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Minutes of January, 2002 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of January 24, 2002 Meeting


Minutes of January 24, 2002 meeting


1 .Meeting called to order by President Carolyn Fisher. She then turned the proceedings over to the new president, Zona Fink. A quorum of 10 members were present.


2.Secretary’s report- Accepted as read.


3. Correspondence -Letter received from Yavapai County concerning evacuation routes. Letter given to the Transportation Committee for comment.


4.Treasurer’s report- No activity in the month of January. Bank balance is $686.57.


5.Transportation committee -. The school district and the county have an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) wherein the school district will pay for the sidewalks to the Big Park school and the county assumes liability. Dick Byrnes, chair, reported that the county is considering excluding new paved sidewalks from county liability. This would include the proposed sidewalks going to the school. Unpaved or graveled recreational paths along county streets and roads would continue to be covered. The proposed letter will be sent to all Big Park reps for discussion in their communities. Zona will call for a vote on the letter in February.


Dick passed out copies of the Glatting report. This is the firm hired by Voice of Choice to make recommendations for improvements to Hwy. 179. Dick will attend the next meeting of the Sedona Business Association to ask for their input and also to encourage them to send a member to our transportation committee meetings. Dick stressed that the Big Park Transportation committee is only addressing the highway improvements in the Big Park area.


6. Planning and Zoning- The County Planning and Zoning Commission recommended to the Board of Supervisors that 15 shows be allowed per year-no more than two in any one month.  Food vending will need to meet county food handling standards and inspections. Commissioners asked for a review of the approval after two years.


At the regular meeting of the Planning and Zoning committee a possible purchaser/developer of the parcel north of the wastewater treatment facility presented some thoughts for commercial storage locker facilities on the parcel. The committee explained to him the uses allowed by the present zoning and the community plan recommendations. No action taken at this meeting.


7.Recreation -Dorothy Hores -The top two inches of dirt on the Big Park playing fields will be removed because it is contaminated with glass. Clean dirt will be spread on the area,


A skateboard outing is planned for Saturday, January 26. Church of the Red Rocks van will be used to take the kids to the skate park.


8. Budget- The budget committee, Bob Carlile, Dan Beard and Barbara Zeschke drew up a proposed budget for 2002. Motion made and passed to approve this budget. The member dues will be increased by $10 per year. This increase due to the uncertain cost of the renewal of our Officers and Directors insurance. Don Beard will make inquires to see where we can get the best rate.


9.Old business-The “dark skies “ordinance will be on the agenda of the Board of Supervisors at their February 4 meeting. Bill Kusner said that Keep Sedona Beautiful will try to get the Big Park businesses not in compliance with the new ordinance to be ‘good neighbors’ if the ordinance wins approval.


10. New business- Zona has asked Carolyn Fisher to be in charge of a new committee to contact possible new members for our association.


The VOCA facility where we hold our monthly meetings may be rebuilt this summer. We are looking at other locations during their construction period and will try to get a favorable rental fee if we use the Fire Station meeting room. We have budgeted $25 per month for rent.



Zona reported that Heritage Fund monies that the public voted on may be under attack to balance the Arizona State budget. Further info at www.arizona heritage alliance.org





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