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Minutes of July, 2002 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of July 25, 2002 Meeting


Meeting called to order by President Zona Fink at 9:10 a.m. Eleven members present.


The corresponding secretary read a letter to the Council from the residents of Pinon Woods II. They do not want speed bumps on Pinon Woods Drive. They reiterated their previous position which stated that they support the removal of the gate at Pebble Drive and the placement of a gate at Arrowhead Drive when the north-south collector road through Firecliff is completed.


The minutes of the June meeting were approved with the following correction-the name of the museum in Wickenberg should read “Desert Caballeros”.


Treasurer Don Beard reports a balance of $1174.82. The yearly liability insurance was paid.


Zona introduced our guests, Rob Hardy developer of the Tequa Plaza, Michael Ettema, Executive Director of Desert Caballeros, and the director of the docent program for the museum. Rob Hardy said the proposed museum is about the size of the Georgia O’Keefe museum in Santa Fe. He envisions the museum to have a gallery for a “permanent” collection and two exhibition galleries with “loaned” exhibits. The museum building would be constructed and equipped with state of the art protective equipment etc. at no cost to the community. The facility would be owned and operated by a local Board of Directors. . He feels the location next to the Hilton is good since the meeting rooms at the Hilton could possibly be used for guest speakers etc. Mr. Ettema said the museum would help local economic development in that it would attract tourists who would presumably also patronize other local businesses. It would provide an educational role for locals and visitors. It would contribute to a sense of pride in the community. The local Board of Directors would set up the non-profit corporation and draw up an operating budget. Docents would be volunteers from the Sedona community.


Citizen’s Gas representatives explained the need to finish building a loop gas line. The last portion to build is along Hwy. 179 on Forest Service land. No objection from the Forest Service. A line will also go along Canyon Diablo along that county road. Utilities have the right to use county roadways to lay their lines.



Committee reports-Planning and Zoning Committee-Joanne Johnson reported that the County has granted the request from La Barranca and Las Piedras for extension of time run their sales offices.  Zanadu has withdrawn for 60 days their request for a change of zoning on their parcel .The committee will keep you informed on this matter.


1 .Chris Bertch, who has a veterinary office in the commercial buildings across from the Post Office wants to move her clinic to Bell Rock Plaza. A veterinary clinic requires C-2 zoning. Bell Rock Plaza parcels have C-1 zoning. So, she is requesting a zoning change from C-l to C-2 for the parcel in Bell Rock Plaza where she wants to relocate her business. Dr. Bertch will be meeting with Bell Rock Plaza businesses to address any concerns they may have. She is planning to apply for her rezoning permit in August and the item will be on the Sept. agenda for the Supervisors. Your P&Z committee recommends approval of the request if there are no problems



May 2002


Fact Sheet

Village of Oak Creek to Sedona Natural Gas Pipeline

Project Summary


The Coconino National Forest, Red Rock Ranger-Station (CNF-RR) is evaluating Citizens-Arizona Gas’ (C-AG) request to install a natural gas pipeline from the Village of Oak Creek to Sedona in compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). CAG desires to install a six-inch pipeline in early 2003.


Project Background


In 1993, C-AG identified the need for a Verde Valley Regional Loop, and has completed all but this remaining four-mile segment. (See Map Below [Map not scanned])

To better coordinate the placement of the proposed six-inch underground pipeline with the proposed Highway 179 improvements, CAG complied with the CNF-RR request to install this segment last.



Purpose and Need


The purpose of the pipeline is to provide additional capacity and improve reliability of natural gas to the surround area of Sedona. Continued customer growth and a reduction of delivery pressure at the system source have accelerated the need for construction. This decrease in pressure is the result of additional services provided by C-AG supplier, and is not under the control of Citizens - Arizona Gas Company. This decrease in pressure will eventually result in the inability to provide adequate service to the customers at the end of the existing 4” line. The loop connection is essential to resolve this issue and needs to be completed in the near future. 





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