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Minutes of June, 2002 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of June 27, 2002 Meeting


Meeting held at VOCA community center at 6:30 P.M. Meeting called to order by President Zona Fink.


1. Treasurer’s report-Bank balance is $2218.82.


2. Minutes of May 23 meeting approved.


3 .Transportation Committee


A.      Jim Gibson and Zona Fink attended a meeting called by Supervisor Chip Davis concerning Highway 179. In attendance were representatives from ADOT, the Transportation Board and three members of the Sedona City Council. ADOT would not waiver from the designation of the hwy. as a “rural highway” which requires four lanes to achieve the desired “level of service”. If the highway were considered “urban arterial” an improved two lane road could be deemed the way to go.


ADOT talked about building the two lane road and then turning it over to the City and the two counties. This did not meet with the approval of Matt Ryan, Coconino Supervisor.


ADOT did agree to get together with Glatting Jackson, the firm that has recommended the two lane approach, to see if they can find some common grounds.


ADOT is receptive to pursing a design dialog process with Big Park residents for the Hwy. 179 improvements in the Big Park area. Chip Davis, Yavapai County, and ADOT will work together on the question of safety improvements for non-vehicular traffic.


The Environmental Assessment for Hwy. 179 is expected to be completed by August. According to ADOT, during 2002 to 2004 they will be doing utilities and design work at a cost of $400,000. In 2004 they will be acquiring the needed right of way. The year 2005 will see the improvements in the big Park area completed.


B.      Jim Patterson will contact Arizona Motor vehicle Division to see what regulations exist concerning motorized scooters.


4. Planning and Zoning Committee


C.    The Xanadu parcel owners are asking for a zoning change from RCU2A ,one house for two acres, to R1L35, one house for 35,000 sq. ft.. This request was received by Big Park P&Z committee too late for action at their meeting. The Council voted to send in a no comment on the proposed zoning change because the committee had no time to review the project.

B.   Biltmore appeal-The county Board of Adjustments and Appeals upheld the decision by County Development Services that the Biltmore ”Wellness Center” could be considered a school if they had a contract with an accredited educational institution. In the meantime, Yavapai College which had been using the facility, has pulled out of the facility putting the issue in limbo for the moment.


D.    Winklestern/Las Piedras B&B. The P&Z Committee met with the parties concerned and the parties have discussed their objections and mitigation measures. The County P&Z Commissioners approved the B&B on June 19 with stipulations acceptable to all concerned.


E.     Casa Las Piedras B&B”s. A Caldwell Banker realtor presented a preliminary plan for four B&B’s to be built on the part of the Las Piedras PAD that is zoned Residential Services. Each B&B will have five guest bedrooms. Each house must be owner occupied but there will be a common entrance, street and open space area. The Big Park P&Z committee has some reservations about this proposal. Caldwell Banker plans to meet with the Las Piedras residents and we hope to have a second meeting in July and will update the Council at the July meeting.


5. Recreation Committee


A.      The summer swim program at the Hilton on Sunday afternoons is a great success. Dorothy Hores gave special thanks to Jan Oswald who was able to recruit 42 volunteers to monitor the attendance.


6. Membership Committee-Carolyn Fisher is in contact with two new homeowner groups to advise them of the procedures for membership on the Council.


7.Old Business-Zona has finalized arrangements with the County for a clean up day on Saturday, June 29. . Dumpsters will be set up on the parcel on the corner of Hwy. 179 and Jack’s canyon. A big chipper will be set up by the county on the Sheehan parcel on Hwy. 179 for brush disposal on July 17 through the 20..


At our regular July meeting a representative from Dos Caballeros Museum in Wickenberg and Ron Hardy, the developer of the Tequa Plaza, will come to our regular July meeting to talk about setting up a museum in the Tequa Plaza.


8. New Business-Because the County has changed the meeting dates for the P&Z Commissioners monthly meetings in Cottonwood and the subsequent Board of Supervisors meetings, we need to consider changing the time of the month for our Council meeting. At the present time, requests for zoning changes etc. are coming to us too late for our presently scheduled meeting date. This will be taken up at our July meeting. A motion was made and passed that all future meetings of the Council be morning meetings at 9 A.M.


A letter was received from Dick Byrnes suggesting that it is time to review our BY-Laws. The Council authorized the formation of a committee to do this.


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