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Minutes of February, 2006 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of February 8, 2006 Meeting


1.   The February 8, 2006 meeting of the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council was called to order at 9:00 a. m. by Vice President Al Thiele in the Big Park Fire Station meeting room, immediately followed by the pledge to the flag.


2.   In attendance were eleven (11) members and three (3) alternates, a quorum.


3.   Agenda: No items were added to the Agenda, which had been prepared by the Executive Committee, and circulated prior to the meeting.


4.   Secretary’s Report. The minutes of the January 12, 2006 meeting were accepted as submitted. (The Secretary apologized for any “snafus” in the circulation of these minutes, due to his “orientation” to E-Mail.) The Secretary also reported that the Red Rock News was now carrying a regular announcement of our meetings in the Ongoing Events section of the paper.


5.   Corresponding secretary’s report: A letter from Zona Fink expressing thanks for the flowers the Council had sent was read. . .and much appreciated, especially since Zona was back for this meeting.


6.   Treasurer’s Report; The treasurer report a current balance of $2,781.63, with the Recreation Committee showing a balance of $1,477.41. This report was approved unanimously by the Council. He also noted that 12 of 19 members had paid dues, with 7 outstanding. The Treasurer will follow up with those who are delinquent.


7.   Committee Reports

A.   Transportation Committee:

The Route 179 Executive Committee noted that utility work has been underway for quite some time, but that funding is still a problem, with costs estimated to be up by about 25%. Zona Fink needs volunteers to cover meetings of the VVTPO (Verde Valley Transportation & Planning Organization); John Gillam, Joanne Johnson, and Dorothy O’Brien volunteered to cover these meetings.

B.   Planning and Zoning Committee:

1.   A Special Events ordinance is working it ways through the system. This ordinance is designed to deal with the permit process for short-term events on private property that are open to the public. These events will be allowed once a year with some exceptions that will be allowed twice a year. This new ordinance does not impact the current two special use permits we have in the Village for arts shows which require special use permits. A special use permit insures that there is a public hearing before approval.

2.   The Sedona Golf Resort is considering developing their driving range into dwellings. There would be 174 dwellings, 50% condo and 50% time shares.

The Big Park Community Plan discourages any further development of time shares. Two meetings have been held and a 3~ will be held at regularly scheduled P & Z meeting on February 27, 2006. All meeting are open to the public and participation is encouraged. In all probability the location will be the Sedona Golf Resort to accommodate a larger crowd. Call Zona Fink for further information.


3.   Within 30 days a P & Z subcommittee and any interested members will be meeting with the Chevron renovation developers to specifically discuss lighting and monument considerations. Time and place to be announced.


4.   The Fanner’s Market has asked for a mural on the south side of their building. The committee requested that they wait until the 179 road project is further along and consideration giver to AAR guidelines.


5.   The lighting ordinance revision is winding its way through the process. The next hearing will be in Cottonwood on Feb. 22, and all P & Z members and Big Park Representatives are encouraged to attend.


6.   The BP P & Z Committee has been invited to attend a working session on the PAD ordinance. This will be held on Feb 22 following the P & Z hearings.


7.   A group, mostly from Cottonwood, has gathered a petition to change Sections 410 B & C of the ordinance that deals with the matter of “right” for a church or school to be located in any zoning. They wish for a special use permit to be required to allow such usage. The council agreed that this is so entangled with other laws that it is wise to leave this issue to the lawyers and respond with a “no comment”.


8.   Investigation of the recent wall building and grading on the Wild Toucan property has revealed that the work has been going on without a permit. The County has ordered them to stop work.


C.  Recreation Committee: No report.


D.  All America Road Committee: The grant request is in, and we expect a reply in June; ADOT will put up appropriate signs in due time.


9.   Old Business:


Verde Valley Regional Land Use Plan (VVRLUP) has issued a report which will be available in the near future. So far, it has focused on transportation, historic community character, and open space.


Zona submitted the “Focused Future” document, which will be made a part of our files.

9.   New Business: None


10. Announcements:

Sheriff Steve Waugh will hold a community meeting on February 15 between 6:00 and 9:00 P. M. at VOCA.

Supervisor Davis will hold a community meeting on April 24 at 6:30 P. M. at VOCA.

The new secretary noted that this October will mark the 1 0th anniversary of the founding of BPRCC, and asked that appropriate suggestions be forwarded to any Board member, in order that we could celebrate the occasion properly.


11. The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 A. M. The next meeting will be on Thursday March 9, at 9:00 A. M.


Respectfully submitted,




Tim Westbay, Secretary




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