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Minutes of September, 2006 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of September 14, 2006 Meeting


1.   President Bert Berkshire called the meeting to order at 9:02 AM. The Pledge of Allegiance followed.

2.   The substitute secretary confirmed that there was a quorum.

3.   Two items were added to the agenda: a report on the recent VVTPO meeting and one on the library committee meeting.

4.   Minutes of the August meeting were approved.

5.   There was no correspondence to report.

6.   Following the treasurer’s report, there was a discussion on the appropriate way to note them in the minutes: “file for audit” or “a vote of approval”. The general consensus was to vote to approve.

7.    Committee reports:

A.   Transportation

1.    Zona reported on the all day meeting of the 179 improvement stakeholders on Sept 12th.  The contractor, Southwest Asphalt Paving (aka SWAP), plans to halt traffic only during blasting operations.

2.    Dorothy O’Brien reported two items from the VVTPO meeting: Yavapai County plans to go out for bid on the Jack’s Canyon road improvements in January ‘07 and the biking community is very concerned about the issue over striping bike lanes on the shoulders of the improved Hwy 179.


B.   Planning and Zoning

1.    Zona reported the actions of county P&Z to deny a special use permit for a B&B in Rancho Rojo. There was discussion about whether the CC&Rs of a subdivision with no active HOA were enforceable, but the county attorney said they were. Residents with an interest are urged to attend the BOS meeting on Monday, Sept 18

2.    A letter has been sent to Sunterra about light spillage from the Ridge.

3.    The Guidelines for the All American Road has been finalized and will be sent to the county. This covers more than just signage.

4.    Zona reported that Paul Galloway, a developer, had a preliminary meeting with the committee to explore a possible PAD for 3 lots to the south of Jack’s Canyon, just off Upper Jack Trail. The committee told him that his plan to build 54 units in 18 buildings would require a zoning change which would require a Community Plan change. They suggested he consider a subdivision of 18 homes which would fit the current zoning.

5.    The P&Z Committee recommended a response of “No objections” to the final plat for Vista del Cielo Townhomes (formerly known as the McCoy project). The council voted to follow that recommendation.


C.   Recreation — no report. Bob Carlile noted that this would be his last year creating the calendar.


D.   All American Road — Bill Kusner reported that the committee has a $25,000 seed grant to organize with. They are working on the overlap of construction and enhancements.


8.    Old Business: Dorothy O’Brien and Jack Wilson, along with Keran O’Brien provided an update of the Verde River Basin Partnership and its challenges. They are trying to resolve some basic structure issues around political pressures and the $ 8 M that is available for studies.


9.    New Business — Barbara Miller, Las Piedras, asked what other HOA’s have done about Open House and House for Sale signs.


10.  Announcements:

a.   The October 12th meeting will be at 11 AM instead of 9 due to a conflict with the meeting room.

b.   October 19th will be a combined celebration of the Council’s 10th Anniversary and Chip Davis’ quarterly meeting. There will be food and sodas/water provided by Weber’s IGA. Start will be at 5 PM

c. VOCA Fine Arts Show is Sept 15 and 16

d.   Keep sending cards and calling Barb Zeschke.

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