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Minutes of September, 2002 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of September 12, 2002 Meeting


Meeting called to order by President Zona Fink at 9;00 a.m. at VOCA community center. A quorum of members was present.


1 .Membership-The Sedona Golf Resort Community Association was voted in as a new member to the council. Tim Westbay was present. He will be their representative.


2. Transportation-Dick Byrnes stated that Supervisor Chip Davis has been attending their meetings. Plan C ,as originally presented by ADOT for the Big Park area, is being revisited to determine what are the needed business access cuts through proposed medians. Gary Hoffman will work with the business interests on the highway to determine where cuts are desired. The transportation committee will meet again in two weeks. Hopefully, enough progress wilt have been made at that time on this issue to allow Supervisor Davis to add the County’s endorsement to the council’s request to ADOT to expedite the highway improvements in this area. A committee will then be formed to work with ADOT to come up with final revisions.


3. Planning and Zoning-Jack Sheehan met with the committee to go over final plan for his development. There will be a gas station with convenience store, car wash, Subway and Mexican fast food with drive up windows. He has agreed to put up a wall and install sound mitigating blowers for the car wash to cut down noise for the neighbors.


The change in county ordinance that would allow cargo containers on any R-1 L parcel will come up before P&Z Commissioners on Sept.18. The Council voted against this proposed change at our last meeting.


Casa Las Piedras B&B’s will also come up at the Sept 18 meeting. The B&B’s will have sprinkler systems in each building. The parcel developers have worked with the Fire Dept. to rearrange the proposed parking spaces to allow turn around space for fire vehicles.


Yavapai County Planning and Zoning Ordinance changes-Joanne Johnson reported that she has had discussion with Enalo Lockard-county planner. He has postponed the first reading of the new ordinance until after our October meeting. Enalo will be at our October meeting to answer questions. Joanne asked all council members to get their comments about the ordinance changes to her before September 20. All council reps have received a copy of these changes and are bringing them up to their respective member organizations.


4. Recreation-Next meeting of this committee is Sept.24. Dorothy Hores said they need more members on this committee and she urged those present who are interested to attend this meeting. Zona has been working with Gary Pearce, Director of golf for VOCA

• They are sponsoring a golf contest on hole #4 on Monday October14. Contestants will pay a fee to participate. The name of the game is to have your ball land in a prescribed area on the hole. Gary Pearce will give a sleeve of balls to all who succeed. Thanks, Gary. Money received will go to support recreation opportunities for Big Park children. All are welcome to participate or contribute if you are not a golfer. Dorothy needs volunteers to supervise this activity.

A calendar of after school events has been given to the Big Park school students, Skateboard trips will be held once a month on a Saturday. Bob Carlile, Dick Byrnes and Lloyd Marlowe will be taking the children to nearby skateboard parks.


5. Museum-Dick Byrnes has a steering committee of eight persons ready to go on this project. He and Hugh Coble met with Ron Hardy and the manager of Pacific Ridge LLC. This is an REIT with 37 members which is building the Tequa Plaza and they would be the entity that would build the museum etc. The next step is for them to give their support to this endeavor. Then, Dick and his committee will work to set up a non-profit to manage the facility. Letters to Ron Hardy encouraging the establishment of a museum will be very helpful. Address letters to

Mr.Ron Hardy

Pacific Ridge Land LLC.

P.O. Box 4518

Scottsdale, Arizona 85261


6. Verde River Study-Zona passed out copies of a proposal to prepare a Verde River information pamphlet to be ready by the Verde River Days event in 2003. Many organizations have been asked to cooperate in this endeavor. Zona will attend the first organizational meeting of the group tonight in Cottonwood.


7. Community Play Day-The Hilton and Sedona Golf Resort are sponsoring a golf event and cook out on September 29. Proceeds will be given to the high school to help with the costs of installing bathroom facilities by the playing field. Joy Frisch 284 5900 will take your reservations. Carolyn Fisher encouraged all to attend this community event.


8. The members approved putting on the agenda for our Oct. meeting the request by VOCA to join with them to resolve the placement of utility boxes on private parcels. A copy of their request is going out to you with these minutes.


9. DRO-Alice Musgrove asked the status of the effort to have a DRO -Jim Patterson said the business interests naturally need to know that a DRO will be to their benefit as well as to the community look. They are waiting to see the final plans for highway 179 improvements.


10. Supervisor Chip Davis will hold a community meeting at VOCA at 6:30 on October



Meeting adjourned.




Cable boxes for Oct. agenda


The Village of Oakcreek Association has been concerned about the new boxes that the cable company has been installing. Case in point is the boxes in the front yard of 20 Merry-Go-Round Rock Road..The VOCA president met with cable company representatives Wayne Zeikman (District Director) and David Erickson (Plant Manager) at the residence in question to discuss the problem. They came up with a proposed solution for the homeowners concerns and a long term solution for the rest of VOCA that could be extended to the whole Big Park area.


First some definitions for the boxes at the residence-The tall box is an electric meter. The lower box is a power supply. The green box is the old power supply. There is an additional box for the cable connections to be added that is about 6-8 inches square and about a foot high. The large brown box is an APS box. The small green box is a phone company box~


To attempt to solve the problems of the homeowner, the cable reps agreed to


1. Lower the power supply box (ALPHA) as close to the pad as possible and paint it.

2. Eliminate the meter box. (This will cost the cable company an extra $50 per month for un-metered service from APS.

3. Chop off half of the concrete pad where the electric meter was.


Additionally, they offered to move the whole installation 20-30 feet down the street if she is willing to pay about $3000 to have this done.

The property owner is free to landscape the area as long as there is visual access, physical access and adequate ventilation.


As for the bigger picture -what will happen the next time they need to replace one of the old green power supply boxes? For the next installation of an ALPHA box they will consult with the association and enlist their help with APS. First, VOCA will try to get APS to lower the rate on un-metered service by basing it on actual average of similar boxes rather than double the average. Second, we will try to get them to change the specs on the tall meter box so a smaller, lower box can be used, perhaps even behind the power supply box.


The Village of Oakcreek Association is asking the Big Park Council members to join them in these efforts.

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