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Minutes of September, 2001 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of September 27, 2001 Meeting

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.     Call to Order: by President Carolyn Fisher at 8:35 am. followed by the

Pledge to the Flag. There was a quorum of eleven member associations present.


2.     Finalize the Agenda: Under Recreation four items were added: Bell Rock Plaza Fun Day, Field of Dreams, funding the mailing for fund raising and the skateboard jamboree. Under Old Business, Lloyd Marlowe passed out the City of Sedona noise abatement resolution for review. New Business: the possibility for a request for Village business’ help in cleaning up the weeds on the ADOT right of way on highway 179 in the Village.


3.     Secretary’s Report: A motion was made and seconded to approve the August minutes as presented.


4.     Correspondence: Corresponding Secretary Lorraine Dean said there was no correspondence.


5.     Treasurer’s Report: Bob Carlile reported the final installment to VOCA for use of the meeting room was paid during August, which brings the amount to $300/year. Other expenses were miscellaneous printing, postage and office supplies leaving a balance to date of $853.53. It was moved and seconded to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Motion carried.


6.     Committee Reports

A.     Transportation

Dennis Parker reported that no action was required of the Council at this point and there are several items in committee and they will be brought to the Council at the appropriate time.


B.     Planning and Zoning

1.     Joanne Johnson updated the Council/attendees on the ongoing problem with the Biltmore. Once again the P&Z Committee met with the owner, his lawyer, his manager and the Director of the Senior Activities for Yavapai College in Prescott.

Mr. Bayles presented his current plan for his facility, which involve an Elder Hostel program. There was considerable discussion and questions from the Committee. The foremost issue was, by admission, Mr. Bayles has been violating his existing Special Use Permit for an assisted living facility. He has advertised on the Internet for overnight guests and has referrals from the Chamber of Commerce for overnight stays. Also at issue the commercial aspect of the Elder Hostel and the problem of the ability of the County to supervise this type of activity. Mr. Bayles has scheduled four Elder Hostel programs before the end of the year. The County directed him to cancel the two programs further out but allowed the nearer two as it was too late to cancel them and instructed him to schedule the other programs at another venue. Mr. Bayles probably will present a formal plan to the Committee and the County in the future.


2.     The developer of Suncliffe Estates, renamed Firecliff, has submitted a Final Subdivision Plat with no important changes from the Preliminary Plat approved by the Council and County. The only change was a reduction of the numbers of units from 146 to 140. Planning and Zoning added a stipulation, which would allow rentals to be a six-month minimum. Joanne recommended a response on the comment sheet be that we have no objection to the Final Subdivision Plat as presented. Motion made, seconded and carried. ‘During discussion Mr. Ayers, speaking from the audience, cautioned the Council to remain vigilant during development of this property. Carolyn stressed how important it is to have a broad community based participation in the activities of the Council, the activities of the Business Association and the V.I.P.s and in general all of the activities in our community that make it work and function without another layer of government. She encouraged the audience to bring issues to the Council.


C.     Recreation

1.     The Committee now has liaison at each meeting with the Parent Teachers Student Association and two representatives from Kiwanis. They expect to have a liaison from the Business Association within the next month. Dorothy Hores stated that this is a big help in coordinating the Village activities.


2.     The pool season is coming to an end this weekend. It has been a highly successful event. It is a win/win activity for the Village. Steve Miller of the Hilton is happy with the activity and is hosting a thank you luncheon for the volunteers next month. The volunteers have suggested that we do something to formally thank Mr. Miller for his contribution to the community. Dorothy suggests that the Recreation Committee come up with a recommendation to be considered by the Council.


3.     Dorothy said that the Committee had been geared up to start their wheel fun program in Bell Rock Plaza parking lot the end of October and unfortunately there was a breakdown in communications and the program has fallen through the cracks. She will try to restart it but at this point the new Bell Rock Plaza board has said absolutely no wheels.

4.     The issue of funds is critical. Dorothy pointed out that the Committee has only $25.50 in the bank, but a new donation has been received from Joan McClelland to help pay for postage. One of the parents is compiling a list of those who used the Hilton pool and the Committee is going to ask them for a contribution for an operating fund. Dorothy posed a motion that asked the Big Park Council make a contribution of $50 to offset the cost of postage for the fund raising mailing. The motion was seconded. During discussion, a question posed by Carol Agers whether the Council By-Laws or Articles of Incorporation could legally participate in this activity. Carolyn read Article V of the Articles of Incorporation. During discussion, Bill Kusner of Keep Sedona Beautiful volunteered $50.00 from that organization. Dennis Parker read Article VIII, Section II of the by-laws which states “The activities of the Corporation shall be funded by dues from Association members.” He stated that if one of the activities of this corporation is sponsoring the committees then funding a committee mailing would constitute the same. Carolyn, read Article V, 1. of the articles of incorporation, reads “To promote the best interests of the residents of the Big Park Regional Community...” Carolyn stated that she saw no violation. Motion carried 10 ayes, 1 nay. Jim Patterson questioned whether this particular fund raising would be represented as a tax deductible item. Carolyn stated that it would not. Dorothy did state that in the future the need for a 501(c)3 designation by the committee may be important and the possibility of using the Business Association or Kiwanis rather than confusing the bureaucratic structure of the Council in order to apply for a grant. Dorothy also stated the need for new committee members, especially a volunteer coordinator.

5.     Bob Carlile reported that Jim Patterson had reversed the commercial fees previously charged to the Recreation bank account. Bob also said they had four kids attend the skateboard jamboree Saturday, September 15. They would like to have more locals attend, but it may be that soccer is interfering with attendance. They are looking for another date to be coordinated around soccer.

6.     Dorothy reported that as a result of the communication of the Recreation Committee and the County, Chip Davis has agreed to explore whether they can help get the Field of Dreams more functional than it has been. A representative from Public Works has looked at the field and they are looking for clean dirt with the goal to have the field playable by spring.


7.     Old Business

A.     Policies and Procedures. Carolyn stated that a few corrections had been made with the goal of consistency within the committees. Each of the committees now have wording that requires some type of report, either minutes or other written record. Under Recreation, part 2, a) was changed from Chair and Vice-chair to read Chair or Vice-chair. Under Transportation Committee part 2 a) the committee will consist of a Chair or Vice-chair. 2, a) of P&Z was also changed to read Chair or Vice-chair. This adds the consistency of stating that the Chair or Vice-chair of each committee must be a member of the Council while the committee members can come from the community at large. The revised Policies and Procedures were adopted by acclamation.

B.     Noise abatement. Lloyd Marlowe said that airport noise discussion has gone about as far as it can go to date. The resolution, which the Council members received a copy, was adopted by the Sedona community.


8.     New Business

A.     Carolyn said that next month the Council will vote on the nominating committee for 2002 officers. That committee will bring back a slate of officers in November to be voted on in December. This should give time for the representatives to go back to their homeowners and talk to them and possibly get new people interested in serving as a representative or alternate. She read from the by-laws the rules of forming a nominating committee, which excludes current officers. She would like members to contact her if they would like to be on the nominating committee.

B.     Dennis spoke to the issue of weeds along the business sector of highway 179 and the possible need to write a letter to the business association asking them to cut the weeds. Before bringing the issue to the Council, VOCA cut the weeds with the exception of a few vacant privately owned lots. A suggestion was made to write a letter to the Transportation Board of ADOT with courtesy copies to the appropriate parties requesting regular mowing of the Highway 179 right-of-way.


9.      Announcements, Suggestions, Comments

A.     The November meeting will be at 9:00 a.m. on November 29 and the December meeting the 27th at 6:30 p.m.


B.     Bill Kusner, of Keep Sedona Beautiful, said that Chip Davis has strongly urged updating the dark skies ordinance for the county.


10.      Adjourn: Meeting adjourned at 9:34 a.m. Respectfully submitted, Zona Fink


The next meeting will be October 25, 2001 at 6:30 p.m. in the VOCA community




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