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Minutes of May, 2002 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of May 23, 2002 Meeting


Meeting held at VOCA community center. Meeting called to order by President Zona Fink.


I.     Treasurer’s report-Balance in our regular checking account is $2225.63 at end of April. Recreation account balance is $144.06.


2.    Secretary’s report-Minutes accepted as read.


3.    Corresponding secretary- Letter received from Rob Hardy with additional information about the museum to be built on the Tequa Plaza parcel. Community members needed to volunteer as docents for this institution.


4.    Transportation committee-Dick Byrnes has sent out the letter to several government and community organizations requesting their support for fast tracking Hwy. 179 safety improvements in the Big Park area. No response as yet. Laidlaw, the company that school buses the area children, did give Dick a letter of support for the fast tracking.


There was discussion about the motorized scooters-noise and safety issues. No action taken.


5.    Planning and Zoning committee-Joanne Johnson reported on the committee meeting with the owners of a proposed B&B in the Las Piedras planned area development. After considerable discussion the Council passed a motion to support the B&B with the condition that the developer and the residents work together to mitigate any impacts the B&B will have on the surrounding single family homes. A second motion was passed which requests a clarification/revision of the home stay ordinance by the county staff.


Sheehan commercial development on Hwy. 179-Joanne reported that Mr. Sheehan is still working on plans for this parcel. He has relocated the car washing facility to the back of the parcel. This brings it close to the homes on Canyon Diablo. He could place an office building as a sound buffer for the car wash.


Biltmore update-Yavapai County staff have determined that the Biltmore property could be a school. An appeal of this action needs to be filed with Yavapai County Board of Adjustments and Appeals. Cost for the appeal is $200. The Council passed a motion to cosign the appeal with VOCA and the Village Condos.


6.    Recreation committee-Dorothy Hores described the three main activities the committee is sponsoring.

1.     VOCA tennis for youths.

2.     Sunday afternoon free swimming for Big Park residents at the Hilton. Dorothy needs

volunteers to monitor the attendance of those using the pool.

3.     Skateboarding. Bob Carlile will continue this successful activity in the fall.


The Kiwanis club has made a $500 contribution to the costs of the publicity calendar of youth activities that goes out to the students at the local school.


7.    Gates on Pinon Woods Drive-Jack Harris from Pinon Woods North wants to eliminate any gates on Pinon Woods Drive and talked about the installation of speed deterrents on Pinon Woods Drive. A meeting will be held on May 31 to discuss these issues.


At twelve noon, President Fink declared the meeting adjourned.




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