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Minutes of April, 2002 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of April 25, 2002 Meeting


Meeting called to order by President Zona Fink at 6:30 P.M.


1.     There were 11 members present. This establishes a quorum.


2.  Minutes of March meeting approved with the following correction-Paragraph 2-The yearly premium is due in June 2002-Correct to July 2002.


3.  Treasurer’s report-Current balance is $1461.58. The recreation account balance is $144.04

The application for D&O Insurance has been sent in to the new insurer. There is a $2500 deductible in the policy. Treasurer’s report accepted.


4.  Corresponding secretary-Pinon Woods north will be joining the Council.


5.  Guest speaker Susan Solomon, newly elected Sedona City Council person, spoke about avenues of cooperation between the City and our Big Park Council. Suggestions made to cooperatively investigate sources of funding for youth activities, transportation issues, Teen Club information, and a Dark Skies coalition. This latter could include APS and Keep Sedona Beautiful and could seek good neighbor compliance from those in violation of the new Dark Skies Ordinance who are “grandfathered”. Susan’s telephone number is 204 9200 if you have additional ideas. Opinions are requested on land use issues in Yavapai County that are in areas near the City and Big Park. Mutual concerns about these issues might be explored.


6.  Transportation Committee-Dick Byrnes reported on the meeting with Don Dorman. There are budget shortfalls in ADOT. Don suggested that Big Park put in writing what they want concerning expediting Hwy. 179 improvements in our area. Dick presented a draft of such a letter. After discussion, the Council members agreed to support a request to activate the Big park segment of the 179 renovation. The letter will note our concerns are centered on safety and access. Dick will ask the following organizations to join in the request: Sedona Village Business Association, United States Forest Service, Sedona City Council, Voice of Choice, Responsible Residents of the Red Rocks, Sedona Fire District and Keep Sedona Beautiful.


Final approval has been received for construction of the pathway on Bell Rock Blvd. near the school. Work will be done this summer.


7.  Recreation-Dorothy Hores passed out a summary of the meeting with Ken Anderson. (Copy enclosed). The committee will see if the county has land available for trade with the Forest Service for a park.


This coming Sunday there will be a “Fun Fest” at the school. Organizations sponsoring summer activities will be there. The Hilton will offer free swimming on Sunday afternoons to Big Park residents. The recreation committee works with the Hilton to oversee these events. Volunteers needed for this.


Skateboarding and rollerblading offered on April 27 and May 11. Bob Carlile and Dick Byrnes take the children to the facility in camp Verde.


8.  Membership-Carolyn Fisher welcomed our new Council Member organization-Pinon Woods North. Louisa Connell and Caro Raleigh will be the representatives.


9.  Planning and Zoning-Joanne Johnson reported the passage by the county Board of Supervisors of the new improved Outdoor Lighting Ordinance.


The Biltmore property Elderhostel usage on Canyon Diablo issue is still being resolved.


A proposed B&B near Las Piedras has drawn some opposition from nearby residents. This will be taken up at the next committee meeting on the second Monday in April.


10.  Motorized scooters-Bill Pumphrey asked the Council to consider measures that could be taken to resolve safety and noise issues. After considerable discussion a motion was passed-The Council will spearhead an informational dialog within the community including parents and school officials over the use of unlicensed motorized vehicles. Note-Zona has had many complaints about these vehicles and she wrote to Chip Davis who told her that to date Big Park was the only community that had contacted him on this issue. Carol Agers said her homeowners association, Valley Vista, has written to Chip about their concerns on this matter.


11.  Tequa property-Zona and Dick Byrnes met with Rob Hardy who is the developer for the Tequa Plaza. They hope to put a museum on the property. They are investigating a cooperative effort with existing museums such as the museum of Northern Arizona and the Heard to showcase items from the collections of these other museums. Rob said that the majority of most museums collections is not on display due to lack of space. Members of our community could be docents at this facility. Mr.Hardy will come to a future meeting as his plans firm up. The museum building will be built at no cost to the community by his partner-possibly a 13,000 sq. ft. structure.


12.  Zona suggested a “Clean up day” for the community to Clean up for the Centennial. She received a go ahead for this and will try to set it up for June 29. Need a place for the dumpsters.


Meeting adjourned.




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