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Minutes of September, 1998 Meeting





September 24, 1998

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to order: 9:00 am by President Dick Byrnes, followed by pledge to Flag.


2.     Establishing a Quorum and Roll Call. The following Representatives and Alternates signed the Roll Call sheet: Bob Aberg, Carol Agers, Bill Bookwalter, Dick Byrnes, Bob Carlile, Carolyn Fisher, Dorothy Hores, Joanne Johnson, Jim Moore, Nancy Kent, Dottie Lucas, Ray Spencer, Jeane Ray, Joan Steninger, Gina Lobrey, Bob Wier, and Paul Reep, representing 15 member associations, and thereby constituting a quorum (a quorum requires representation of 9 or more members).


3.     President’s Moments.

1.  President Byrnes reported on the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Rural Development that was presented to the Council for Leadership Development. This award was presented by Governor Jane Hull to the Council on Sept. 10, 1998, in Sierra Vista. President Byrnes accepted the award on behalf of the Council; also present were Vice-President Joan McClelland, Secretary Bob Carlile, and Supervisor Chip Davis.


President Byrnes also reported that he and Secretary Carlile formally informed the Supervisors of the receipt of the award at the Supervisors’ meeting in Cottonwood on Sept. 21, 1998. The following statement was read:

The Big Park Council has won the award for leadership in the Governor’s Community Excellence Awards program. This award was possible not only through our efforts in the Village to organize the homeowners’ assns., but also because of you. What we say and decide in our Council would have no meaning if you and the Depts. of Yavapai County didn’t listen and take seriously what we say and decide, You may even wish to act favorably on some of the issues we support. Of course, listening is a two way street, and we must listen to what you have to say, as well. For our Council to have meaning, there must be a respecting, listening partnership between us. We are glad to say that partnership exists. It is a rare arrangement for County Government to place value on the voices at the grass roots. That is the essence of good Government.


President Byrnes then introduced Supervisor Chip Davis. Supervisor Davis stated that the interaction of a Council such as ours and County Government is the most efficient and effective form of government of which he knows. There are no layers of bureaucracy. The residents can go directly to the Council, who can relate their concerns to the County. He said that he would like to see this concept applied to other areas in Yavapai County. He complimented the Council on its innovativeness in rewriting the Community Plan, pointing out that the Council has saved the County tens of thousands of dollars as well as hundreds of hours of time.


2.  President Byrnes announced that Jim Moore has resigned as Chair of Youth Activities Committee, and Bob Carlile will assume that position. Jim will stay active on the Committee.


4.     Secretary’s Report. (Bob Carlile) Ray Spencer moved to accept the minutes of the meeting of August 27, 1998; Seconded: Dorothy Bores; Approved. Secretary Carlile received a response from George Zraket, Councilman for the City of Scottsdale, stating that the proponents of the Spur Cross Ranch land trade withdrew their proposal on Sept. 1; consequently it was taken off the agenda of the Scottsdale City Council. Secretary Carlile also reported that he had been indirectly in touch with Sen. John McCain’s office who reported that the Senator has withdrawn his support for the process of transferring the Spur Cross Ranch into the public domain. The land trade issue is dead, and we can all be happy for that.


5.     Treasurer’s Report (Dorothy Hores). There is a balance of $500.68 in our account. Carolyn Fisher moved to accept the Treasurer’s report; Seconded: Joanne Johnson; Approved.


6.     Committee Reports.

A. P&Z Liaison (Joanne Johnson).

1. Paw Prints Building Project-Requested Zoning Change-New Building. Your P&Z Committee met with Billie Styles of Paw Prints to go over plans for their building located next to the Victorian Cowgirl Shop on Hwy 179 across from the Circle K. The plans show a southwestern type architecture with parking at their main entrance at the rear of the building. Paw Prints is asking for a change in the existing zoning from RS-2 (residential services) to commercial C 1-2. All the other lots surrounding their parcel are zoned C 1-2. Your P&Z Committee recommends that the Council approve this proposal and state on the County Response sheet that the Council has no objection to the proposal. Bob Carlile moved to accept the Committee’s recommendation. Seconded: Dorothy Bores; Approved, with 1 abstention.


2. Sedona Golf Resort Commercial Site-El Mirador (located on 9 acres between the hotel and Hwy 179). The P&Z Committee discussed the information on the project sent by the County. The Committee has some questions concerning the project such as landscaping, lighting, and the number of entrances onto Hwy 179. There were no complete final site plans given to the Committee. Until these issues are resolved, your Committee recommends that the Council request a postponement of a hearing of the project at the October 7 P&Z meeting until more information is available.

At this point, Rob Hardy, Pacific Ridge, made a presentation in which he described in detail the El Mirador project. He pointed out that there will be 2 entrances into the project north of the main entrance into Sedona Golf Resort. These have been approved by Jim Confer’s office at ADOT. There then followed a lengthy discussion focusing on these two entrances onto Hwy. 179. The concern of Council members was traffic congestion created on Hwy. 179 by these entrances. President Byrnes said that we should invite Jim Confer of ADOT to the October meeting so that we can understand ADOT’s procedure and what can or can’t be done. Joanne will invite him.

After considerably more discussion, Dorothy Bores moved to accept the P&Z Liaison Committee’s report that the Council recommend a postponement of a hearing of the project at P&Z until more information is available; Seconded: Nancy Kent. Gary Hofmann made a substitute motion. He moved that we recommend that the County accept the site plan with the stipulation that ADOT address potential traffic problems that could occur from the deceleration and acceleration of vehicles due to multiple entrances from this project onto SR 179; this must be done before ADOT issues a permit to Sedona Golf Resort for any road entrance design onto SR 179. This substitute motion was accepted by both the original maker of the motion (Hores) and the seconder (Kent). Substitute motion was approved.


3. Bell Rock Pathways Parking. Margaret Knight, a homeowner who lives near the Pathways parking lot, said she has concerns about public usage of the parking area: cars in the parking area late at night, on one occasion shooting off fireworks, thus creating the potential for fire. She said the Forest Service has jurisdiction. The sense of the Council was that the Council should adopt Ms. Knight’s concerns. Secretary Carlile was asked to write a letter to Ken Anderson, District Ranger, informing him of the Council’s concerns. [Letter sent Sept. 25, 1998]

B. Youth Activities (Jim Moore). Dorothy Hores will postpone a report on the survey until a later meeting. Jim Moore reported on an exciting meeting with a youth group who supported building a Skate Park. A thorough and convincing presentation was made by John Roger and Nick Umstattd, Red Rock High School.


C. Jacks Canyon Traffic/Access (Candace Czarny). This Committee met on Sept. 15 and reviewed information regarding the Sun Cliffe properties and discussed its impact on road congestion, traffic flow, and access to Jacks Canyon Rd. Mark Kuhack, Yavapai County, Dept. of Public Works, was present and provided helpful information. A preliminary report is being drafted and will be presented at a future Council meeting.


D. DRO (Gary Hofrnann). The next meeting of this Committee will be in late October. The Committee would like Steve Owens to be present. Alice Musgrove will join the Committee.


V. Old Business.


A. Regional Planning Meeting (Dick Byrnes). A report was given on this meeting that was held in Cottonwood on Sept. 17, 1998. A draft resolution was presented at that meeting (copies were given to each Council member). President Byrnes asked the members to take this resolution to their associations for their review and input, and be prepared to vote on acceptance at the October meeting. Dorothy Hores asked the Council to assess this on the basis of its conceptual content, with conceptual revisions being acceptable.


VI. New Business.


A. Land Exchange. Dorothy Hores reported on a land exchange of 300 acres of Forest Land near the Sedona Wastewater Treatment Plant and 250 acres of Forest Service land in West Sedona that will be used as a golf course. Ms. Hores passed out an information sheet. She asked members of the Council who are concerned to write letters to the City Manager’s Office, City of Sedona and Judy Adams, Sedona Ranger District.

B. Drainage Project on VVSR (Dick Byrnes). The drainage project has started. Dick Byrnes described this project.


VII. Adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 11:15 am


Respectively submitted,




Bob Carlile, Secretary







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