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Minutes of June, 2006 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of June 8, 2006 Meeting


1.  Call to order and Pledge of Allegiance

2.  Establish a quorum: At the start of the meeting there were 10 member organizations with representatives present. A few more arrived later.

3.  Finalize the agenda: Zona added an item on Cathedral Rock Ranch to the P&Z report, Dorothy O’Brien added one to Old Business on the Verde River Basin Partnership and Bert added an announcement.

4.  Secretary’s Report: there were no minutes available from the last meeting.

5.  Corresponding Secretary’s report: Two (2) letters were sent — one recognizing the contributions of Bob Tate in his 23 years of service with Yavapai County roads, the other to Enalo Lockard regarding signage along the All American Road through the Village of Oak Creek.

6.  Treasurer’s Report: In the treasurer’s absence, the report was passed out noting a balance of $

4,496.53 in the Council’s account and of $ 1,402.96 in the Recreation account.

7.  Committee Reports:

A. Transportation Committee: no report

B. Planning and Zoning:

1.  Arizona Water Company well in Valley Vista Estates: Jane Petty and the Valley Vista HOA communicated with AZ Water Co about this project. They will begin drilling operations in September and hope to finish by December. The company listened to and wished to cooperate with homeowners concerns about lighting, noise and runoff It will run 24/7 once started, however, and some noise and lighting are necessary.


2.  Acceptance of committee members and formation of a Compliance Subcommittee:

Zona requested the following people be accepted as members of the P&Z Committee

(in compliance with the BPRCC Bylaws and Policies & Procedures):



Agers, Carol -

Dorrell, Peggy

Fink, Zona



Kane, Ruth

Johnston, Bob

Petty, Jane



Fisher, Carolyn

Kusner, Bill

Rycus, Mel



Gibson, Jim

O’Brien, Dorothy

Pumphrey, Bill



Heiberger, Bud

Johnson, Joanne

Carabell, Bob


Benore, Dave

Gibson, Jim

Johnson, Joanne

Brown, Nancy

Gillam, John

Johnston, Bob

Carlile, Bob

Kane, Ruth

O’Brien, Dorothy

Fink, Zona

Kusner, Bill

Simpson, Gail Shaw



Also the following be accepted as members of the All American Road Committee:

Moved, seconded and passed unanimously. The Planning and Zoning Committee will appoint a Lighting and Signage Compliance Subcommittee of at least Bob Johnston, Bill Pumphrey and Bob Carabell to track and file complaints with the County on violations. All residents are encouraged to do the same or to bring it to the attention of the committee. Boyce McDonald of Yavapai County told Zona that final signoff of new construction will be withheld pending resolution of these written complaints. Forms can be downloaded from the County’s website.


3.    Park Plaza at Las Piedras: This project has been renamed The Villas at Las Piedras and reverted to residential. There will be 52 units ranging from about 1300 to 1600 square feet each. The Las Piedras HOA has been satisfied and is endorsing the required amendment of their PAD with stipulations. Moved to approve, seconded and passed unanimously by the Council.


4.    Correspondence on definition of fractional ownership/interest and AAR signage issue: The committee received a letter from Enalo in response to a request for clarification of the definition of fractional ownership and fractional interest and an explanation of the Long Canyon situation. In short, they are authorized because they are a PAD with a commercial portion, but fractional ownership (there seems to be no distinction between that and interest) would not be authorized in an area zoned residential only. The other letter from Enalo addressed the concern about county signage approvals that don’t meet the standards of AAR (and thus might jeopardize our AAR designation). He suggested the community write a Design Review Overlay to control signage standards. The AAR committee will work on this.


5.    Rezone of parcels APN 405-28-379F and APN 405-28-379G: This would allow the parcels to be split into 4 R1L 35 lots and would include creating an access road onto the lots from Arabian Road. The P&Z committee requested that the stipulations would require accommodations be made for the wash that runs through the property, that there be a non-vehicular barrier to direct access to Hwy 179 and that southwest architecture in keeping with the AAR be encouraged. Moved, seconded and passed.


6.    Art in public places: Zona advised that Mr Bradshaw is planning to place a bronze statue of a horse (a picture was passed around) at the renovated Chevron.


7.    Verde Valley Regional Land Use Plan: Zona reminded everyone that she needed comments on this in the next couple of weeks. So far, those present who have read it wonder about the implementation plan.


8.    Cathedral Rock Ranch: Zona announced that the project formerly presented by Thunder Mountain Properties out Verde Valley School Road would be known as Cathedral Rock Ranch II.


C.    Recreation Committee: no report


D.    All American Road Committee: Bill Kusner announced that they would be receiving a grant (amount unknown) at the Soroptimist meeting on June 13th.


7.   Old Business

A.    Verde River Basin Partnership: Dorothy O’Brien announced that the charter for this would be ready for signatures on Monday. She has been (and will continue as) our representative. It was moved, seconded and passed unanimously that she be authorized to sign on behalf of the Council.

B.    Bert reported that he and Dorothy O’Brien attended a Yavapai County Intergovernmental meeting recently.


8.   New Business

A.    Second Annual Fine Artists and Crafts Show: Zona announced that this will be held on September 16 and 17. The fine arts group has voted to donate entry fees towards a children’s collection for the Village’s Library Center.

B.    Bert asked for a volunteer to compose a Thank You letter to the fire fighters who worked on the La Barranca Fire last week. Carolyn Fisher volunteered to draft it.


9.   Announcements

A.    There will be “Desserts and Dancing” at Tequa on Saturday, June 10th  from 7 to 9 PM. A chance for a community gathering. Proceeds from sale of desserts and beverages (provided by Marketplace Café) will benefit the Arizona Opera League Northern Arizona.


B. Supervisor Chip Davis will hold his next community meeting for Big Park at 6:30 PM on


October 19th at the VOCA meeting room. The Council will look into holding its 10th Anniversary Celebration in conjunction with this meeting. Possibly a BBQ at the Kiwanis Park just prior. Would someone volunteer to spearhead? Peggy Dorrell was asked to book the Ramada at the Park.


The meeting was adjourned about 10:45.


Respectfully submitted, Carolyn Fisher


Acting Secretary



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