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Minutes of August, 2002 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of August 8, 2002 Meeting



Meeting called to order by president Zona Fink at 905 am. 12 members present.


The treasurer will prepare a report for the month of August for presentation at our September meeting.


Minutes of the July meeting were accepted as read.


Committee reports

1. Transportation-Dick Byrnes reporting-he requested that the Council resubmit the grant proposal for T21 funds for a paved pathway along the Beaverhead Flat Road. The Council gave permission to do this.

This proposal had been previously submitted one year ago.


2. Wild Turkey is requesting speed humps and the transportation committee will help them through the process.


3. Pine Valley would like to have left turn signals at the intersection of Hwy. 179 and Jack’s Canyon Road.


4. The organizations contacted to support our request to ADOT to move the Hwy.179 improvements to the top of their work schedule have all replied yes with the exception of the Forest Service.  The transportation committee will forward these replies to ADOT. In the meantime, Dick said that ADOT has already decided to do our section of the highway first. This will begin in fiscal year 2006. A committee yet to be chosen from our community will work with ADOT during the final design stage.


5. The transportation committee will change their meeting date to 8 am. on the 4th. Monday of the month beginning in August.


Planning and Zoning

A).Joanne Johnson reporting; Motion made and approved by the Council to say we have no objection to having the Chris Bench Veterinary Clinic move to Bell Rock Plaza if the neighbors have no objection. This means the zoning on her parcel in Bell Rock Plaza will need to be changed from C1 to C2 to comply with existing county ordinances.

B) SOM Associates are requesting approval for the placement of 4 B&B’s on a parcel at the entrance to Las Piedras. Henry Reiter, agent for SOM, gave the members present a packet showing proposed building locations, driveways etc.

The Council voted to say that if the Planning and Zoning Commissioners approve this project, the Council would like to have nine stipulations included as part of the approval. These stipulations are as follows-)

a)One commercial dumpster, shielded, as close to Hwy.179 as possible, for all the B&B’s.

b) Abide by the county residential lighting requirements.

c) Construct a landscaped dirt berm on the east side of the project. Landscaping also around the perimeters of the project.

d) Only one advertising sign at the entrance to the project

e) Modify building C to one and two story combination to satisfy Las Piedras owners problems with building heights.

f) Fire Department hammerhead turn areas to be put in without loss of the required 28 parking spaces needed for the project.

g) A second entrance for emergency use to be provided if the Fire Dept. requires it.

h) No parking of construction vehicles on Avenida de Piedras.

i) Architectural design of the buildings to be compatible with the existing structures in Las Piedras. Above motion passed.. Voting no - Pinon Woods East.


6. County is asking if there is any objection to the upcoming Jackson Brown concert at the Verde Valley School. The proceeds from this concert go to the scholarship fund at the school. They will need to bus viewers from parking lots in the area. Council voted no objection.


7. Yavapai County is looking into a change in the county ordinance that could allow the placement of sea cargo containers for personal storage on residentially zoned parcel. The Council voted unanimously that they do not desire this change. There will be a joint meeting of the county Planning and Zoning Commissioners and the Supervisors this month and this item will be on the agenda. Members of the Big Park P&Z committee will attend.


Membership Committee

I .Carolyn Fisher has contacted the newly formed homeowners organization -the single family homes on the Ridge golf course. They will meet next Tuesday to discuss membership in the Council. Tim Westbay from that homeowners group was in attendance at our meeting



Old Business


1. The Council voted to authorize the corresponding secretary to write a letter to Citizen’s Gas company requesting maps to show where the gas line extension will be placed and to ask them to have a public meeting to discuss their plans and listen to possible community concerns about how the work is done etc. There were problems in some areas when the lines were put in last year.


2. Possible museum in Tequa Plaza-Council authorized Dick Byrnes to proceed with contacts with Rob Hardy, developer of Tequa Plaza. Dick will arrange a meeting with Rob and will bring two community members who have had experience with such projects. Also, Zona has drafted a letter to go out to each member organization of the Council asking them for an affirmation of support to form a committee to facilitate the process of bringing the museum to our community.


New business


Barb Zeschke has contacted the homeowner groups in Big Park to ask them to assume responsibility for picking up litter on their streets. This would be done under the umbrella of Keep Sedona Beautiful. (KSB) KSB has been picking up litter in the Sedona area for 25 years. Apparently the county public works department was not aware of his and assigned a mile along the Verde Valley School Road with accompanying signage to a new subdivision that is beginning to sell lots. The county could allow a sign on every mile adopted for cleanup in our area.  To avoid these signs, our homeowners could say they will be responsible for removing litter from their streets. Barbara already has litter lifters assigned to the major county roads in our area. (Verde Valley School Road, Bell Rock Blvd., Jack’s Canyon and Lee Mountain. Her litter lifters will continue to “do” those roads. KSB litter lifters clean up all of Hwy. 179 and 89A in the greater Sedona area. There are presently three signs in the greater Sedona are at the three entrances to the Sedona area which state that the roads are kept litter free by Keep Sedona Beautiful. KSB considers this is sufficient signage and that the signs now at the entrances tell residents and visitors to Keep Sedona Beautiful -no littering.


Carolyn Fisher initiated a round of applause for Barbara and her crew for their continuing efforts.






Mr. Rob Hardy, builder of Tequa Marketplace is proposing a museum to be located at Tequa.


His view of the museum is that it firstly come at no cost to the proposed museums involved or the community.


At present, he is suggesting the participation of five Arizona museums as follows: The Heard, Desert Caballero in Wickenburg, The Museum of Northern Arizona, Phoenix Art Museum and Amerind Foundation at Dragoon. According to Mr. Hardy, approximately 90% of all museum artifacts are permanently stored for lack of display space so obviously there would be no shortage in museum pieces.


Mr. Hardy’s view is to build a building which would be similar in size to the Georgia O’Keefe in Santa Fe which is approximately 13,000 square feet. The building would be frilly equipped with gallery environmental features to protect the works and a full security system. Rob is also is excited about the proximity the Hilton to Tequa and the opportunities to use the Hilton in conjunction with the museum for educational purposes. The Hilton offers workrooms with state-of-the art visual aids which offer a perfect opportunity for the Hotel and the Museum to work together educationally.


Mr. Hardy’s vision is to have a Board of Directors which would at least in part come from The Village. There would be a paid museum director. Docents would come from The Village and surrounding greater Sedona area.


Also in Rob’s vision would be displays by local southwest artists and displays of special interest. Displays would be rotated regularly to keep the museum fresh.


The general consensus of all who have been exposed to the museum idea to date is that on many levels, this is a wonderful opportunity for Big Park and the greater Sedona area and indeed, the entire Verde Valley.


The Executive Board of the Council has agreed to ask our homeowners for an affirmation to form a committee to facilitate the process of bringing the museum to Big Park. At some point, most probably after the museum opens or a Board of Directors is appointed, the committee would separate itself from the Council and operate within that unit.




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