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Minutes of August, 2006 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of August 10, 2006 Meeting


1.   The August 10, 2006 meeting of the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council was called to order at 9:00 AM. by President Bert Berkshire in the Big Park Fire Station meeting room, immediately followed by the pledge to the flag.


2.   In attendance were eleven (11) members and four (4) alternates, a quorum.


3.   Agenda: The only significant change to the agenda was to place All American Road Committee report under Planning and Zoning.


4.   Secretary’s Report. The minutes of the July 13, 2006 meeting were accepted as submitted.


5.   Corresponding secretary’s report: None


6.   Treasurer’s Report; The treasurer reported a current balance of $3,281.20, with the Recreation Committee showing a balance of $1,402.96. This report was approved unanimously by the Council.


7.   Committee Reports


A.  Transportation Committee: (Zona Fink reporting)

Work on Route 260 will commence in the spring of 2007, while work on Jack’s Canyon will begin this fall. She reported on the Executive Team meeting for SR 179, presenting a recap of the quarterly meeting. Key points include the fact that ADOT seems to be very much on top of this, especially with respect to the technical aspects of the project. While the City of Sedona offered a “plan” to do away with some roundabouts, Zona insisted that it was too late to make any significant changes to the plan, and her position was accepted by the Executive Team. Construction will begin in mid-September, although the contractor may adjust that, provided he meets a previously agreed schedule of some 490 day for full completion.


B.  Planning and Zoning Committee: (Zona Fink reporting)


1.   Access Management plans for non residential uses: An access plan is required for all non-residential uses unless waived by the County Public ‘Works Dept. on the basis that it may not be warranted. The access plan shall demonstrate and certify legal and sale ingress and egress from the site to the public safety roadway system. The plans must be prepared by a civil engineer, registered in the state of Arizona, using acceptable trip generation guidelines, and at a minimum, include circulation patterns, roadway improvements, traffic control measures and driveway openings. A Certificate of Compliance demonstrating completion of improvement(s) as may be specified in the plan must be issued prior to other use of the facility.

Affected parties: non residential users in residential zoning, i.e. special use permits in residential zoning. My guess is that this was triggered by the comment sheet a couple of months back when a church was going into a residential neighborhood and the neighbors opposed to it because it was going to be a mega-church, which would have generated far more traffic than usual.


P & Z recommended No Objection. The BPRCC approved this unanimously.


2.   Lighting issues:

a.   Condo conversion at Bell Rock Blvd and Canyon Circle. Non-conforming new lighting is being installed. County Attorney claims that they need not conform under Section 200 of ordinances which deal with remodels. Our stance is that if this is so, then there is another loophole in the lighting ordinance, which should be changed again to close it. County replied that they would write a letter to the owner to try to resolve the problem. I called the county to see if that had been done. The person in charge is on vacation. Zona will follow up on this.

b.   Light trespass on homes from La Quinta Hotel. We decided to begin by asking the parties that are experiencing the light trespass to write letters to La Quinta asking them to correct the problem.

c.   We will watch carefully to make sure the next signs conform.

d.   Illegal carriage lights on Chevron conversion. More no-permitted lights have been added. This property is in VOCA, and its HOA is trying to deal with these issues.

e.   Regarding the Sunterra light trespass. Zona wrote an e-mail some time back to the lighting architect, and has not yet received an answer. P & Z wants to write again formally on BPRCC letterhead. Jane Petty will be asked to do this. BPRCC agreed to this unanimously.

f. Other lighting issues. An observer at our meeting said that there is a new shielded light fixture that Sedona has passed for use. P & Z to investigate. Bill Pumphrey suggested we do an inventory of the lights in the Village commercial corridor and document them. A committee was formed to do so.

Jake Weber has volunteered to try out lighting issues


3.   Comment on Oak Creek Villas.


Zone met with these people during the sketch review. Her comment was that we were again reducing our rental units. Their comment was that they were targeting first time buyers, which is fine, but 2 flips later, without government control, entry level opportunities evaporate. The committee would like to meet with them and Zona is arranging it.


4.   Verde Valley Land Use Plan. Zona has had only one comment on this.


5.   We have a request for a B & B homestay at 75 Arabian in Ranch Rojo subdivision. If no one objects to this special use, it is granted by Development Services if they meet all the criteria However, if someone objects after posting of intention, then it must go to public hearings. There was an objection, and since this HOA is inactive, it came to our P & Z

committee. The P & Z Committee reviewed Rancho Rojo’s CC& Rs because the person objecting to the use said the CCR’s did allow such. The CCR’s say this:”....used for no other purpose than for single family dwellings”... .and they go on to say “No store, office or other place of business... permitted on any residential lot.” The committee believes that the CCR’s are clear in prohibiting such use. However, in the letter of intent it is stated that the home will be used as a retreat with guided activities to be included in the package. This appeared to the committee to be over and above what a homestay offers, i. e. a bed and a breakfast. Thus it is a zoning issue.. New public hearing set for 8/23. P & Z recommends a motion to deny the request. BPRCC OK’d this.


Oak Creek Villas--Zona will contact potential purchasers.


5.   We reviewed the AAR guidelines which overlap P & Z committee, and the AAR committee. We made changes and will submit them to the AAR committee on 8/15.

C.  Recreation Committee- NO report


D.  All America Road Committee: No Report


8.   Old Business: Members were reminded that the 10th anniversary celebration of the BPRCC will be held on Thursday October 19 at VOCA. This coincides with Supervisor Chip Davis’ regularly scheduled Village meeting. Members were also asked to contact Zona Fink if they wish to assist her in holding this event. Also, members were asked to suggest issues (to Zona)for Chip to discuss, such as neighborhood security.

9.   New Business:

a.   Central Basin Regional Council Economic Forum will be in October.

b.   The Verde River Basin charter was passed out.

c.   Carom Fisher’s proposal for a BPRCC sponsored committee to support the Village Library “branch” was accepted, with the proviso that it be an ad hoc committee for the immediate future.


10. New Business

a.   The October 12th meeting will be at 11:00 at the Fire Department. Mark your clandars now!!


b.   Leaflets were passed out for the Master Watershed Steward program.


11.   The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 A. M. The next meeting will be on Thursday September 14, at 9:00 A. M.


Respectfully submitted,

Tim Westbay Secretary




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