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Minutes of August, 1998 Meeting




August 27, 1998

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to order: 6:30 pm by President Dick Byrnes, followed by pledge to Flag.


2.     Establishing a Quorum and Roll Call. The following Representatives and Alternates signed the Roll Call sheet: Carol Agers, Dick Byrnes, Bob Carlile, Craig Dible, Carolyn Fisher, Dorothy Hores, Joanne Johnson, Nancy Kent, Dottie Lucas, Jim Moore, Gary Hofmann, Joan McClelland, Ray Spencer, Joan Steninger, Paul Reep, representing 12 member associations, and thereby constituting a quorum (a quorum requires representation of 9 or more members).


3.     President’s Moments. 1. The Council has been selected as the award winner for leadership in the Governor’s Community Excellence Awards program for rural communities. The award will presented in Sierra Vista on Sept. 10, 1998. Governor Jane Hull will make the presentation. The Executive Committee will attend. President Byrnes will present a response. 2. John O’Brian, City of Sedona, Director of Community Development, has given us a copy of the standards that Sedona uses to form a DRO. This document was given to Gary Hofmann. 3. Harvard Investments has donated $2500 to a project to be determined by the Council; President Byrnes recommends that it be donated to the Field of Dreams project, directed by Doug Coletti, Athletic Director of Big Park School.


4.     Secretary’s Report. (Bob Carlile) Ray Spencer moved to approve the minutes of the meeting of July 23, 1998, subject to certain revisions; Seconded: Dottie Lucas; Approved. In response to a letter to Chip Davis from the Council concerning the use of a home in Bell Rock Vista as a model home, a zoning violation, a letter was received from Enalo Lockard stating that the owners of the property have been advised of their inappropriate use of the property. It is our understanding that the property is no longer being used as a model home, another victory for the Council.


5.     Treasurer’s Report (Dorothy Hores). There is a current balance of $767.82. The Youth Activities Committee is conducting a survey to determine what recreational programs are needed in the Village. The survey form appears in the Villager, at a cost to us of $118.25.  Carolyn Fisher moved to accept this cost; Seconded: Joan Steninger; Approved. Joan McClelland moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report; Seconded: Ray Spencer; Approved.


6.    Committee Reports.

A.    P&Z Liaison Committee (Joanne Johnson).

1.  Tree Farm Update. Your Committee attended the August 5 meeting of P&Z. Representatives of the Sierra Club, Keep Sedona Beautiful, and Dry Creek Community Plan, as well as other persons from around the Valley, spoke in opposition to this project. The P&Z Commissioners voted 4-3 against. One of their main concerns was water usage on the proposed golf course. At the August 17 Supervisor’s meeting the project was again discussed. The developers presented a new proposal to address the water issue. Supervisors Feldmeier and Browniow used this new proposal as their reason for voting for the project. The project was passed 2-1 with Supervisor Davis voting no.


2.  Home Occupation Ordinance Update. Your P&Z Liaison Committee attended the Aug. 5 P&Z meeting in which amendments to this Ordinance were discussed. The Committee addressed issues to the Commission concerning the extension of the Ordinance to cover R1L zoning areas (regular subdivisions). These issues were signs, enforcement of traffic restrictions, and adding a statement to allow the denial of a permit if 51% of neighbors within a 300 foot radius object to the permit. The sign requirements were amended to prohibit a sign advertising a business to be placed on a residential lot. Concerning the issue of enforcement of the ordinance, The County assured us that they would act at once to stop violations. The issue of refusing a permit if 51 % of the neighbors within a 300 foot radius objected was not addressed. The Ordinance was passed by the P&Z Commission and also the Supervisors at their Aug. 17 meeting.


3.  SunCor Casitas Update. Your Committee attended a meeting on July 27 at the Sedona Golf Resort to address future plans for commercial development of the 9 commercial acres adjacent to Hwy. 179.SunCor has agreed to cancel the plans for building the casitas in front of the Resort Hotel. They plan to build an attractive, upscale shopping complex of shops, restaurants, and some office space. These new plans will not have as great a visual impact as the casitas.


4.  La Barranca-Final Subdivision Plat Plan. This plat plan was received from the County who requested a response from the Council. Due to shortness of time, the Committee as a whole was not able to review these plans before this current meeting. Joanne Johnson, chair of this Committee, however, was able to review this plat plan and she recommends that the Council have no objection to it. Bob Carlile moved that we respond to the County stating no objection at this time providing all stipulations on the project are met by the developer; Seconded: Carolyn Fisher; Approved. [Response sent 8/29/98


5.  Las Piedras Unit 2-Final Site/Final Plat Plan. This plan was received from the County who requested a response from the Council. After a favorable recommendation from this Committee, Dorothy Hores moved that we respond to the County stating no objection at this time providing all stipulations on the project are met by the developer; Seconded: Ray Spencer; Approved.[Response sent 8/29/98]


6.  VVSR Beautification Grant, submitted to Forest Service. Joanne Johnson and Tom Hutchinson met with the VOCA Board on Aug. 11. After some discussion, the Board voted to accept sponsorship of this grant.


7.  Canyon Villa Bed and Breakfast. Yavapai County refereed a reissuance of a Bed and Breakfast permit for Canyon Villa to resolve a long standing discrepancy in the issuing of the original permit. This Committee reviewed the matter and recommends that a letter be sent to the County stating that an issue of this nature should be resolved between the County and Canyon Villa directly [letter sent 8/29/98].


8.  Transportation Update.  89A The environmental study is completed and is available at Sedona Library. Bids will go out in 1999 (Cottonwood to Cornville Rd.) and 2000 (Cornville Rd. to Sedona). Beaverhead Flat Rd. The Forest Service is working on the archeological response. Paving is in the County five year plan. VVSR. Construction of flood control was awarded to Jelsco Construction. T21(Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century). Our Verde Valley area needs an overall transportation plan to be eligible for a portion of the funding. The cities and towns of the Verde Valley have been asked by Yavapai County to put together a transportation plan and then ADOT and the County will complete a regional plan. The BRW regional transportation plan study of 1993 will be used and updated. There will be public involvement. ADOT has $ lOOM scheduled to be spent in the Verde Valley in the next 5 years.


B. Youth Activities Committee (Jim Moore). Mr. Moore reported on four meetings which have occurred in the last month. The first was a presentation before the Fire District Board. Mr. Moore stated to the District Board the desire to acquire the building for a community center. Jim Evans, Chair of the Board said that legally they could not grant special favorable arrangements to other than governmental agencies. It should be noted that the property that the fire station was built on was donated by VOCA. The second meeting was with Don Hall, Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Northern Arizona, and other representatives of the Boys and Girls Club. They would like to see us form a branch in the Village and offered to provide bussing of our youths to Sedona to get the program started. They recommended that the Big Park School be used as a site. Several concerns were expressed by the Committee particularly regarding their open door policy where kids can come and go as they please. The third meeting was with Russ Snyder, Principal of Big Park School, and Doug Coletti, Athletic Director. Mr. Snyder gave a long list of activities sponsored by the school, including the Sedona Literacy Center directed by our own Carolyn Fisher. The Committee was impressed with services currently offered, although these activities are not for all ages Their emphasis is on grades 6 through 8. The fourth meeting was with Lorenzo Sanchez who discussed the needs of the Hispanic youth. He said that the most significant need was for the teaching of English. Dorothy Hores then stated the results of a survey of the needs of the community for recreational activities. She has received 30 responses to-date, and she said that the biggest benefit has been to increase awareness in the community of the need for a community activity center. The survey has also produced five individuals who have said they would like to help. The survey will be sent home by the kids at the Big Park School.


C. Jacks Canyon Traffic/Access Committee. Joan McClelland read a report from Candice Czarny. The Committee met with Mark Kuhac of the Dept. of Public Works, Yavapai County, in which he was asked where improvements could be made to Jacks Canyon Rd. He provided the Committee with a set of plans showing that La Barranca plans to have left and right deceleration lanes for traffic flowing west to east.


7. Old Business.


A.   DRO Development (Gary Hofmann). Enalo Lockard attended the last meeting of SVBA. At that meeting there was discussed criteria and enabling statues for creating a DRO. Unfortunately, the current State ordinance requires 100% agreement on the DRO, which seems impossible. The Committee feels that is an oversight that will be changed. Nevertheless the Committee will develop guidelines. Mr. Hofmann asked for volunteers from the Council. He also gave an update on ADOT’s plans for Hwy. 179.


8. New Business.


A.   Regional Planning Meeting (Dick Byrnes and Craig Dible). This meeting was held in Cottonwood on July 16, 1998. Enalo Lockhard presided. This meeting had representatives from all communities in the Verde Valley except Jerome. At this meeting the Spur Cross Ranch issue was raised. Spur Cross Ranch is 2150 acres of privately owned land near Cave Creek. The Forest Service would like to acquire this land because of riparian areas and archeological sites. One plan for acquisition would be to trade a vast amount of Forest Service land for the Ranch. There has been a suggestion that 250,000 Forest Service acres would be traded which could affect the Sedona area. The proponents have been trying to persuade Sen. John McCain to introduce legislation which would bypass the public participation process (NEPA) and that would allow the trade without specifying what Forest Service acres or how many acres would be traded. Sen. McCain is looking for support from the Scottsdale City Council, and it is felt at this time that if that Council votes to not support the acquisition of the Ranch by the Forest Service, that Sen. McCain would not proceed with the legislation. The Scottsdale Council is scheduled to vote on this proposal on Sept. 8. President Byrnes urged to Council to send a letter to Mayor Campana of Scottsdale stating that this Council urges the Scottsdale City Council to vote to oppose the land trade. Gary Hofmann moved that this Council oppose any trade of public land for Spur Cross Ranch or any other private land which does not go through the public participation process (NEPA) and which has unidentified parameters. Also, that Mayor Campana of Scottsdale be informed of this motion, if passed, and urged to not support the Spur Cross Ranch land exchange; Seconded: Bob Carlile; Approved with one abstention. [Letter sent to Mayor Sam Campana 8-28-98; identical letters sent to each member of Scottsdale City Council, Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl, Rep. Bob Stump, and State Land Commissioner J. Dennis Wells]. The next Regional Planning Meeting will be Sept. 17 at 2:00 pm at the Supervisors’ chambers in Cottonwood.


9. Adjourn: 8:25 pm.




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