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Minutes of December, 2002 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of December 12, 2002 Meeting



I.  Meeting of December 12, 2002, called to order by President Zona Fink at 9:00 A.M. at the VOCA Center. 14 members present. This is quorum.


Zona welcomed Don Arey who is acting as representative to the council from Las Piedras which is now a member of the council.


2.  Minutes of November meeting accepted.


3.  Treasurer’s report-Bob Carlile reporting for Don Beard, Treasurer, said we have in our regular account $888 and in the Recreation account $379. Please get in any bills you have outstanding for 2002 to the treasurer.


The budget committee has met and drawn up a proposed budget for 2003. This budget calls for annual membership dues of $125 for each member organization in the council.


The audit committee will audit the 2002 books before the annual meeting in January.


4.  Transportation committee-Carolyn Fisher -Discussion that we should participate in meetings of the Verde Valley Transportation Planning Committee.


Zona will write to Sedona Mayor Dick Ellis with CC to Supervisor Davis that Big Park be included in any meetings when the city discusses improvements to Highway 179 beyond the city limits.


On December 16 Max Licher will give a report at KSB on the progress on the Sedona Shuttle Study.


5.  Recreation-Dorothy Hores reports that a test copy of the proposed park survey has been given to all the residents of the Village Park Condos. Results will be reported in January. Saturday December 14 in front of Weber’s (Santa Claus will be there) members of the park committee will pass out park info to those interested.


What is Big Park Recreation Inc.? Dorothy and Jim Patterson explained that the BPR Inc. was established to be a pass thru organization to receive and disperse funds for park activities. It is a 501C3 and handles the financial accounts for park funds. The Big Park Recreation Committee has the responsibility to do the planning etc, for recreation activities.


The park survey will go out by early February to residents. The Park Promotion Committee will help with this.


Motion made and passed - The Big Park Council accepts concept of a park on Jack’s Canyon near the trailhead.


Motion made and passed-The Council supports sending out the survey as presented.


Zona will draft a letter to Steve Miler expressing the hope for continued cooperation between the Hilton and the Recreation committee to help provide recreation opportunities at the Hilton’s facilities for the Big Park residents.


6.  Citizen’s Gas-Zona has been informed that there is a new person in charge of Sedona expansion for the gas line. Everything is back to square one. The Gas company needs to discuss its plans with the Forest Service and Big Park Residents. Construction will not start before June 2003.



7.  The Museum-Dick Byrnes has a letter from Pacific Ridge Land, owners of La Tequa which says the idea of a museum at Tequa may be pursued but will depend on an upturn in the economy.




Officers were elected for 2003. They are:   Zona Fink President

Bob Carlile Vice President

Don Beard Treasurer

John Gillam Secretary


Meeting adjourned





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