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Minutes of October, 2002 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of October 10, 2002 Meeting


Meeting called to order by president Zona Fink at 9:00 a.m. at VOCA Community Center


1. Treasurer-Acknowledged receipt of a contribution by Dennis parker of $100 to the Recreation Committee account.


2.Steve Gudovic -Big Park Water Company was a guest speaker. Big park water is the largest water provider in Big Park. They have seven production wells plus two wells in the Highland Estates area. In 2001 they pumped 816 acre feet of water. They expect to pump 1135 acre feet when the Big park area reaches build out. The wells are 400 to 500 feet deep. Largest users are golf courses.


The water company promotes conservation of water. Literature is available concerning conservation measures at the water company office. They do not add any chemicals to the water. They had one violation this year in water quality which was corrected.


The new arsenic standards call for 10 parts per billion. Big Park water is 25-35 parts per billion. Retrofitting the wells to meet this new standard could cost one million dollars. Mr. Gudovic said the Big Park Water Co. will wait out to see how the bigger companies handle the problem. They have until 2006 to comply. Technology has moved very fast in the last two years and hopefully there will be less expensive solutions. Reverse osmosis could lower arsenic levels but this is an expensive way to go.


Water levels in our wells has not dropped in the last twenty years.


3. Planning and Zoning committee- Joanne Johnson reported that the committee had some changes they recommended in the revision of the county P&Z ordinances. These were approved by the Council.. County Planner Enalo Lockhard was present and he thanked Joanne and her committee for their efforts. He said the Board of Supervisors will address the “sea cargo container” issue at their November 18 meeting. The County Planning and Zoning Commissioners recommended a one acre minimum lot size for storage containers-8 by 20 feet maximum and 81/2 feet tall.

Joanne said the Veterinary clinic in Bell Rock plaza was approved by the county. Also the clustered B&B’s were approved by the Commissioners. She will ask that the 9 stipulations agreed on by the neighbors and the Council be included in any approval by the Board of Supervisors.


Mr. Sheehan’s development on Hwy. 179 now has a wall on the Canyon Diablo side of the parcel which meets with the approval of the property owners on that street.


The Council approved the addition of Judy Cooper to the P&Z committee and Ruth Kane as alternate.

4. Recreation Committee- (Enclosure with these minutes is a paper prepared by Dorothy Hores with some background on the park acquisition proposal.) The Recreation Committee meets on the 4th  Tuesday and welcomes all those interested.


There will be a contest on the VOCA golf course to raise money for the Big Park Recreation Committee including the tennis program for youngsters that Beverly Coleman has organized on the VOCA courts.


Rob Adams from the Cornville community spoke about that community’s successful efforts to build a park. He stressed the following:

1 .Does the community want a park?

2.Need one good person to stick with the project.

3.Site choice is critical.

4.Development costs need to be addressed-Cornville was able to get a Heritage Fund grant of

$140,000 in matching funds.

5.Need CC&R’s on the park- No night lighting, for example.


He said the county will do the major maintenance and handle the liability since it is a county park. The Council approved the addition of Louisa Connell to the Recreation Committee.


5. Transportation committee-There have been two meetings to discuss the Hwy. 179 improvements. John Harper, ADOT representative from Flagstaff told them that the Environmental Assessment is done - it needs to be approved in Washington. Then there will be a two year comment period. Nothing is going to happen in the immediate future He recommended that we hold off further action until the comment period nears the end. Chris Moran from Supervisor Davis office also attended the meetings.


6. .Old business- A. The revised by-laws were adopted by the Council members.  Vote was 11 Yes 1 No.


B. Zona would appreciate someone to help with the Verde River Almanac-this will be compiled by a variety of interested organizations for distribution at the Verde River Days celebration next fall in Cottonwood.


7.  New business. The nominating committee for the Council is Joanne Johnson, Lloyd Marlowe and Don Lohsheider. They will present a slate of officers for 2003..


Meeting adjourned




Recreation Committee


October 10, 2002


1. We are exploring the possibility of a more natural, passive park for the community of Big Park.


2. This park is envisioned for all ages, as a gathering place for families and their guests for activities such as picnics, walking, jogging, bird watching, Frisbee, playing catch, reading painting, photography, kite flying etc.


3. Since we are virtually at build-out in Big Park, this 5- 9 acre park is proposed for a USFS site by the trailhead on Jack’s Canyon Rd. (2 miles from 179)


4. Now is an appropriate time to begin planning while the County still owns land that can be traded for USFS land for a community purpose. Economically a trade is better than a purchase. The planning process is expected to take 3 or 4 years to reach a contract.


5. The County will assist us if we can show community wide support and commitment including volunteers to help in the development and maintenance as with the other 2 parks in the Verde Valley. (Cornville and Lake Montezuma)


6. The Forest Service criteria for a trade are: the land must be close to development, must show community purpose and benefit, and if feasible should also benefit the USFS.


7. The first question for this community is: do we see a park as an asset in Big Park? Rob Adams, President of the Cornville/Association agreed to come and discuss with us why Cornville wanted a park and answer your questions.


8. Today we would like to get your initial response as to whether you think a park would be of benefit to our community, and if so, whether we should begin planning for a park at the proposed site?





Recommended changes/adjustments to the current Yavapai ordinances Part I. Comments to the Overview and Request for Comments:


    We agree with the Review Group on their comments on schools, page 1, number 8; page 2, number 9; page 2, number 12; and page 3 number 57. The County definition of a school should be the same as the State definition. School means any public institution established for the purposes of offering instruction to pupils in programs for preschool children with disabilities, kindergarten programs or any combination of grades one through twelve.


    Page 2, number 25 RCU density change. We do not agree to change density of IRCU district from 2A to ‘/2 A.


    Page 3, number 47 attached buildings. We have concerns on definitions of attached and detached buildings especially in reference to B&Bs. A new building should not be allowed to be considered as a B&B if it is attached to an original building by a roof only. A B&B permit should not be issued for a building before the guest rooms are built.


    Page 3, number 63, enforcement. We are very concerned with a lack of enforcement of county ordinances and new amendment enforcement.


    Page 4, number 70, outside storage of cars. Restrictions on storage of cars on residential lots needs to be addressed. Some limits on the numbers of cars allowed should be considered because of impact on neighbors


Part H. Comments on Ordinance Revisions:


    Page 23, Building Height. Definition allowing 25% of total roof line to extend above roof line seems to be excessive.

    Page 29, School definition. Change to State definition.


    Page 33, c., RIL district. Change to State school definition.


    Page 41, R2 Density Chart; Page 42, RS Density Chart; Page 44, Cl Density Chart; Page 47, C2 Density Chart. We are opposed to any three-story buildings in these districts.

     Page 53, Section 440, number 5.b(2), PAD district. Add c. which would be unbuildable land such as washes should not be included in open space requirements in developments.


     Page 71, Section 507, B&Bs. Add (11) to read: To restrict Homestay B&Bs and Inns to the original building and not allow a new building to accommodate guests to be built after a permit is issued.


     Page 73, Section 522, Drainage. Take out exception of single-family residential. All single-family house plans should show approved drainage plans and finished work inspected.


     Page 85, Section 564, number 4. Outside Storage. A property owner should not be allowed to park any number of vehicles on his property because of the impact on neighbors. Should not be allowed in certain zoning (R1 L) and number of square feet of property might be used as criteria.


     Page 85 and 86, numbers 4. and 5. Outside Storage. Careful consideration and restrictions should be given to temporary and long term occupancy of travel trailers, motor homes, etc. on urban residential lots because of impact on neighbors.


     Page 87, Section 564, number 13. Outside Storage. Leave restrictions on sea cargo containers in ordinance. They should not be attached to any lot for the purpose of storage in any district.


     Page 93, Section 582. Use Permits. A notice of all applied for permits, new and extensions, should be given to neighbors and interested area organizations. This notice should be more than 21 days and at least 30 days.\

     Page 102, Section 601, B. General Provisions, Sign Code, number 19. Portable signs (sandwich boards) should not be permitted in C1 or C2 districts. They are unsightly and usually are not anchored and blow into roads and right-of-ways.


     Page 108, Section 601, G. 1 .f. Sign Code. Change to prohibit on premise portable signs (sandwich boards) on premises in C1 or C2 districts.


     Page 151, Section 605, G. 1 .j. Wireless Communications. Add Big Park Community Plan to list of areas that do not allow any new wireless facilities.


Part 111. Comments.

     Urbanizing or Urban Areas. We would like more attention to Urban Areas when

considering new ordinances or amendments to ordinances. County ordinance codes do refer to Urban Areas, see page 113, 2.k. Off Street Parking, numbers 1., 2., 3., and 4. could be used for a criteria all ordinances considering urban issues.




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