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Minutes of November, 2006 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of November 9, 2006 Meeting


1.       The November 9, 2006 meeting of the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council was called to order at 9:00 AM. by President Bert Berkshire in the Big Park Fire Station meeting room, immediately followed by the pledge to the flag.

2.       In attendance were twelve (12) members and four (4) alternates, a quorum.

3.       Agenda: There were two changes to the agenda--Transportation Committee:

1)   Aircraft noise, and 2) Route 179 update

4.       Secretary’s Report: The minutes of the September 14, 2006 meeting were accepted with one change: PDA should have been PAD.

5.       Corresponding secretary’s report: Jake Weber (IGA) will be thanked for his donation to the 10th anniversary celebration.

6.       Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer reported a current balance of $2,823.01, with the Recreation Committee showing a balance of $1,291.29. This report was approved for audit.

7.       Committee Reports:

A.  Transportation Committee:

1.   Tom Hutchinson reported on excessive noise by air tour operators, especially red biplanes flying over the Village. He submitted a draft letter to Mac McCall, General Manger of the Airport, to be sent by the Council. The sending of the letter was approved, and Tom and Jane Petty will handle this.

2.   Zona Fink reported on the status of Route 179, citing the obvious snarl it is causing, but also citing the fact that ADOT seems to be on the job in handling problems as they occur. The key phrase is “be patient”. Dorothy O’Brien added that she is working on proper identification of Bike lanes.

 B.    Planning and Zoning Committee: (Zona Fink reporting)

1.   Kathy Nelms of 860 Lee Mountain Road has asked for approval of a commercial kitchen at this address. The Council approved this.

2.   Section 546 of the Land Division. Information on this can be obtained on the County website.

3.   John Kincaid asked for permission to build a canopy at his new bank--Alliance Bank. The Council approved this.

4.   Zona suggested that the Council set up a permanent repository of some kind, in effect setting up a de facto “Office”. The idea was warmly embraced, and the AAR Committee along with the incoming secretary will be responsible for developing a plan to do this.

C.    Recreation Committee: No Report

D.    All American Road Committee: Dorothy O’Brien made a power point presentation on the All American Road.

E.    Ad Hoc Library Committee: Carolyn Fisher reported that a Kid’s Corner has been set up in the library annex.

8.  Old Business. The Nominating Committee presented its slate of officers for the 2007 year: President: Bert Berkshire; Vice President: Tom Graham; Secretary: Peggy Dorrell; Treasurer: Jeff Dunn.


9.  New Business. None


The meeting adjourned at 10:33.


Respectfully submitted,


Tim Westbay





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