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Minutes of October, 2001 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of October 25, 2001 Meeting

Village of Oakcreek Community Center


1. Call to Order: by President Carolyn Fisher at 6:32 p.m. followed by the Pledge to the Flag. There was a quorum of nine member associations present.

 2. Finalize the Agenda: Under 6A, Transportation add emergency plan and response to the draft. Under 6B, P&Z clarify fire station tower; add 5. Seven Canyons preliminary plat; 6. Canyon Mesa sales office extension request; under Old Business, The Yavapai General Plan.


3. Secretary’s Report: A motion was made and seconded and the September minutes were approved as presented. Carolyn noted that Yavapai County has been very cooperative in publishing the Council agenda and minutes under their website, www.co.yavapai.az.us.

 4.     Correspondence: No correspondence.

 5. Treasurer’s Report: Bob Carlile reported that there were two expenses during

Oct., $68.00 for postage and a $50.00 Miscellaneous charge to the Recreation

Committee. The balance to date is now $735.53. Bob also reported that the

Recreation Committee donations for October totaled $140.00 for a total balance of

$165.50. It was moved and seconded and the Treasurer’s report approved.

 6. Committee Reports:

A.     Transportation

Dennis Parker updated the Council on the ADOT Highway 179 right of way weed problem in the Village of Oak Creek. The committee sent out three letters one to Mr. Mendez, acting director, to the State Transportation Board and the Flagstaff maintenance engineer who is charge of cutting grass. Again the Flagstaff office said they had sold their equipment, so we do not know how weed control will be accomplished in the future.

 Dennis handed out a draft plan for Village emergency response or evacuation for Council review. Dennis highlighted areas of the draft which are addressed in a draft letter to Supervisor Davis, copy attached. Dennis asked that if Council members have any additional comments, to report back to the Committee by November 12. Dennis will send copies of the documents to Council members not in attendance.

 B.     Planning and Zoning:

1. Updates: No further contact from the Biltmore’s owner concerning their future plans. Last weekend was the last of the Elderhostel events and that activity should now cease.

 Regarding the Sheehan project, La Terraza, the development of vacant land on South of Kokopelli on the corner of Cortez and 179, Joanne Johnson said she contacted Mr. Sheehan to get an update on his plans. Mr. Sheehan stated he is planning to locate a Wendy’s drive thru and sit down, a Subway sit down, a Los Betos drive thru and sit down, and a Phillips Petroleum gas station with a car wash and convenience store. Mr. Sheehan will give the Committee further information for the November P&Z meeting and has requested a meeting before the BPRCC in November.

 2. Lighting Issues: Your P&Z Committee has discussed the Hilton’s plan for proposed new lighting. Hilton feels that since Tequa has been built their visual exposure to highway 179 has been diminished. The County, in house, approved walkway lighting, but turned down building illumination. We understand Hilton plans to appeal to the Board of Adjustments, but has yet to do so. The P&Z Committee would like the Council’s approval to attend the Board of Adjustment meeting to object to further building illumination. The hotel is built on a prominent hill and building illumination would affect our dark sky ambiance. The hotel has a lighted sign at the intersection of Highway 179 and Ridge Trail Drive, which should be sufficient. The P&Z Committee is willing to work with Mr. Hardy of Tequa and the Hilton to possibly redo the sign on 179 rather than building illumination. Keep Sedona Beautiful is assisting us in this matter because of its effect on our Dark Skies and the act of creating a precedence that may encourage other building illumination. Keep Sedona Beautiful has written a letter to our P&Z Committee supporting our stance (copy attached to Secretary’s copy of minutes). Mr. Pumphrey of KSB, in attendance, stated the Hilton is an important issue, but a bigger concern is Tequa Plaza with several hundred floods on all facades at all elevations and a high concentration of parking lot lights which are not fully shielded. KSB is trying to contact Tequa management with hopes of a re-evaluation.


Joanne stated that although currently there is no County ordinance that addresses building illumination, the County is redoing the County ordinance in regard to lighting and the matter will go to County P&Z and Supervisors in November. Carolyn posed a motion of whether the Council wants to take a position on the County ordinance changes. Passed unanimously. She than asked if the Council wants to go to the Hilton with some suggestions of what we think would be acceptable within the community, but would still meet their needs. The Council assented. Lastly, Carolyn asked the Council whether they wanted to formally go to Tequa with a request that Tequa alter their lighting to fit the community needs as well as the new ordinance. The Council assented. A meeting with our P&Z, Tequa, Hilton along with Mr. Pumphrey and Mr. Carabell from KSB was suggested. A motion was formally made that we approach the responsible Tequa Plaza parties and the responsible Hilton parties to attend a meeting of the P&Z Committee and the Big Park Council to present their lighting plans for discussion. Motion was seconded and carried. A motion was presented to send a letter to County supporting strengthening the lighting ordinance, particularly shielding, façade lighting and the hours outdoor lights should be allowed to remain on. The motion was seconded and carried.

 There have been complaints concerning the lighted red neon signs within the Arteria storefront at Bell Rock Plaza. The building is closed at night and the complainants feel night lighting is unnecessary. The County was contacted and we were told there isn’t an ordinance governing inside lighting at present. Joanne said an effort has been made to have Arteria remove their unauthorized signs outside of the building. The County allowed the small white sign outside to remain because of the angle of the building. Mr. Pumphrey noted that the new lighting ordinance would require class I lighting to be out by 10 p.m.

 3. Boys and Girls Club Signage: A representative from the Boys and Girls Club appeared before your P&Z Committee and asked the Committee’s approval for a sign on Highway 179 and Rojo Dr. which would advertise their meeting place at the Church of the Nazarene. The Committee feels that parents and children who use this club have access to the Club’s location and additional signage is not necessary and asks the Council to support this decision. P&Z is working to try to control temporary sandwich signs and other unauthorized signage to prevent our business area and the entrance to the Village from having a cluttered look. Joanne said there is a possibility for future approval of a different type of sign.

 4. Fire Station Tower: A whip antenna has been installed on the fire station tower extending the tower an additional 20 feet. The fire station has stated that they need the extended height for safety reasons and the Committee therefore recommends no objection to this issue.

 5. Canyon Mesa Country Club Sales Office: The Country Club has asked the County for a 2 year extension of the Use Permit to allow a temporary Sales Office in the garage of a model home in Phase 3. Your Committee recommends the Council inform the County they have no objections to the temporary sales office to be use for marketing of Phase 3 homes only. A motion was made, seconded and passed to approve the P&Z wording on the comment sheet.

 6. Seven Canyons: Seven Canyons is applying for a Use Permit for a temporary sales and Administration Office for 5 years. Your Committee recommends no objections. A motion was made, seconded and passed to answer the comment sheet with no objections. On a second comment form, Seven Canyons are asking for approval of the Preliminary Plat plan as they are currently understood as reducing the number of units from 300 to 96 and reduced building heights and sizes. Your Committee recommends no objections. A motion was made, seconded and passed that the Council has no objections the comment sheet as written.

 C.    Recreation:

1. Updates: The Committee has been asked by the PTSA to assist at their annual Halloween party at the school Saturday night. The Committee has volunteers who will be asked to costume judge and assist with refreshments. Dorothy feels this is a positive interaction and joint cooperation.

 2. Boys and Girls Club: Dorothy has asked her contact within the Boys and Girls Club to come to the Council and give a presentation at a future date.

 Bob Carlile said another skateboard jamboree is planned, the date to be finalized tomorrow.

 7. Old Business:

A.     Appointing a Nominating Committee: Carolyn announced that George Sterns has volunteered to be on the nominating committee. She noted that he is on the sewer board and has a broad knowledge through that association with community members. Joan McClelland and Dorothy Hores volunteered for the committee.

 The Yavapai general plan will be going to P&Z on Nov. 7. Written comments may be submitted prior to the meeting. The draft is on the web.

 8. New Business: No new business.

 9.     Announcements, Suggestions, Comments: Dorothy passed out new political directories to the members. The League of Women Voter’s is sponsoring a meeting on Nov. 14, at 7:00 p.m. at Cottonwood Elementary School. The subject will be “The Verde Valley as a Political Force”. Dorothy noted that with the recent redistricting many new regional issues may surface.

 10.       Adjourn: Meeting adjourned at 8:02 p.m. Respectfully submitted,



Zona Fink

 The next meeting will be November 29 at 9:00 a.m. in the VOCA Center



Village of Oak Creek                                                                              Disaster Response Guide VOCP001




Major routes out of the area are obvious. In many cases, evacuation routes cannot be established ahead of time, as they may be an affected part of the disaster.


Evacuation will be accomplished in four major steps:


1.     Evacuate to staging area - ALL evacuees must report to the staging area for registration, whether or not they will use a Red Cross Shelter.

2.     Transport to shelter, either Red Cross or other personal choice (RV’s are encouraged).


3.     Encourage the evacuation of pets. See Annex 1.


4.     Re-entry as authorized.




This gate is critical in evacuations for the communities on both sides of the gate. Dependent upon winds, residents on the West side of the gate may be required to evacuate from Pinon Woods to the East, on to Lee Mountain, Jacks Canyon and South on

179. Correspondingly, Jacks Canyon and Lee Mountain subdivisions may need to evacuate to the West or North, through the gate.


In the event of an evacuation, the appropriate monitor will be contacted and the gate opened for the duration of the event.


Emergencies can also result if roads are blocked for any reason, lE, construction, accidents, or flooding. In the event that Jack’s Canyon Road at the intersection of, or South of Concho Dr. is blocked for any reason for a period of 30 minutes or longer, the Pinon Woods gate will be opened for the duration of the incident.


During any potential, or real time emergency or evacuation, residents of Lee Mountain and Jack’s Canyon subdivisions who are using the gate will observe all speed limits and courtesies. Pinon Woods residents will observe the same policy and protocols should access to the East be necessary for any reason.




If obvious major routes are impassable, determine alternate routes, or if time permits, coordinate with County Public Works to forge detours.


Although the Sheriffs Dept. is responsible for evacuations, Fire Dept., Jeep Posse’s

and others may be involved. Follow directions to the staging area.



_________ 1.                  Identify affected and potential disaster areas. Notify Sedona Fire.


_________ 2.                  In cooperation with Sedona Fire Department, identify and procure appropriate staging area(s).


3.          Appoint a spokesperson and ensure that they Issue appropriate warnings and instructions for immediate actions the public needs to take.


4.          Arrange for and provide transportation as required for PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS.


5.          Notify County Emergency Management: Nick Angiolillo [phone numbers deleted]


6.          Coordinate with Sheriff’s Office to route traffic to staging area(s) and shelter(s).


7.          See Animal Evacuation Annex 1, PG. VOC 1-1.






     _________                1.            Sheriff will provide notification that citizens are clear to return.

     _________                2.            Give information and instructions to evacuees.

     _________                3.            Provide notification that citizens are clear to return.

    Li_________              4.            Give re-entry information and instructions to evacuees.











P. 0. Box 20248

Sedona, Arizona 86341







A.   G. “Chip” Davis, District 3 Supervisor

Yavapai County Board of Supervisors

1 0 South Sixth Street

Cottonwood, AZ 86326


Dear Supervisor Davis:


During your Big Park community meeting in September, you asked us to provide comments on the attached draft evacuation plan for the Village of Oak Creek. We subsequently reviewed this plan and provided suggested comments to Council representatives at our October 25th meeting. The representatives were then asked to present the plan and comments to their homeowners or associations for further comment, if needed. This letter represents our Council’s approved comments for Sections II and III of the draft plan.


1.           (Section II) First paragraph, second line, begins “Dependent upon winds”. We assume this statement refers to evacuations caused by fire. What about other emergencies, such as road blockages on jack’s Canyon Road or Arrowhead Drive? In our view, such situations also need to be recognized.


2.           (Section II) Second paragraph, first line, refers to “the appropriate monitor will be contacted”. Who will this monitor be? Who will be responsible for making the initial contact?


3.           (Section II) Third paragraph, second and third lines, read “In the event that jack’s Canyon Road.. .is blocked for any reason for a period of 30 minutes or longer”. Who will be responsible for reporting or timing the 30—minute delay? What is the rationale for 30 minutes? Why not indicate that road blockage for “any period of time causing inconvenience to motorists” constitutes an emergency? (Especially in a life-or-death situation.)

4.           (Section III) Second paragraph, first line, lists “jeep Posse” as one of the responsible parties. While we do not have a jeep Posse in the Village of Oak Creek, we do have Volunteers—in—Protection (VIP). We therefore suggest that reference to “jeep Posse” be replaced with “VIP Coordinator”, and that the VIP Coordinator be given a key to lock/unlock the Pebble Drive gate as necessary.


We hope these comments will help you during your efforts to develop a final Evacuation Plan for the Village of Oak Creek. We appreciate this opportunity to provide input. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.


Sincerely yours,




Carolyn W. Fisher







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