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Minutes of October, 1998 Meeting





October 22, 1998


Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to order: 6:30 pm by President Dick Byrnes, followed by pledge to Flag.


2.    Establishing a Quorum and Role Call. The following Representatives and Alternates signed the Role Call sheet: Carol Agers, Loyd Barnett, Bill Bookwalter, Hal Carter, Dick Byrnes, Bob Carlile, Craig Dible, Meg Downs, Joanne Johnson, Jim Moore, Joan McClelland, Paul Reep, Don Trautman, and Bob Wier, representing 13 member associations, and thereby constituting a quorum (a quorum requires representation of 9 or more members).


3.     Secretary’s Report. (Bob Carlile) Jim Moore moved that the minutes of the meeting of Sept. 24, 1998, be approved; Seconded: Hal Carter; Approved. A letter was received from Stephen A. Thompson of Aspey, Watkins, and Diesel, P.L.L.C., representing Dave Sheldon and Chris Dolan of Casa Natural Builders, regarding the home on Lot 117 of Bell Rock Vista. The letter stated that Casa Natural is seeking a zoning change for the parcel from residential (R1L) to residential services (RS).The letter attempted to make the case that this zoning change was in compliance with our Community Plan, and implied they wanted support from the Council. Your Secretary wrote back that the CC&Rs of Bell Rock Vista and VOCA govern this situation, and that the Council is prohibited from taking action by our Articles of Incorporation.

Enalo Lockhard, who was in attendance, commented that Casa Natural has not as yet applied for the zoning change, but if they did, they would be wise not to start using the house as a model home since he would have to report to P&Z and the Supervisors that on the day they applied they started using the house as a model home. That would give the appearance that they are not good neighbors, and would not sit well with the respective Boards. A representative from VOCA commented that Casa Natural is being fined by VOCA every day that they use the house as a model home.


4.     Treasurer’s Report (Dorothy Hores). No report.


5.    Committee Reports.

A.  P&Z Liaison Report (Joanne Johnson)

1.  Paw Prints Building Project; Requested Zoning Change; New Building.

Your Committee attended the October P&Z Meeting. We stated that the Council had no objections to the zoning change from RS-2(residential) to C1-2 (commercial). A letter was also sent by the Council stating they had no objections.  The Supervisors at their October Meeting approved the zoning change.

2.  Sedona Golf Resort Commercial Site: El Mirador. At the October P&Z Meeting, your Committee stated the Council’s objection to the final site plan because of the excessive number of entrances to the project from SR 179. There was little discussion by the Commission on this issue, but Chairman Jim Buchanan stated he had some safety concerns because of the number of entrances onto SR 179. The Commissioners passed the site plan. Your Committee was also at the Supervisors meeting and addressed this issue; after some discussion the Supervisors passed the site plan stating that ADOT had approved the three entrances. Chairman Johnson mentioned to the Supervisors that the Committee would like their help and input in studying these types of issues more carefully in the future.


James J. Confer, Permit Supervisor, ADOT, Flagstaff District, and John Harper, Maintenance Engineer, ADOT, were introduced. President Byrnes stated that the developer of El Mirador, Rob Hardy, has done a good job with development layout. Our concern is with traffic congestion created by four entrances/intersections all occurring over a distance of 1800 ft on SR 179: the entrance to the Sedona Golf Resort, Ridge Trail Drive; then 500 ft further, a curb cut entrance into El Mirador; then 350 ft further, another curb cut entrance; then 950 ft further, the Verde Valley School Rd intersection. Jim Confer said that with a proposed continuous left hand turn lane for northbound traffic for all four intersections/entrances, a study done by Heffernan and Associates in 1995, and updated in 1996 and 1997, showed that traffic congestion should not be a problem. The Heffernan report, in fact, showed that two curb cuts was the optimum way of spreading the traffic out. Nevertheless, several Council members suggested eliminating one curb cut. It was not clear how the proposed continuous left turn lane would be modified by medians when SR 179 is updated. Carol Agers asked if the current speed limit of 40 mph could be lowered, and she was referred to the appropriate ADOT Department. President Byrnes asked Mr. Confer to consider our comments.


B.  Youth Activities Committee (Bob Carlile). A large number of people have expressed an interest in helping develop programs for youth in the Village. Dorothy Hores’ survey produced the names of 10 people. Pam Maupin took it upon herself to collect 27 names of people who would attend a meeting to discuss needs to the kids. The Committee was given an excellent presentation regarding the need for a skateboard park by John Roger and Nick Umstattd from Red Rock HS. They have subsequently given us a petition signed by 80+ people supporting need for a skateboard park. The Committee is motivated to reorganize in order to take advantage of this interest, and then come to a conclusion by the middle of January about: how many kids in the Village can be served; what programs will satisfy their needs; identify the facilities needed for these programs; and how we are going to raise the funds needed to make this program viable. The Committee will act as a steering committee overseeing four subcommittees: Demographics (Chair: Dottie Lucas), Programs (Chair: Dorothy Hores); Facilities (Chair: Joan Sternnger); Financial Matters (Chair: Dick Byrnes). Dick Byrnes said that $2500 has been donated to this project by Bell Rock TV, and is currently in a Kiwanis account. Council members are encouraged to join sub-committees that interest them.


C. DRO (Don Trautman). The next meeting of the SVBA at which the DRO will be discussed will be Nov. 3, 1998, at 7:00 am at Kachina Point.


6.  Old Business

A.  Regional Planning Meeting resolution. (Dick Byrnes)., At the last Council meeting, a copy of the Resolution was passed out and discussed, and Reps and Alts were asked to take this to their respective member home owners’ associations to determine whether the member association supports (a vote of yes) or does not support (a vote of no) the Resolution. President Byrnes then asked for a role call vote of the member associations. Some members asked for more time. As of this writing (11-8-98), the vote stands at yes: 12; no: 1; no response: 3. The Resolution is therefore approved by the Council.


B.  Bell Rock Pathways Parking Area. President Byrnes introduced Ken Anderson, District Ranger, Sedona-Beaver Creek Ranger Station. Secretary Carlile read a letter sent to Mr. Anderson, sent at the request of the Council, expressing concerns about inadequate signage and late night use of the parking area at the south Pathways parking area. He then read a response letter from Mr. Anderson which discussed in detail parking area signs, fire danger, signs on SR 179, and day use vs. overnight use. The Council consensus was that the Forest Service is doing a good job of managing this parking area. Persons with concerns should document their concerns by recording as much detail about any undesirable situations as they can.


7.    New Business.

A. Nominating Committee. (Dick Byrnes)

President Byrnes announced the composition of the Nominating Committee: Bob Carlile, Bill Bookwalter, and Dottie Lucas.


B. Presentation by Norm Danoff, VIPs. Mr. Danoff described some of the activities of the VIPs, and pointed out that the Pathways Parking Area is patrolled by them. He said that the VIPs need a new car and a new radar unit.


C. Presentation by Representatives of Citizens’ Gas. President Byrnes introduced Dale Newman, Customer Solutions Representative, Rob Franzen, and Rick Castro of Citizens’ Gas. Citizens’ Gas is considering building a pipeline from Middle Verde to the Village which would provide the Village with natural gas.  Cost would be about 75% less than propane, they said.


8.    Adjourn: 8:56 pm.


Respectfully submitted,



Bob Carlile,







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