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Minutes of December, 1998 Meeting




December 17, 1998

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


Call to order: 6:00 pm by President Dick Byrnes, followed by pledge to Flag.


2.     Establishing a Quorum. 13 member associations were present, thereby constituting a quorum (a quorum requires representation of 9 or more members).


3.     President’s Moments. 1) New Reps/Alts introduced: John Fink, Rep, for Pinon Woods I; David Snow, Alt, Red Rock Vista; Dennis Parker, Rep, Oak Creek Country Club Estates III. Ray Spencer is now the Rep for Estados with an Alt to be determined; Dick Byrnes is now an Alt for VOCA. 2) President Byrnes reported that a letter had been received from an attorney representing Yavapai County regarding the suit filed against the County and the Council by Doug West. The letter stated that the attorney was uncertain about whether the County would represent the Council should the suit not be dismissed. However, Dave Hunt, Yavapai County Attorney, assured President Byrnes, that the County would indeed represent the Council should that event occur. 3) The Council has received an award from Keep Sedona Beautiful (KSB), “for improving understanding and cooperation between citizens and government”.


4.     Secretary’s Report. (Bob Carlile) Joan Sternnger moved to accept the minutes of the meeting of November 19, 1998; seconded: Bill Bookwalter; approved.


5.     Treasurer’s Report (Dorothy Hores). 1) Joan McClelland moved to accept the Treasurer’s Reports for November and December; seconded: Carolyn Fisher; approved. 2) The budget for 1999 was passed out. The members were asked to review it and be prepared to vote on it at the January 28, 1999, meeting. 3) The dues for 1999 are proposed to stay the same as for 1998: $110. 4) At Treasurer Hores’ request, President Byrnes appointed an Audit Committee of Ray Spencer, Bill Bookwalter, and Dick Byrnes.


6.     Committee Reports.

A. P&Z Liaison and Transportation (Joanne Johnson). No report (applause!).

B. Youth Activities (YAC). (Bob Carlile). 1) Dorothy Hores, Chair of Subcommittee on Programs, reported on a poll of the Key Club, an organization of kids from Red Rock High School. There were 12 respondents who indicated that the activities which had the most appeal for teens are:

dances (6 votes), skate park (4), sports, teen nights, art, swimming pool, movies, bowling, open mike night, tutoring, place for bands to play. 2) Bob Carlile reported that the Fire Station has been sold to a Baptist Church, and is unavailable as a site for this program. It is clear that finding a new site is crucial. Bob Carlile and Dick Brynes met with Chip Davis recently, and Mr. Davis made it clear that he supports a strong youth recreational program in the Village. Mr. Davis said the County is willing to partner with us YAC develop facilities. Specifically, he said a) YAC can use the County’s 501C3 and the County will act as the responsible fiduciary for grants that YAC may seek as well as monies that are raised by donations and fund raisers; b) YAC may work with Bruce Solper, a grant write under contract with the County, to look for grant funds to start the program. 3) Bob Carlile reported that a letter had been received from Don Hall of the Northern Arizona Boys and Girls Club saying that they want to have a presence in the Village. They are asking for help from YAC although probably only in the start-up phase. The Boys and Girls Club is an excellent organization that has done a lot on a national level to strengthen the character of kids and keep kids out of trouble. If the Boys and Girls Club is what our community wants to have here, YAC will be happy to work with them.

C. Jacks Canyon Traffic/Access (Jim Moore). Jim Moore passed out a document describing the recommendations of the Committee. President Byrnes said that these recommendations are extremely important since they are a response to a formal request by the County. They will be discussed at the January 28 meeting. President Byrnes recommended that all Reps/Alts get input on this document from their associations.

7.     Old Business.

A. Nominating Committee (Bob Carlile) Bob Carlile stated that the Nominating Committee recommends to the Council the following candidates for officers for 1999:

President: Dick Byrnes;

Vice President: Lloyd Marlowe;

Recording Secretary: Carolyn Fisher;

Corresponding Secretary: Joan McClelland;

Treasurer: Bill Bookwalter.


Officers will be elected at the January 28 meeting.

B. By-Laws Committee (Joan McClelland). A document containing proposed By-Laws changes was passed out to members. Members were asked to review the proposed changes, and be prepared to discuss them at the January 28 meeting.


8.     The passing of our dear friend and colleague, Dottie Lucas, was commemorated by a moment of silence from the Council. Dottie was a key member of the community and of the Council and will be very much missed. Secretary Bob Carlile told of his recollections of Dottie.


9.     Adjourn. The regular meeting was adjourned at 6:45 pm. There was a recess of 15 minutes. This was followed by a public meeting chaired by Supervisor Chip Davis.


Respectfully submitted,



Bob Carlile, Secretary









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