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Minutes of June, 1998 Meeting





June 25, 1998

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


Call to order 7 00 pm by President Dick Byrnes, followed by pledge to Flag.

Finalizing the Agenda: Item A, Factory Stores was deleted, replaced by A Proposal to the Forest Service (Bob Carlile, Joanne Johnson); Request by the Big Park Domestic Wastewater Improvement District (Ruth Kane) added to Committee Reports, A. P&Z Liaison Committee, Item 3.


2.    Establishing a Quorum and Roll Call. The following Representatives and Alternates signed the Roll Call sheet: Carol Agers, Bill Bookwalter, Hal Carter, Dick Byrnes, Bob Carlile, Craig Dible, Carolyn Fisher, Dorothy Hores, Joanne Johnson, Jim Moore, Gary Hofmann, Joan McClelIand, Ray Spencer, Joan Steninger, Bob Wier, representing 13 member associations, and thereby constituting a quorum (a quorum requires representation of 9 or more members).


3.    Secretary’s Report. (Bob Carlile) Joan McClelland moved to approve the minutes of the Special Meeting of May 19, 1998, and the regular meeting of May 28, 1998;

Seconded:  Bill Bookwalter; Approved. Regarding correspondence, two letters were received from Chip Davis. In the first, Mr. Davis stated that Yavapai County would no longer pursue the option of building a road on Forest Service property north of the Village of Oak Creek. In the second letter, in response to a letter from the Council expressing concern about grading in front of the hotel, Mr. Davis stated his concern about the height of the hotel being built by United Properties, and suggested an amendment to the current zoning requirements or a new ordinance might be appropriate. Copies of the letters were passed out to members.


Gary Hofmann stated that United Properties really is stockpiling dirt. After further discussion it was suggested that a new ordinance may be necessary which would require a permit for the stockpiling of dirt, since none is now required. Enalo Lockard, Asst. Planning Director for Yavapai County, who was in the audience, was asked whether an ordinance controlling building height and grading could be proposed. He said that a ordinance revision affects the entire County and if proposed has to be viewed that way. A better approach might be a Design Review Overlay (DRO) or some type of overlay zone which would be specific to this area. This type of DRO or overlay zone could address height or other design criteria. Dorothy Hores said that she hoped that all projects presented to the County from the Big Park area could be reviewed by the Council. At the present time, there are two which have not: the Factory Stores expansion and Plaza del Angel which is proposed at the corner of Cortez and Hwy 179. In this case significant watch-dogging by the County is required. Joan McClelland though a DRO would have to originate with the business community. Bob Wier was concerned that it would take a long time to establish a DRO, and asked if there was some control mechanism that could be employed in the interim. Mr. Lockard said that he has tried to refer all developments to the Council. He always states the Council’s recommendation, or lack of it, to P&Z when a project comes before P&Z. Gary Hofmann stated that the business community would be very interested in seeing a DRO developed. President Byrnes asked the Sedona Village Business Assn. to spearhead an effort to development a DRO. Mr. Hofmann questioned the legal authority of the County to enact a DRO. Joan McClelIand asked if SVBA would propose a DRO even if it can’t be enacted by the County, and then require all members of SVBA to adopt it for themselves. Mr. Hofmann agreed to make a DRO an agenda item for SVBA, and will report to the Council at the July meeting on SVBA’s plans.

The parking proposal by the County for Jazz on the Rocks and the Jackson Brown concert was described by Secretary Carlile. Bob Carlile moved to approve the proposal; Seconded: Joan McClelland; Approved.


4.     Treasurer’s Report (Dorothy Hores). Total income for the year: $2056.94; expenditures:

$1259.89, leaving a balance of $797.05. Ms. Hores moved to approve the Treasurer’s report; Seconded: Bob Wier; Approved.


5.    Committee Reports.

A.  P&Z Liaison Committee (Joanne Johnson).

1.  ‘A Day in the West’ Update. The Council has sent a letter to P&Z expressing concern about this project. At the June 3 P&Z meeting, the Commissioners expressed many of our concerns such as fire hazards, narrow dirt roads, number of visitors to the area, the impact on Forest Service (PS) land, and the desire of the PS to obtain the Bradshaw ranch land. The Commissioners defeated the project 4 to 3. At the June 15 Supervisors’ meeting, the Bradshaws presented a new proposal to the Supervisors. They stated that they had been working with the FS, and that all parties were interested in a land exchange. The Bradshaws would acquire 125 acres on 89A and the FS would obtain control of the Bradshaw ranch. The Supervisors were pleased with this proposal . They agreed to about 15 stipulations to resolve their concerns. They agreed to allow the Bradshaws to proceed with their project for 5 years and to work with the FS to complete the exchange. At that time the project would be moved to Hwy 89A. Your P&Z Liaison Committee is disappointed with this vote, and especially the statement that if the exchange was not completed in 5 years, they could apply for an extension. We need to keep watch on future developments.

2. Deer Pass Road Project. Mr. Joe Beatty met with the Committee and described his client’s proposal to develop 3 lots facing Deer Pass Rd; VVSR is to the north. They wish to apply for a zoning change from R1L35 to R1L18 in order to allow for a division of the land into 3 lots. Since the zoning on the east and south sides of the parcel is currently zoned R1L18, the Committee has no objections to the proposed zoning change.

Joe Beatty then made a presentation using a map to show where the parcels are located. Bob Wier said that since this zoning change is in violation of our new Community Plan, he has objections to the proposal, and told the Council that “we are on a slippery slope” if we approve it. Carol Agers, who lives in Valley Vista Estates, said that Valley Vista supports the zoning change. She said Joe Beatty has a letter to that effect. Gary Hofmann moved that the County be informed that the Council has no objections to the proposed zoning change to R1L18; Seconded: Carolyn Fisher; Approved. The County will be informed at the appropriate time.

3.   Highway Update. Regarding Hwy. 179, a public meeting on the completed design is tentatively planned for October, 1998. It has not been decided where the construction will begin but probably phase 1 and 2 (the Village and bifurcated section from the Circle K to Back O’Beyond) will be constructed first; then the section to the Y will be completed. Construction on 89A should begin in the year 2000 and completed in 2001; then Hwy 179 construction will begin. ADOT may stripe a shoulder on 89A which will be used for a bike lane. ADOT and the County have set up an IGA for sidewalks on both sides of 89A. We hope we may be able to construct the same type of bike lanes on Hwy 179. Regarding Verde Valley School Rd (VVSC), Phase 2 of VVSC upgrade project was placed on a fast track to begin this summer because of availability of extra funding from the County. Phase 2 is paving and resurfacing of the section of VVSR from Weber’s store to Bell Rock Blvd. Phase 2 was planned for the year 1999 but several months ago the County completed plans and decided to go to bid in July and start construction in August of this year. The Citizens Road Committee, consisting of some P&Z Liaison Committee members, was very pleased with the design plans for the road which would include two lanes, a landscaped median, striped bike lanes, and a Pathway project.

Ruth Kane, Chairperson of the Big Park Domestic Wastewater Improvement District Board, said having phase 2 on a fast track presents problems for the District. In order for the District to participate during the paving of phase 2, the District needs time to do engineering work for new lines and to produce a master plan. She wants the County to hold off on the paving of phase 2 for one year. She requested that the Council recommend to the County a delay in the resurfacing of VVSC for one year. Dick Byrnes stated that Chip Davis has said that there are two choices: 1) Sunrise Engineering should speed up getting the work done, or 2) the Council support the District’s request for a delay. The County will not consider a delay unless the Council recommends it. Carolyn Fisher moved that the Council recommend to the County a delay of one year on the repaving of VVSC in order for the District to participate; Seconded: Jim Moore; Approved.

B.  Community Plan (Joan McClelland). At the next meeting Joan will present a list of what we should now be pursuing.

C.  Boys and Girls Club (Jim Moore). The letters of appreciation approved at the last meeting have been sent.

D.  Jacks Canyon Route Committee. (No chairman as yet) Bob Carlile reported that the Committee has met, and are planning to invite Richard Staub and Mike Rozycki to the next meeting to answers questions posed by Committee members. Gary Hofmann suggested that Enalo Lockhard be included.

6.    New Business.

Proposal to Forest Service and Tax Status of Council (Bob Carlile, Joanne Johnson). Bob Carlile stated that Joanne Johnson and Tom Hutchinson had written a proposal to the Forest Service for $16,602 to landscape the medians on VVSC from Jake Weber’s store to Bell Rock Blvd. The Council is listed as the sponsor. This proposal has been submitted. This is a good project and it will be to the Council’s credit if this project is undertaken and is successful. However, it has never been resolved whether the Council ~s empowered to sponsor a grant. Mr. Carlile therefore consulted Mr. Steve R. Owens, a lawyer in the Village who specializes in corporate law. Mr. Owens offered his services to the Council pro bono, for which we thank him. He said that there is nothing in our Articles of Incorporation or By-Laws which prohibits us from sponsoring a grant. In this case, the grantor requires that the Council be a non-profit organization, which we are. There was some discussion about whether we should be a tax-exempt organization and this was not resolved. Mr. Owens recommended that if the grant Is awarded, that a CPA be hired to keep track of the funds. Ms. Johnson then gave a description of the proposal and the work that she and Tom Hutchinson did to put the proposal together. The proposal will probably not be awarded for at least 6 months. No action was taken by the Council.


7.    Adjourn. 8:40pm.


Respectively Submitted,



Bob Carlile,






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