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Minutes of August, 2001 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of August 23, 2001 Meeting

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.    Call to Order: by President Carolyn Fisher at 6:32 p.m. followed by the Pledge to the Flag. There was a quorum with ten member associations present (excluding one late arrival).


2.    Finalize the Agenda: Under Transportation add letter to county about road construction. Under Old Business: State Trust Land Reform initiatives discussion; Announcement: redistricting meetings in Flagstaff and Prescott.


3.    Secretary’s Report: Noted that under Planning and Zoning item 2, page 4 “only 6-month rentals will be allowed” corrected to “minimum rental to be six months”. Moved, seconded and approved minutes as corrected. Motion carried.


4.    Correspondence: Lorraine said the only correspondence was from the alternate representative from Wild Turkey requesting that she be taken off the mailing list. A representative from the Sheriff’s Department called Carolyn and informed her they are working on a consumer’s questionnaire and they will be requesting input from Big Park residents. The department will be holding a separate meeting inviting council members.


5.    Treasurer’s Report: Bob Carlile reported there was no income or expenses for the month so the balance remains at $1,091.79. A maintenance fees continues to be assessed to our Recreation account. It was moved, seconded and carried to accept the Treasurer’s report.


6.    Committee Reports

A.   Transportation

1.    Dennis reported that the county is still working on a Big Park emergency transportation plan. A plan has been drafted and is in review by Chip Davis.


2.    The Big Park school principal has expressed concern about how the students are getting to school especially certain areas along Bell Rock Blvd. where they must walk in the road due to shoulder wash outs. Committee member Bob Aberg has talked to the new principal and hopefully she will be attending the November meeting to express her ideas and suggestions regarding school accessibility.


3.    The grant proposal for TEA-21 funds submitted by the committee for construction of non-motorized pathways along Beaverhead Flat Road was approved by the Supervisors and forwarded to NACOG in Flagstaff for review. If approved, it will be submitted to Washington D.C where it will be reviewed along with other requests from other states. If approved, the county must supply approximately $30,000 in funds and the federal government will supply approximately $500,000 for the 6-mile corridor that is Beaverhead Flat Road.


Dennis read a proposed letter addressed to our county supervisors stressing the need for accommodation of non-motorized traffic in the Big Park area. The letter expressed the view that many believed, including Council members, the pathway had been taken into consideration within the construction of Beaverhead Flat Road only to learn too late that a pathway of this sort was excluded from the final design. The letter outlined the cost savings of pre-planned non-motorized construction over after-the-fact construction and the resident and visitors alike need for safe alternative travel access. It was moved and seconded and carried to send the letter.


B.   Planning and Zoning:

1.    Update regarding the Biltmore Wellness Center: Joanne Johnson reviewed past efforts regarding this project including meetings with the owner and representatives of this property and the P&Z recommendation to the Council to recommend to the county rejection of the request for an amended use permit as it violates the Big Park Community plan. The Biltmore request was denied by County P&Z and County Supervisors.


C.   Recreation:

Dorothy Hores introduced Steve Miller of the Hilton who generously made the swimming pool available to Big Park Residents. Dorothy noted the success of the program with 70-90 people participating each Sunday, staffed by 22 volunteers, over a period when completed at the end of September of 6 months. She noted the possibility of extending to the middle of October. She noted that Sam Bomar had been doing volunteer follow-up.


Tentative plans for 2001-2002:

1.    The Committee hopes to organize monthly trips to Verde Valley communities for activities such as skateboarding, bowling and possibly roller hockey. Transportation will be the use of the Church of the Red Rocks van and the Camp Verde Recreation Department bus for larger groups. Thus far there has been one van trip with one scheduled for September 15. There will be flyers to notify the kids as well as parent permission forms.


2.    There are plans for Bell Rock Plaza that has been made available to the Committee. Volunteers will be needed for Sunday afternoon “wheel” events, primarily roller blades and skateboarding and a portable skateboard park is being tested and investigated.


3.    The Committee will act as a clearinghouse for all after school classes and events. A monthly calendar will be produced and distributed with the help of donations. There are plans for co-sponsorship of events with the PTSA as well as others in the community.


4.    There will be continuing exploration of park site acquisition and related activities. Also as an adjunct, the intention to be included in the parks and recreation element to the revised community plan. The Committee has been working with the regional parks and recreation plan for the Verde Valley for inclusion in the county general plan. Steps have been taken to identify and prioritize the recreation needs of Big Park.


5.    The Committee plans to become more active in fund raising.


On another issue, Dorothy recently talked to the Suncliffe developer and said that the developer had a recent meeting with Kachina and feels that he is under a time deadline. Dorothy talked to Enalo Lockhard and he was not aware of such deadline. Apparently, the developer wants to bring the Kachina issue to some conclusion, but they have not had a response from Kachina. Dorothy suggested that it would probably be worthwhile for the Committee to talk to Kachina to see what their plans are with their property and if there is any community interest in making a donation for a Kachina park site for The Village.


7.    Old Business:

A.   Policies and Procedures: Carolyn noted that last month the final version was passed out. A motion was made to accept the draft. Joanne wished to amend the motion under Planning and Zoning Committee portion D, removing taking minutes. After several amendments to the motion and subsequent rescinding of the motion and amendments, the final suggestion was to rewrite this portion of the Policies and Procedures to define either minutes or records, determination of quorums and results of a vote and put it on the agenda for next month.


B.   State Trust Land Reform Initiative: Dorothy presented a document from a 1999 Regional Planning and Growth Management session and noted the Big Park Council had approved the Principles. The main items germane to her discussion were pinpointed as two statements under Guiding Principles on page 2 regarding open space and Arizona State Trust lands. The issue at hand is the current pressure on State Trust land and a new initiative is formulating addressing this issue and the interested parties wish to have a consensus by September 15. Dorothy also presented a memo to the Council that proposed a resolution for consideration defining certain lands for preservation. A motion was made and seconded to accept the resolution. It passed with 9 ayes, 0 nays and 2 abstentions.


8.    New Business

A.   Dan Cherry, Yavapai County Floodplain Manager: Carolyn presented her concerns regarding drainage problems and solutions, especially among neighbors. Mr. Cheny explained that the flood control district was originally concerned with development of floodplains. In more recent times, they have moved to be more concerned with local drainage issues making recommendations, but the main purpose of his organization is to deal with large watercourses. In response to homeowner concerns, the district has published brochures on how to deal with water on a person’s property, but they do not have laws in their ordinance that deals with lot-to-lot drainage problems and recommends homeowners work together as the permit process does not address these problems. They added that personal landscaping alters the landscape, landscaping is not covered by the permit process and grading plans only cover the building process. Water flowing off property outside of a watercourse is a sheet flow against which there are no ordinances. Filing a trespass suit may be the only recourse, but again cooperation between neighbors was stressed.


9.    Announcements, Suggestions, Comments

1.    Redistricting meetings will be September 5 in Prescott, 6:30 p.m. and September 6 in Flagstaff at 6:30 p.m.

2.    Next month’s meeting will be an 8:30 a.m. start instead of 9:00.


10.  Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,



Zona Fink




The next meeting will be September 27, 2001

In the VOCA Community Center





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