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Minutes of May, 2007 Meeting



Minutes of the Meeting – May 10, 2007



1.    The May 10, 2007 meeting of the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Bert Berkshire in the Big Park Fire Station meeting room, immediately followed by the pledge to the flag.


2.    In attendance were twelve(12) members and four (4) alternates, a quorum.


3.    Secretary’s Report.  Peggy Dorrell asked that the Amended Minutes for the month of April 12, 2007 be approved.  Motion for approval by Jane Petty, 2nd by John Gillam, approved unanimously.  Secretary stated that future minutes will be less wordy.


5.    Corresponding secretary’s report.  No report.


6.    Treasurer’s Report.  Jeff Dunn reported a current balance of $4,589.39 with the Recreation Committee showing a balance of $1,254.07.  Dunn further reported that all HOA’s had paid their dues except for one and Dunn had said he expected that in by end of month.  This report was submitted for audit.  Vote on budget postponed until June meeting.  He announced that he had filed tax return and Annual Report.


7.   Bert Berkshire read announcement that Dr. Jensen is moving her offices to West Sedona.  Verde Valley Medical Center is aggressively seeking a full-time primary care provider for the Village of Oak Creek.


Committee reports:

A. Transportation Committee: Joanne Johnson, Chair:

                              (Meetings at call of Chair)

          No Report because she is awaiting a report.

   B.   Stakeholders Committee:  Zona Fink

The stakeholders only meet every six (6) months.  They will do bi-monthly written reports and now an alternate is OK.  At the last meeting they were at 204 days of 420 on contract, and they are on-time.  93 properties need to be acquired and of those 58 are done, 15 in escrow and 9 in condemnation and acquisition.  DMJM is subject to peer review.  Steve Bojun now stated that signs are need on each roundabout.  Christan Dorr will be having open construction chat the first Thursday of every month.  Painted poles are done and maintenance and painting of bike lanes are working on agreement.  VPRI contract is in the attorney’s office.

C.   Planning and Zoning Committee:  Zona Fink, Chair (Meetings on 2nd Wednesday, 8:30 AM at Sedona Winds)  Zona announced that 9 committee members attended meetings this month.


1.    10 Navajo - Bob Carabell reported that Boyce MacDonald, Yavapai County Development Service Department, and VOCA both wanted this variance request to be denied by the Board of Adjustments.  Elizabeth McFarland represented the homeowners who were asking for 3 variances.  The Board voted 4-0 to deny.  P&Z members Joanne Johnson, Peggy Dorrell, Jane Petty and Bob Carabell representing BPRCC.  Bob Carabell spoke for BPRCC.

Bob Johnson was present representing VOCA.  Homeowners and representative left meeting prior to vote.  Vote was called immediately upon leave-taking by Homeowners.


2.    BR Consulting  owns property in Bell Rock Vista.  They have contacted ADOT road supervisor to arrange construction of sewer line to their property located behind Circle K.  They are planning on paying for this improvement to their land.  ADOT road contractor will do this for them at night.  Boyce MacDonald has indicated that any application for building on this property will go through full permitting process and not Administrative Review.  They appear to be filing for a lodge.  A lodge is not overnight stay.  VOCA is not in favor of this project.


      D.    Recreation Committee:  Bob Carlile (Meetings at call of Chair)

          No Report

E.   All American Road Committee:  Bill Kusner, Chair (Meetings at call of Chair)


1.     Bill Kusner stated that approximately 350 people braved bad weather to enjoy the All American Road celebration and it was held under the rafter instead of the stars, as planned.  The contractor for ADOT had indicated that there was a startling amount of ignorance about roundabouts and the design of the roadway.  They reported that DMJM has certified a 60% completion.  Planting on entire pathway and low level lighting.  Jim Gibson announced that Dorothy O’Brien deserved a great deal of credit for bringing the celebration project to a great conclusion.  Dorothy thanked all of those who helped make the celebration such a success.


F.    Ad hoc Library Committee:  Carolyn Fisher, Chair

(Meetings at call of Chair)

1.  No report


8.  Old Business: 


A.  Revised version of Bylaws delivered to Members.  Those who needed to have document in color are to contact Peggy@esedona.net and she will forward an electronic copy to them.  Don Beard thanks the Bylaw Committee, Carolyn Fisher, Dorothy O’Brien, Craig Dible, and Joanne Johnson who also gave input to the Committee.  The Policies and Procedures are separate documents.  Each committee will write its own Policies and Procedures.


B.  Bob Carabell stated that John Gillam is very knowledgeable and the different categories of 501 C (XX) corporations.  It is believed that BPRCC qualifies for 502(c)4.  Donations may be received but they are not tax deductible and corporation would be tax exempt.  For information check IRS.gov Publication 557.  Homeowners’ Association may lobby.  Discussion ensued.  VPRI can be 501C3 and AAR.  An extra meeting is needed for AAR determination.  Discussion was suspended.


9.  New Business:


Bert Berkshire turned meeting over to Dorothy O’Brien who introduced Don Nelms to introduce Forest Service Guest.


Bert Berkshire adjourned meeting stating that since several people left there was no longer a quorum. 


Meeting adjourned at 10:40 AM.


                                                                                 Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                 Peggy Dorrell, Secretary


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