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Minutes of February, 2002 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of February 28, 2002 Meeting


1 .Meeting called to order by President Zona Fink. Thirteen representatives present. Quorum established.


2.Mike Shrader gave an update on the Firecliff subdivision. There will be no two story town homes. The original Suncliff plan for 86 town homes has been changed to 79 one story patio homes. These homes will be 34 feet wide on 44 foot lots. Fee simple ownership. Height of patio homes will be 14 feet with some parapet walls and chimneys going to 16 feet high overall. They have begun grading the property. They hope to save 100 significant plants. Installation of utility lines will proceed during the next three months. The electricity and cable will also be underground. .One section of the community, 27 lots, on the northeast side of the parcel will be gated.


The trail system in the streambeds and washes presently being used by the nearby community members will be open. They are not building any other trails. The homeowners association that will be controlling the property when built out will not actively support or promote the use of these trails by non homeowners in the subdivision because of insurance constraints.


Suncliff Drive will have a walking path of natural material on the east side of the road.


3. Treasurer’s report accepted. Bank balance end of February was $1608.10.


4. Minutes of last meeting accepted as read.


5. Transportation committee chair Dick Byrnes reported that the sidewalk policy adopted by the county states that concrete surfacing will no longer be allowed. However other surfacing materials are permitted. Pathways for school children on Bell Rock Blvd. south of Jack’s Canyon Road will be constructed.


The committee hopes to meet with Don Dorman from ADOT concerning plans for Hwy. 179 in the Big Park area. The committee is preparing a letter for approval by the Council for the next meeting. It was stressed that this must be given to the reps from the homeowners associations so they have time to get it back to their members or boards of directors for comments.


Supervisor Davis will attend the next meeting of the transportation committee on March 11.


6. Planning and Zoning co-chairperson Joan McClelland reported that the Wellness Clinic on Canyon Diablo Road is in the process of having the facility declared a school. The county is processing the application now. By county ordinance a school is a permitted use on residentially zoned parcels. Yavapai College has been using the facility regularly to house Elderhostel participants in violation of the present county ordinances governing the use of the parcel. The parcel is in an R2 zoning which does not permit motel like uses. Previous to use as Elderhostel housing the parcel had been advertised on the net as overnight lodging. Such uses are permitted only on commercially zoned parcels. Correspondence has been received from Supervisor Davis. He shared the ongoing e-mails between his office and Yavapai County Development Services concerning the past use as a motel and the proposed change in use of the Wellness Clinic to a school. He will be contacting Mr. Kessel , Vice President of Yavapai College for the Verde Valley and asked community members to also write to Mr.Kessel to express their concerns. Bud Heiberger, alternate rep for the neighboring Village Park homeowners,said his residents are very concerned about the lack of landscaping and grounds upkeep on the parcel. He said this results in decreased property values in his subdivision.


The Bell Rock Plaza Association has been approved by the Board of Supervisors to hold 15 tented shows in their parking lot per year. This will come up for review at the end of two years.


The Hilton resort is proceeding with their exterior lighting plans as presented previously to the community.


7. Recreation- Dorothy Hores and Bob Carlile outlined future activities for Big Park youth. There will be a “Game Night” at the Sedona Winds retirement center once a month-This will feature board games and is planned to start in April. Parents will provide transportation. There are four skateboarding trips to the skateboard facility in Camp Verde planned -March 16 and 30, April 27 and May 11. The van from the Church of the Red Rocks is used. The last trip it was full to capacity. Those present were asked to contact Bob if they can help provide transportation for these increasingly popular events.


8. Sedona Centennial-Kathy Baker-Tel 284 9469 and Janet Vette asked if the Big Park area wanted to put on a special event for this centennial year. They will help with any publicity. On June 15 at the Cultural Park complex, the “Big Event” for the celebration will be held. Lots of activities are planned for this day. Logo clothing and pins etc. are for sale at several places including Los Abrigados and the Sedona Historical Museum. The Centennial will be featured at the parade in March.


9.    Our next Council meetin2 will be at 8 a.m., Thursday March 28 at VOCA. Note the change in time. Supervisor Davis will be here at 9.a.m. for his semiannual community meeting. Everyone in the community is invited.

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