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Minutes of January, 2001 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of January 25, 2001 Meeting

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1. Call to Order: by President Carolyn Fisher at 9:00 a.m. followed by the Pledge to the Flag. A quorum of fourteen member Associations represented.  As an opening remark Bob Carlile noted that few of the questionnaires regarding e-commerce passed out in December had been returned. He requested that they be filled in and returned to him by the end of the meeting.

2.    Election of Officers for 2001: The nominating committee was composed of Don Beard, Dorothy Hores and Jim Patterson. Dorothy Hores presented the recommendations for the following officers: Carolyn Fisher, President; Lloyd Marlowe, Vice-President; Zona Fink, Secretary; Bob Carlile, Treasurer. Ms. Fisher asked if there were nominations from the floor. Being none the slate of officers was moved by Joan McClelland and seconded by Dorothy Hores to be accepted by acclamation.

       Carolyn Fisher went on to encourage all present, not just members of the council or representatives, but most in the audience are a member of a Homeowners Association, to consider being involved with the council as a representative or an alternate and to consider running. Ms. Fisher stated that we need new blood and we need new ideas. She stated that she did not think it was major commitment of time.

       Bob Carlile stated that he would like to second that sentiment and that for the alternates and representatives he believes it is really important they get involved in the leadership of this organization. He stated that he just elected Treasurer and he is being “recycled” as he had previously been Secretary. He noted that Treasurer was an easy job and with seventeen member associations resulting in about thirty-four alternates and reps, it appears that there are only about ten out of thirty-four that are really involved. This means that twenty-four sometimes come to meetings or don’t come to meetings at all. It is of some concern to me looking ahead and hoping that the Council will continue to be a functioning organization. He stated that he would be happy to give up his position in order for it to be filled by someone new.

3.    Secretary Report: There was a motion to approve the December minutes by Dorothy Hores and seconded by Jim Patterson. Motion approved unanimously.

4.    Correspondence Secretary’s Report: Joan McClelland reported that no correspondence had been received. Carolyn Fisher remarked that she had received a letter from the Red Rock Vista Homeowner’s Association. The letter as read to the audience said in part that this homeowner’s Association will not have a representative on the Council until further notice. This association feels too many decisions are made by the partial Council without full Council input, and community knowledge. They do plan to keep an Association member on the Transportation Committee.

5.    Treasurer’s Report: Departing Treasurer Bill Bookwalter noted that the only financial activity for the prior month was for postage and printing and $150.00 forwarded to VOCA as a donation for the of their facilities as previously agreed upon. Balance was $716.55. The Treasurers report was moved by Jim Patterson and seconded by Zona Fink. Bob Carlile, Bill Bookwalter and Jim Patterson volunteered to serve as the former year audit committee and that committee was accepted unanimously.

6.    Committee Reports:

A.      Transportation: Chair Dennis Parker noted that they met this month with employees from Yavapai County Public Works and they gave the committee an update on what was happening that would affect the surrounding community. A brief recap: Beaver Flats Road to be completed in May 2001 at a cost of about 4.1 million dollars. The road will be 28 feet wide. One that doesn’t effect us directly but it does funding-wise is the Mingus Ave. extension in Cottonwood, two-and-a-half mile extension that goes from Mingus Ave. in downtown Cottonwood and joins the Cornville road on 89A. It is going to start in August or September this year, it is going to be approximately 2.5 miles long. No cost was given, but it will be several million dollars. Unfortunately because of the cost of Beaver Head Flats and Mingus Avenue, Bell Rock Blvd has no start-up date for completion as they had originally indicated that it was going to be a second phase asphalt after Verde Valley School Road. Now it seems they have done an inspection of the road and found that there are no existing drainage problems and so for the short term they are going to be spending approximately 100K for an overlay and any major work on the extension of Bell Rock Blvd will not come for several years. Jacks Canyon widening project has no definite start­up time, again because of the County funding being tight this year. Regarding the Verde Valley School Road there are some pathway repairs that will be checked and slopes will be repaired because of erosion problem. Regarding the Deer Pass speed hump, for those who think it was not installed correctly, that is correct. It is not wide enough, but corrections will be made soon. Crown Ridge, someone in that area must have asked for speed checks to see if speed humps would be advisable for that area because of speeding and they did a speed check in three locations and they found that people are going twenty-five to twenty-eight miles per hour so they feel that speed humps are not required at this time. There was someone at the last meeting that asked me about Wild Horse Mesa and that is not a County road project and it is not on their schedule. Apparently if residents in that area want it paved they are going to have to come up with some contributions for the paving.

B.      P&Z. Joan McClelland reporting for Joanne Johnson: Deer Pass Ranch project was passed by the Supervisors unanimously. This was originally a fifty-two-unit timeshare, which has been reduced to thirty-five single-family units on about seventy acres. This is a cluster development. The developer challenged the fact that they could only rent for periods of thirty days or more, however the Supervisors turned that down, so it has now passed.

The Cantu Property, the Jack Sheehan project, that was discussed last month, consists of 2.7 acres North of Cortez and South of Kokopelli Inn on the East side of 179. The developer came to a meeting of the committee which was very well attended with a lot of people from the subdivision which will be most affected by this development. The proposal Mr. Sheehan made was for a plaza with shops and four restaurants. It will be Mission Style architecture with the main entrance on 179 and also another entrance on Cortez. That would be next to where the Village Nursery used to be which is now some sort of visitor center. After much discussion, the committee wants you to consider the following stipulations, which were formulated to address the committees and the adjacent property owners concerns.

1.    Removal of the parking lot entrance on Canyon Diablo because of the traffic impact on the residences.

2.    A six-foot decorative wall, either solid or a combination of berm and wall.

3.    The county is requested to give careful attention to the type, intensity, height and reflexivity of the parking lot lights so there will be a minimal impact on the neighbors. They also requested minimal or no lighting of individual shop signs on the buildings.

4.    The County will pay special attention to the size, height and lighting of the post monument sign and make sure it complies with County ordinances.

5.    They requested that next to where the Village Nursery was clarification over an entrance on Cortez, which never was there before and parking. They requested that there be no opening on the S.E. portion of the project’s parking lot through the adjacent property on the South. Mr. Sheehan is proposing that his parking come down and go through their project, which would open up the possibility of commercial traffic out on that street. So it is requested that there be no opening on the S.E. portion of the project’s parking lot through the adjacent property on the South and with no exit on Cortez at the corner of Cortez and Canyon Diablo.

6.    Careful consideration of the control of cooking odors from the proposed restaurants in the project.

7.    Request the County adhere to the existing ordinance on required parking spaces for the proposed square footage of useable space. At the present time he is twenty-spaces short of the parking he should have for the square footage that he plans to build.

Since this issue is not going to come before P&Z and the Board of Supervisors it will probably be an in-house decision by the Planning and Zoning Committee and the County, the Planning and Zoning Committee is asking the Council to write a letter to the County including these concerns. This will never come before the County Board of Supervisors, because there is no change in zoning involved. Reduction of parking spaces can probably be done by the County in-house. Bob Carlile moved to write a letter to the County. Dorothy Hores seconded and the motion . passed unanimously.

A separate issue of excess parking at the Visitor’s Center was brought up. Joan McClelland noted that this issue has been addressed to zoning.

Suncliffe — Gary Hoffman brought the latest plan showing the configuration of the town homes and lots. The town homes will be in clusters of three. They have removed cluster homes in the Eastern boundary of the property and replaced them with single-family lots. He also volunteered to meet with any of the Homeowner Associations that surround Suncliffe. He offered to answer any questions by calling him at 284-4000. The plans are to go to Planning and Zoning within the next two or three weeks. When asked if there they were able to set aside a place for a neighborhood park his answer at this point was no, but could be visited. Currently there is not enough engineering to know if that would be possible. The gate issue has yet to be addressed.

C.      Recreation Committee: Dorothy Hores stated that the Recreation Committee met with Lynn Crow, representing Bell Rock Plaza, who restated with some clarification the same position that Jim Patterson had informed us of sometime ago in that Bell Rock Plaza is very interested in cooperating with the Recreation Committee on activities for youth. They would make their parking lot available to us particularly on Sundays, but possibly Saturdays or evening hours in the summer time. Because of the strange configuration of that parking lot it can be ideal for roller blading, in line skating, bike relays or rodeo kind of things. So we have begun planning events for that location. She was most generous, and will make electricity available to us if needed.

D.      e Communications Ad Hoc Committee: Bob Carlile addressed the possibility of creating a website. He noted that there is an annual fee for a domain, and the site must reside on someone’s server. He estimated the cost at about $500/year. If we could add on to the County’s site we would save this cost. We would then be able to put items on the site such as the agenda, minutes, committee reports and additionally receive information from the community. He asked for a show of hands on how many people woul4~e this site. Only about seven out of thirty plus people would not use the site Carolyn noted that at present our agenda is currently posted on the County Web Master under meetings. Chip Davis responded favorably in principle at least for the near term of hosting the Council. That is what we are exploring and we need to know more data.

7.     Old Business:

A. At present no review has been done of the policy and procedures, which were handed out at the last meeting; no feedback to date, requested we take a look and give feedback.

B. Annexation or Incorporation Committee members Mary Beth Carlile, Alan Buckley and Bill Bookwalter presented a report in three parts. This report was mainly for the benefit of audience as each of the Council members had received a copy of the report for review in November. A question and period followed. Many questions regarding police protection prompted the President to announce Sheriff Buck Buchanan would be at the March meeting to discuss these concerns and answer questions.

8. New Business: No new business.

9.     Announcements, Suggestions, Comments Tom Brodenck of Citizens Gas spoke regarding the continuing gas line construction in the Village. He mentioned that they were trying to keep traffic delays to a minimum. He said the most often asked question was why Citizens is going into one place and not the other. The answer seems to be either number of residents applying for gas service or remote areas such as Pine Valley. He noted that roads will not be resurfaced, but will be patched per county standards.

10.      Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.


Respectfully submitted,


Zona Fink

The next meeting will be February 22, 2001 at 6:30 p.m.

In the VOCA Community Center


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