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Minutes of November, 2002 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of November 19, 2002 Meeting



Meeting called to order by president Zona Fink at 9:00 a.m.


Thirteen members present- Quorum established.


1. Treasurer, Don Beard, reported a balance of $887.92 in the regular account and $372.26 in the recreation account. The by-laws state an audit committee must look over the financial records each year. Members are Bob Carlile, Zona Fink and Carolyn Fisher. A budget committee consisting of Jeff Dunn, Dick Byrnes, Bob Carlile and Don Beard will draw up a proposed budget for next year.


2. Transportation Committee-Carolyn Fisher stated that the county did a traffic survey September 28, 29 and 30 on Canyon Diablo Road and determined that there was no problem with speeding that would warrant the installation of speed humps.


On November 20 there will be an open meeting in Sedona concerning Highway 179. There have been concerns about where the Citizen’s Gas line will be installed in relation to the highway. Citizens Gas will do a supplemental Environmental Assessment for the Forest Service showing what vegetation, trees would have to be removed and other impacts on the forest land.


3. Planning and Zoning Committee-Joanne Johnson - The Sheehan parcel development is underway on Hwy. 179. This will have a western theme.


The County has approved the veterinary clinic in Bell Rock plaza and the clustered B&B’s next to Las Piedras.


The Pinon Woods residents have been bothered by the neon signs in the Trading Post in Bell Rock Plaza. They say they are too bright and are on all night. Jim Patterson said he will contact the owner to see if something can be done by the owner to mitigate the problem.


4. Recreation Committee-Dorothy Hores said the fund raiser at the VOCA golf course was very successful raising $431 for recreation activities for children in the community.


Sam Bomar and Zona Fink attended a function at Big Park School and recruited 11 volunteers to work on the proposed community park project. Bob Carlile said the Pine Valley property owners met and voted 6 for 2 against to support the proposed park which would be at the trailhead to Jack’s Canyon near Pine Valley. Residents are concerned in general about Jack’s Canyon Road traffic. They would like a bike path or some other auto traffic mitigation measure installed along the roadway. Zona Fink said that her homeowners meeting was very favorable to the park and a volunteer from that group will serve on the committee.  Zona and Dorothy attended the PTSA meeting at the Big Park school and recruited another volunteer.

Dorothy Hores would like one volunteer from each homeowners association to serve on the promotion committee.


Bob Carlile is arranging four skateboard trips for next spring.


3. Membership-Carolyn Fisher was contacted by the firm that will be managing Las Piedras now that the homeowners have taken over from the developer. Las Piedras has stated a desire to join the council and plans to become a member in January.


4. The nominating committee-Joanne Johnson, Lloyd Marlowe and Don Lohsheider presented the following slate of officers for 2003: President Zona Fink

Vice-Pres. Bob Carlile

Treasurer Don Beard

Secretary John Gillam



5. Utility boxes-This was explained in detail in the Minutes. The cable company has stated they will always contact the adjacent property owner before installing new equipment. ~ is working with VOCA to get APS to also contact before installing.


6. The county is willing to come in again with dumpsters etc. to provide a cleanup day. This could be in March if desired. Zona needs a volunteer to coordinate this event.



7. Discussion about the tall utility boxes at the intersection of Bell Rock Blvd. and Courthouse. Danger turning left from Courthouse because visibility is obstructed.


Meeting adjourned




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