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Minutes of November, 2001 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of November 29, 2001 Meeting

Village of Oakcreek Community Center


1.     Call to Order: by President Carolyn Fisher at 9:05 a.m. followed by the Pledge to the Flag. There was a quorum of 14 member associations present.


2.     Finalize the Agenda: Under Recreation, Boys and Girls club.


3.     Secretary’s Report: It was moved, seconded and passed to accept the minutes as submitted.


4.     Correspondence: There was a letter from Dorthy Hores, Recreation Committee, thanking the Council for the $50.00 donation. There was a letter from Mr. Donnan of ADOT in response to the Transportation Committee’s letter regarding excess vegetation along the business corridor of highway 179. Mr. Dorrnan writes that because of the current budget restraints ADOT will only be taking care of vegetation at intersections and hopefully frost will be of help. There was a letter from Supervisor Davis saying that he is unable to send personnel from the Public Works Department to attend the monthly Transportation Committee meetings, but when there are specific concerns they should get in touch with his office.


5.     Treasurer’s Report: Dick Byrnes submitted the Treasurer’s report. Carolyn noted that the activity in November was $6.44, with a balance of $729.09 in the Council account and $92.64 in the Recreation Committee account. It was moved, seconded and passed to accept the Treasurer’s report.


6.     Committee Reports:

A.     Transportation:

1.     Updates: The proposed evacuation plan was distributed to all members prior to this meeting. No member feedback was received. Dick Byrnes will take on the responsibility to draft a letter to the county for the Council’s approval in December.

2.     Bell Rock Blvd: Bob Aberg has been working with school superintendent Nancy Alexander, Chip Davis’ office and a number of people in The Village trying to get a final connection on the pathway from Verde Valley School Road to the school. Also, they are seeking completion of the pathway where it stops on Saddle Horn Road several hundred yards short of where Bell Rock Blvd. and then across to the school entrance. Nancy Alexander met with the Transportation Committee on November 12. She told the committee that the school has approximately $20,000 that can be used for construction of the pathway. They have reached an inter-governmental agreement with the County to study this issue and to go toward construction in about six months. The Transportation Committee agreed at their meeting to support this issue and bring it forth to the Council subject to an engineering study showing that all drainage issues are properly addressed before construction would begin. The Committee does not have any engineering information at this time, but will bring it before the Committee when it is provided.


Dennis Parker also announced he is leaving the Transportation Committee and Dick Byrnes will be taking his place.


B.    Planning and Zoning:

1.     Updates: The Canyon Mesa developer applied for a two-year extension on his use permit to conduct a sales office in the garage of a model home in Phase III. The Council stated in their November comment sheet sent to the County that they did not object to the use permit for a sales office in Phase III, for the sale of Phase III homes only. The County granted the permit for one year only and Canyon Mesa cannot conduct any rental activity from this office for Phase I, II or III.


In regard to Seven Canyons, the Council stated on their November comment sheet they did not have objections to the requested sales office on adjacent Canyon property. The county granted the Seven Canyons request during the November P&Z Commissioners and Supervisors meetings. The Council also stated they did not have an objection to the preliminary plot plan as presented. The County approved the plans. The developer also agreed to add a stipulation that they would not allow rental activity by the fractional owners of the villas. This is an important concession and helps the overall density of the project. In December Seven Canyons will be requesting approval of their final site plan for their clubhouse. We recommend that the Council comment no objection to the plans. A motion was made, seconded and passed to comment no objection.


The Boys and Girls Club has requested a use permit to conduct a Boys and Girls Club at the Church of the Nazarene on Rojo Drive. The club has been operating for one and a half years without a permit. This permit also requires an amendment to the community plan because it is an extended activity in a church. This subject was not received in time to be discussed at the Council P&Z meeting. Joanne has consulted with P&Z committee vice-chair, Joan McClelland, and they agreed the community plan amendment is in order. The proposed permit location is in a church within a residential neighborhood. There has been one complaint from an immediate neighbor, Mr. and Mrs. Hans Heightman. Joanne talked to him by telephone on November 28. He stated his objections and requested Joanne read his letter of objections to the Council since he is currently living in Chicago. Joanne read a paraphrased version of the letter. The writer stated that he supports the Boys and Girls Club, but it is a land use issue. Joanne requested the Council’s decision on comment sheet remarks. The issue will be presented to the county in

December.  A motion was made and seconded to say the Council has no objections. During the discussion period, Carolyn requested a summation of use by John Lupo, Club Operations Director. Mr. Lupo stated that the club operates Monday through Friday and no activities go past 6:30 p.m. It is primarily a service for working parents to have a place for children to go after school at a very low cost, with approximately 30 to 40 children in attendance on any one day. Teen evening events will be held at the Sedona facility. Joanne Johnson reminded the group and audience that a special use permit is site specific and thereby not precedent setting. The question was called with two opposed.


2.     Sheehan Proposal: This project is on 2.6+ acres South of Kokopelli Inn, East of Highway 179, North of Cortez Drive and West of Canyon Diablo. Mr. Sheehan met with the Council P&Z Committee to explain his new proposal for a gas station and restaurant complex instead of a restaurant and shop complex. Because of the length of the presentation and other issues discussed at the meeting, the committee did not take a formal vote on the project. Carol Agers and Joanne met with Mr. Sheehan on November 28 to discuss his new proposal and learned of some new changes. He has removed the RV water and gas facilities and replaced it with a one-story office building along Canyon Diablo. There will be a five-foot wall separating the building from the street and the neighboring residents across the street. His original project had twenty-six thousand square feet and his new project has eleven thousand square feet with 60 to 61 parking spaces. The Northern portion will have a Wendy’s restaurant, the Southern portion will have a car wash along Highway 179 and a five-pump gas island to the East of the car wash. There will be a berm on 179 to hide some of the car wash. The central building of the project will house a Subway restaurant, a drive-thru and inside seating restaurant called Los Betos, and a very large convenience store. He has changed the architectural style from old Spanish style to Western. He will work with the KSB and the lighting experts and abide by the new county ordinance. He will meet again in December with the P&Z Committee and he wishes to present his plans to the Council in December.


3.     Lighting issues: The P&Z Committee met with Steve Miller of the Hilton, his lighting expert from Phoenix and residents. We were given a detailed explanation of their lighting plans and Mr. Miller listened to our comments. The Committee will be continuing to work with Mr. Hardy of Tequa to arrive at a satisfactory lighting plan for the Hilton/Tequa area. Joanne requested the council send a letter to Enalo Lockhard of the county requesting additional lighting restrictions be included in the new county ordinance. The letter would request: The Big Park Regional Coordinating Council would like to add the following additional lighting restrictions to the new county lighting ordinance   a restriction on any building washing for advertising purposes or if building lighting is allowed all lighting must be aimed to the ground to prevent a violation of the dark sky ordinance.  Currently, all ninety plus lights at Tequa face upward. The other ordinance inclusion would be an inside/outside lighting limitation which would limit the amount of lumens from inside a building spilling outside the building. Joanne would like the letter sent, but she is also conferring with Mr. Lockhard and the two lighting experts, the one handling the Hilton problem and one from Flagstaff, for completeness because this issue is precedent setting. A motion to send the letter was made and seconded and passed with one opposed.


C.     Recreation:

1.     Updates: Dick Byrnes reported the latest skateboard jamboree was once again

held in Camp Verde with six kids attending. Dick noted that the Village children

have no other place to skateboard.

2.     Boys and Girls Club: Dorothy introduced Mr. John Lupo, Director of

Operations at the Boys and Girls Club. Mr. Lupo passed out information and gave

a presentation on the Boys and Girls Club activities.


7.     Old Business:

A.    Nominating Committee Report: The nominating committee announced their slate: Zona Fink, President; Bob Carlile, Vice-President; Joan McClelland, Secretary and Don Beard, Treasurer.

B.    A homeowner in Pinon Woods East asked if the temporary construction gate was to be put up at Suncliffe Drive. Zona stated that she believed it to be one of the stipulations required by County P&Z passed last June.


8.     New Business: No new business.


9.     Announcements, Suggestions, Comments: None.


10.   Adjourn: The meeting adjourned at 10:40 a.m.


Respectfully Submitted



Zona Fink




The next meeting will be December 27, 2001 at 6:30 p.m. in the VOCA Center




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