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Minutes of November, 1998 Meeting





November 19, 1998

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.    Call to order: 9:00 am by President Dick Byrnes, followed by pledge to Flag.


2.    Establishing a Quorum and Roll Call. The following Representatives and Alternates signed the Roll Call sheet: Bob Aberg, Carol Agers, Bill Bookwalter, Hal Carter, Dick Byrnes, Bob Carlile, Craig Dible, Carolyn Fisher, Dorothy Hores, Joanne Johnson, Nancy Kent, Jim Moore, Joan McClelland, Paul Reep, Joan Steninger, Chris Steffan, Sonya Weber, and Bob Wier, representing 14 member associations, and thereby constituting a quorum (a quorum requires representation of 9 or more members).


3.    President Moments. 1) Following the regular meeting of the Council on Dec. 17 at 6:00 pm, there will be a Public Meeting starting at 7:00 pm. The agendas for both meetings are attached. 2) KSB is presenting an award to the Council at the KSB center on Brewer Rd. Sunday afternoon, Dec. 13, at 3:00 pm. President Byrnes urged the Representatives, Alternates and their spouses to be present. 3) President Byrnes announced that the Council has been named as a defendant in a suit brought by Doug West. The County is attempting to get the suit dismissed on our behalf.


4.    Secretary’s Report. (Bob Carlile) Secretary Carlile moved that the minutes of the meeting of Oct. 22, 1998, be approved; Seconded: Bal Carter; Approved. The Secretary urged all present to sign a get-well card for Dottie Lucas.


5.    Treasurer’s Report (Dorothy Hores). There is currently a balance of $490.68 in our account. Treasurer Hores proposes no increase in dues for 1999.


6.    Committee Reports.

A. P&Z Liaison (Joanne Johnson).

1. Neil Klein. This builder is asking for a special use permit to allow his recently completed home on the south side of VVSR, about 1-3/4 miles from SR 179, to be a satellite office for about one year. An open house sign would be used to advertise the sale of the home. Mr. Klein has conducted the same type of arrangement within VOCA in the past and has been required to stop using new homes as temporary offices. Although the present home is not within VOCA, your Committee feels that as the home is in a residential neighborhood, has limited parking, and is on a busy street (VVSR), the granting of this permit would have an unfavorable impact on the neighborhood and VVSR. Your Committee requests that the Council vote to send a letter to the County objecting to the permit.

Bob Spangler said VOCA has sent a letter objecting to the permit. Since there were no objections from Council members, a letter will be sent to Enalo Lockard stating that the Council objects to this special use permit [letter sent 11-19-98].

2. Ridge Trail. Ridge Trail in the Ridge subdivision, near Sedona Golf and Tennis Center Health Club, has been closed to traffic. The road is a part of an access to the Resort and Health Club from VVSR. The Supervisors at their November meeting went into executive session and asked for legal advice from the County attorney about closure. This is for Council information and there is no consensus of this Committee on any action that we wish to recommend to the Council.

Following this report there was considerable discussion about the impact of the closure of Ridge Trail. The issue is that until recently there have been two access roads into the Sedona Golf Resort and the Health Cub from VVSR: Ridge Trail and Kaibab Way. The VVSR terminus of Ridge Trail has now been closed across a lot formerly owned by VOCA; this lot will be available for residential use. Kaibab Trail now leads through an area, known as area F, where Suncor is constructing single family homes. Area F is adjacent to the Ridge subdivision. It is planned to place gates on roads that connect area F with the Ridge, with only residents of area F and the Ridge allowed to pass through the gates. The general public, now denied access from VVSR onto Ridge Trail, will then not be able to use Kaibab Way as a means of getting to the Health Club. The only access to the Health Club available to the public will be via SR 179.

The discussion by Council members centered on the impact on traffic flow due to the closure of Ridge Trail and the subsequent gating off of connector roads. Bob Wier moved to recommend to the Supervisors that they do what is necessary to keep access to the Health Club from VVSR open, seconded by Bob Aberg, but subsequently withdrawn. Carolyn Fisher moved to request the County to do a study of traffic flow in the entire area south of VVSR and west of SR 179 to determine the impact of traffic on all neighborhoods within this area due to the closure of Ridge Trail; seconded: Bob Aberg; Approved [letter sent to Enalo Lockard Nov. 19, 1998].

3. Village Art and Craft Tent Shows. This Committee has checked with the County and has found that the Art and Craft tent shows being conducted at Bell Rock Plaza and the Factory Stores are illegal and have not been permitted by the County. These shows are increasing in number and do not help maintain our Village small town atmosphere. This Committee asks that the Council send a letter to the County Planning and Building Dept. asking that Department to stop these activities. Joan McClelland moved that a letter be sent to Enalo Lockard requesting that his office investigate whether the tent sales constitute a permit violation; Seconded: Dorothy Bores; Approved [letter sent to Enalo Lockard Nov. 19, 1998].

4. Planned Area Development Ordinance. All of the Counties in Arizona are considering changing the requirements to the Planned Area Development (PAD) ordinance. The definition of open space in PAD developments, like La Barranca in Jacks Canyon and Las Piedras on SR 179 across from the Sedona Golf Resort, are being studied because current ordinances are not clear. Other issues considered include whether golf courses and drainage ditches are open space. This Committee believes that unbuildable land also should not be considered open space and part of the 25% open space requirement in PAD developments.

5. Transportation. Some members of this Committee are attending meetings of a Verde Valley traffic study. These meetings involve members from all the local agencies, and the study should be completed by February, 1999. The study involves 52,800 people and 22,800 dwellings, and is a transportation model to the year 2018. Population and employment figures are included in the study.

6. Beaver Head Flat Road. The Road alignment study is almost completed and the study process, environment impact, etc. will take about two or three years and then construction will begin. The road is completely within Forest Service land.

B. Youth Activities Committee (Bob Carlile). The near-term objective of this Committee is to have a plan to present to the Council at its annual meeting in January. Mr. Carlile presented the status of the components of the plan. Demographics. In the Village, there are about 180 kids ages 6-14 and about 200 ages 15-18; about 10% are Latino. Programs/Needs (Dorothy Hores). Several meetings have been held with individuals, parents, and kids to determine needs of the kids in the Village. The predominant apparent need for the older kids is a skateboard park. Following that are art and music classes, dancing, athletic activities (soccer, basketball, etc.), biking, hiking, and a place for teens to ‘hang out’. Volunteers from the community could be used to teach/interact with the kids. The Programs Subcommittee is putting this in perspective. Facilities (Joan Steninger). Regarding acquiring the Firehouse, Jim Moore has discussed with the County that they acquire it, use the house as a sheriff’s substation, and turn the remainder over for youth programs. Finances (Dick Byrnes). The main issue is whether to affiliate with the Boys and Girls Club of Northern Arizona or to incorporate and go on our own.

C. DRO (Joanne Johnson). The first meeting of the DRO Committee was held recently, chaired by Gary Hofmann, with 12 in attendance. Issues discussed were maintenance, liability, new Arizona state statutes, and the possibility of new a ordinance controlling use of a DRO, in conjunction with ‘Growing Smarter’ legislation. Another meeting is planned for December. Alice Musgrove added that the Committee has two objectives: sidewalks and getting the approval rate for a DRO reduced from 100%.

7. Old Business.

A. Regional Planning Meeting (Dick Byrnes). President Byrnes gave a brief review of the last meeting. The resolution proposed by this group has been approved by this Council (yes: 13, no: 0, no vote: 3).

B. Gas Pipeline (Bob Aberg). Citizens’ Gas cannot build their six inch pipeline through Sedona Golf Resort which may preclude a route for the pipeline through the saddle south of the Village. He discussed possible alternate routes that have been proposed or considered.

8. New Business.

A. Nominating Committee (Bob Carlile). Mr. Carlile stated that this Committee consists of Bob Carlile, Bill Bookwalter and Lloyd Marlowe. He said that the following persons have agreed to accept nominations for officer positions for 1999: President, Dick Byrnes; Recording Secretary: Carolyn Fisher; Corresponding Secretary: Joan McClelland;

Treasurer, Bill Bookwalter. To date there is no nominee for Vice President. Mr. Carlile expressed concern about the reticence of Council members to accept leadership positions. If the Council is to be successful in the future, he said, the members must come forward to accept leadership positions. Carol Agers suggested that in order to increase the pool of persons for leadership positions, that Associations send two alternates to the Council.

B. By-Laws Committee. President Byrnes appointed Carol Agers and Joan McClelland to consider By-Laws revisions that would allow for a Recording and Corresponding Secretaries, as well as other related changes.

C. Water Issues (Joan McClelland). The Supervisors have agreed to be the lead agency to look into a study of the quality and quantity of water in the greater Verde Valley and Prescott areas.

D. Paw Prints (Billie Stiles). Ms. Stiles presented plans for the new Paw Prints building.

E. Craig Dible discussed urban sprawl in Yavapai County.

F. Health Club (Hal Carter). The Health Club is within the boundaries of the Ridge. The owners of the Health Club, Sunterra, now want to tear up two tennis courts to increase parking spaces, and add offices upstairs. The Ridge opposes this and asks for Council support. President Byrnes asked that Mr. Carter make a specific proposal regarding how the Council can help.


9.    Adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 11:30 am.


Respectfully submitted,



Bob Carlile, Secretary




AT 7:00 pm.




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