June 3, and by virtue of changes in the document, it is expected that the Commission will give a favorable recommendation to the Supervisors.

E.  Flood Control (Ken Spedding). Mr. Spedding gave an overview of flood control projects.

F.  Verde Valley School Road (VVSR) Chip Seal (Richard Straub). VVSR will be finished from Jake Weber’s store to Bell Rock Blvd. during the warm season this year. It will start in August. Beaver Creek Rd. from Montezuma’s Well to the intersection and Beaver Head Flat Road from Hwy. 179 to the Cornville Rd. are on the County’s long range plans. Ken Genteman added that for maintenance projects, the County has scheduled chip sealing for the Bell Rock Blvd-Saddlehorn neighborhood (about 15 streets); Jacks Canyon Rd where it was disturbed by County construction projects; VVSC beyond Bell Rock Blvd where some overlays are planned and then chip sealing to end of the pavement. Altogether about 106 roads will be chip sealed this summer.

G.  Long Term Care (Cathy Ronzo). Ms. Ronzo presented an overview of Long Term Care in Yavapai County.


4.    Adjourn: 7:55 pm


Respectfully submitted,



Bob Carlile,




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