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Minutes of March, 2008 Meeting




PO Box 20248, Sedona AZ 86351

MARCH REGULAR MEETING - 9:00 A.M., Thursday, 13 March 2008

Sedona Fire Station #3 – 125 Slide Rock Road, Sedona, AZ 86351

Call to order- Pledge of Allegiance – Heather Provencio

1. Determine quorum by roll call – 22 of the 26 current members were present by roll call, 4 absent – (Please see attached Exhibit A)

Special guests - District 3 Supervisor Chip Davis, and Red Rock District Ranger Heather Provencio.

About 30 members of the public were present.

2. Agenda changes from Executive Board meeting – are reflected in these minutes

(The Executive Board meeting was held at Villa Serena, one of the Las Posadas B&B’s, 26 Avenida de Piedras, on 10 March 2008 at 9:30 A.M. Call Tom Graham for information - 284-0671)

3. New Member/Member Changes – Oak Creek Estados named Norma Wallace as their Representative

4. Secretary’s report - Henry Reiter

(a) Consideration of minutes,14 February 2008 regular meeting – unanimously approved by voice vote

(b) Policy on historical documents – on motion made and duly seconded the commencement of archiving BPRCC records (Please see attached Exhibit B) was unanimously approved by voice vote. In addition to the two boxes of minutes and other records Henry Reiter received from Peggy Dorrell at the January meeting of the BPRCC, Zona Fink advised that she has three boxes of P&Z Committee records, which she will deliver to the Executive Board. Judy Kelly volunteered to organize the scanning of documents/archives.

5. Treasurer’s report – Dave Norton

(a) Monthly Report - (Please see attached Exhibit C)

6. Corresponding Secretary’s report – Jane Petty

(a) Received response to the Council’s letter sent on 22 February 2008 requesting a protocol for opening the Pinon Woods gate during an emergency. The Fire Marshall advised that there were too many potential emergency scenarios for a written protocol, and that the Fire Department believes its officer on duty would be in the best position to make a judgment call.

7. Visitor Presentations -

(a) USFS Red Rock District Ranger – Heather Provencio made a short presentation on the construction progress of their new facility, which will include: (i) a 7,000 square-foot administration building with a large conference room available for public purposes; (ii) a 5,000 square-foot visitor contact center, expecting about 1,000 visitors a day; and (iii) a theater/conference room. The Grand Opening ribbon cutting ceremony of the Visitor Contact Center of the Red Rock Scenic Byway will be held 16 April 2008 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. All are invited.

(b) Supervisor Chip Davis – spoke on the upcoming County Board of Supervisor’s public hearing regarding a proposal to fund the construction of a Superior Court building, a Juvenile Detention building, and two Justice buildings (Please see attached Exhibit C). In addition, Supervisor Davis spoke briefly on the County’s projected budget shortfall – and advised of his belief that the County should be run on a “pay-as-you-go” basis, by adjusting cost of operations to match revenue. Finally, Supervisor Davis reminded everyone of his Community Meeting on 18 March 2008 at the Hilton ballroom, 6:30 PM. All are invited.

8. Committee Reports

(a) Website Committee – Jane Petty presented the new BPRCC website utilizing the Fire Department’s on-line Internet access. The presentation was well received with approving comments on the appearance of the home page and pull-down menus. The link to the home page is - http://www.bigparkcouncil.org.

(b) Recreation Committee – Don Beard advised that he is making progress with his rejuvenated committee, and is still working on getting parents involved – a critical element in making committee programs work.

(c) P&Z Committee- Mark Mumaw made graphic presentations of committee’s considerations of two items scheduled for County Administrative review (items (i) and (ii) below) and two other items to be heard in public hearings (items (iii) and (iv) below).

(i) Villas at Las Piedras minor plan amendment – located within the Las Piedras PAD, this is a proposal to amend the approved 55-unit project with a site plan in response to comments made by Las Piedras PAD homeowners and County Development Services staff. Mark reported on several features of the proposal, including removal of perimeter roadway, reduction of building clusters from 10 to 7, a 15% reduction in site development area, and a 30% increase of open space from 33.5% to 43.5%. The P&Z Committee unanimously recommended supporting this application. A motion was made and seconded for the Council to support the proposed amendment (Please see attached Exhibit E) and the motion was adopted by voice vote of the 22 Representatives present, with one voice vote against the motion by Canyon Mesa. During discussion of the motion, the Canyon Mesa representative questioned provisions for guest parking. It was pointed out that the previously approved site plan did not have any dedicated guest parking (and none is required by Ordinance) but, the proposed plan had 14 (2 at each entrance to the 7 building clusters). Technical difficulties with the P&Z Committee’s PowerPoint presentation prevented demonstrating the location of the added guest parking spaces.

(ii) Casa de Piedras B&B minor amendment – located within the Las Piedras PAD, this is a proposal to amend a previously approved site plan for four B&B Inns to: (1) construct a swimming poll at the northwest corner of the project – the plan provides for a pool cover and landscaping to improve privacy. The applicant pointed out that a construction permit would be required before any work could begin; and (2) replace the existing Bed and Breakfast in the middle of the entrance driveway, with sign to the right of the entrance driveway, about 30’ east to a building façade. The existing B&B sign would be replaced with entry directional signage, including whether there was a vacancy. Here too, no work would commence without a permit from Yavapai County. The P&Z Committee unanimously recommended supporting this application. A motion was made and seconded for the Council to support the proposed amendment (Please see attached Exhibit F) and by a voice vote with 1 of the 22 Representatives present voting against the motion (VOCA) the motion was adopted. During discussion of the motion, the VOCA representative questioned the code requirements for the replacement sign. It was pointed out that the replacement sign would meet the same stipulated requirements that were applicable to the existing approved sign.

(iii) Proposed amendment HA# H7141 (Two Story) – this proposed amendment to the County Zoning Ordinance would remove the “story” provisions of the Ordinance and permit development up to the building height limitations now in place. At the end of last year the Council deemed this proposal to have no impact, but upon review in January and February, it became clear that without the 2-story limitation, certain commercial districts in the village could be developed to 40 and 50 foot heights, with significant negative impact on the Red Rock view sheds along Highway 179. Both the All-American Road Committee and the Sedona Village Business Association voiced opposition to removing the 2-story limitation on the grounds of the negative impact to the Red Rock view sheds, including the potential damage to resident quality of life and tourism. The P&Z Committee unanimously recommended that the Council propose rejection of the proposed amendment. A motion was made and seconded for the Council to recommend rejection of the proposed Zoning Ordinance amendment. During discussion of the motion, a proposed amendment to the motion was adopted by voice vote (Please see attached Exhibit G) and the final motion was unanimously adopted by voice vote.

(iv) Wild Horse Mesa B & B Homestay – this proposal is for a use permit to permit a 3-unit Bed and Breakfast Homestay at 25 Wild Horse Mesa. The P&Z Committee undertook extensive research, and presented graphics of the property, photos of the surrounding neighborhood, and applicable provisions of County ordinances. It was pointed out that thought there was substantial support for the application, neighbors directly surrounding the subject property were in opposition. The P&Z Committee recommended that the Council neither support nor oppose the issuance of a use permit. A motion was made and seconded for the Council to neither support nor oppose the issuance of a use permit (Please see attached Exhibit H) and the motion was unanimously adopted by voice vote.

(d) Transportation Committee – John Gillam provided an update on the following items:

(i) Summary of 25 February 2008 Transportation Committee meeting

(ii) Reported on the 11 March 2008 Multi-Modal Transportation committee meeting

(iii) Update on the Pinon Woods gate issue – discussion on this matter basically dealt with the apparent lack of a schedule for the traffic study ordered by the Board of Supervisors in January.

(iv) Next meeting of the Transportation Committee is 31 March 2008, 8:30 AM, at Sedona Winds (meetings generally are on the 4th Monday of the month at Sedona Winds 8:30 AM)

9. Other Reports From BPRCC Representatives concerning the following:

(a) ADOT Partnership Meeting – the BPRCC is one of seven stakeholders. There was discussion regarding request from the owner of the former Wild Tucan property for a left turn lane in the median of the new Highway 179 construction. AODT seems favorably disposed to the proposal if the property owner paid for the work, and the proposed left turn land was supported by the BPRCC.

(b) Yavapai County Regional Planners – Mark Mumaw will represent the BPRCC and report next month.

(c) Verde Valley Master Regional Trails Plan – a report was made in January to the BPRCC, the next meeting will be held in April.

(d) Verde Valley Regional Transportationa report was made in January to the BPRCC, the next meeting will be held in April.

(e) SID Steering Committee – Carolyn Fisher, one of the BPRCC representatives, reported that 43.2% of all eligible property owners have signed the petition to date, with another 324 needed for a majority. The Committee will be hosting an Open House on Wednesday, March 26th, at VOCA, from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Light refreshments will be served courtesy of the Village Business Association and Mulligan’s Restaurant.

(f) Special Districts

(i) Sedona Oak Creek School District – Dorothy O’Brien announced that Jan Montgomery will be representing the BPRCC at district meetings

(ii) Sedona Fire District – Don Harr reported that he will be back in April with a full report on the work that he and Craig Dible have been doing regarding a citizen’s audit. Don’s initial report is that district books are being kept in business like manner consistent with common practice. Also advised that district has implemented a fee schedule for certain services. Fire Chief Shobert advised that these fees are expected to generate about $20,000 to $50,000 annually. Finally, he advised that the district’s insurance rating is in the top 4% nationally.

(g) Sedona Public Library – Carolyn Fisher reported a proposed increase in funding from the library district to improve local services, and announced that the Friends of the Library are working on a book sale.

(h) Sedona Village Main Street Revitalization Committee – Kathy Nelms provided an update on the following items:

(i) Some progress on securing Arizona State Main Street designation for the village section of Highway 179

(ii) Upcoming special events include a “Moon Walk” from Blue Moon Café to Full Moon Saloon; May is cyclist’s month and events are planned in conjunction with the National Mountain Bike Association; and a Memory Walk sponsored by Sedona Winds

(iii) Developing a common visual theme for businesses along Highway 179 working in partnership with homeowner associations and the All-American Road Committee.

(iv) Advised on progress with organizing the “safety net” first announced at the January meeting of the BPRCC, with a group of the larger and more substantial businesses backing the program. Kathy stressed that this program is not intended to replace the proposed special improvement district (SID), but is simply a mechanism whereby the funding of the grant enhancements can be assured. The temporary nature of the “safety net” was confirmed by the participants’ commitment that if such temporary measure were necessary, it would only stay in place until the SID is established.

Discussion followed regarding the effect of the “safety net”. One member of the SID Steering Committee was particularly concerned that this program, even if it just in the talking stage, is posing problems with her field effort in securing the remaining signatures. Several other speakers voiced the opinion that regardless of what it is called, the program has a negative rather than supportive effect on the SID initiative. When the discussion became particularly heated, several speakers cautioned that regardless of the emotions involved, the community needs to stay focused on securing the grant enhancements, and the SID (or other suitable entity) to maintain those enhancements – that there was no need for acrimony in the process. In fact, many of the participants in the “safety net” had already signed the SID petition.

10. Old Business - none

11. New Business

(a) Carolyn Fisher recommended that a future Council meeting include discussion on adopting a policy to be followed by Council Officers and Representatives regarding any action taken by them in their capacity of Council Officers and Representatives.

12. Announcements

(a) Supervisor Davis Community Meeting – 3/18/08, Hilton Tequa Ballroom 6:30 PM

(b) Senator Tom O’Halleran – legislative update 4/22/08, Hilton Tequa Ballroom 7:00 PM

3. Adjournment at 11:45 AM
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