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Minutes of February, 2001 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of February 22, 2001 Meeting

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.    Call to Order: by President Carolyn Fisher at 6:30 p.m. followed by the Pledge to the Flag. A quorum of 13 member Associations was represented.


2.    Secretary’s Report: There was a request for an amendment to the minutes by Bob Carlile. There was a misspelling of his name, and communications was called c-commerce. E-communications is an ad-hoc committee and as such requires an appropriate reference. A motion was made by Bob Carlile and seconded by Dennis Parker and the minutes were approved as amended.


3.    Correspondence: Corresponding Secretary Joan McClelland stated that there was no correspondence. She announced that she was the recipient of the Cornville Community Plan and a copy of the plan was distributed to council members for review.


4.    Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Bob Carlile presented the council with a new financial report format indicating income by month and year-to-date versus budget. Treasury balance is $1,532.78. Nine of seventeen member associations have paid to date with the delinquent date of February 28. Bob had a dues reminder sheet for those associations, which as yet may not have paid, to be distributed to the appropriate treasurer through their council representative. He presented the findings from the year 2000 audit. The audit committee reviewed the income and expenses for the year 2000. The council records were found to be accurate.


5.    Committee Reports:

A.      Transportation: Dennis Parker reported that as an outcome of the February 13 Transportation Committee meeting the Committee elected to

write two letters for approval and signature by Big Park Council.


The first letter concerned Beaverhead Flats Road and was addressed to Chip Davis. The letter requested that the original four-foot paved shoulder be restored to the Beaverhead Flats Road plan. At present the plans have been amended to include only a two-foot unpaved shoulder for use by bicyclers or others. In view of the late date of this request it was suggested that TEA21 funds may be available for this purpose.


A motion was made by Dennis Parker and seconded to send the letter written by the Transportation committee thereby creating a paper trail for future consideration. Motion carried.


The second letter was addressed to Don Dorman, ADOT District Engineer requesting information on several Highway 179 concerns that could affect the Village of Oak Creek. Specifically the many unknown factors at this point such as design volume, road speed, roadway composition, sound barrier walls, traffic lights, medium designs, sidewalks, and pedestrian/biker safety. Dennis noted that such information was necessary in order to disseminate correct information to the Homeowner’s Associations to better form a consensus of the needs and wishes of the local residents. A motion was made by Dennis Parker to send the letter as written, seconded and the motion carried.


B.      Planning and Zoning: Joanne Johnson said that JIMS Excavating Company is requesting a special use permit from the county for non­conforming use of property located at L-12 on the VOC map. JIMS had previously been shut down by the County as illegal, but has reapplied for a permit. JMS has been storing equipment and other matter on this lot for the past four years. The storage matter included trucks, dirt, rocks, pipes and the like. Mary Boerschinger of Wild Horse Mesa spoke to the Council with her concern for maintaining Wild Horse Mesa as a residential neighborhood and the dirt, noise pollution and road damage caused by this operation. She said that Wild Horse Mesa resident Mike Winter has circulated a petition to stop the approval of this use permit. Twenty of twenty-eight residents have signed with the few missing mainly out-of-state residents. IMS Excavating was contacted but chose not to attend the Council meeting. Dorothy Hores made a motion to send a letter to County Planning and Zoning Commissioners to recommend the Board of Supervisors deny a special use permit as it is in violation of the Big Park Plan and county ordinance and also that the area be cleaned up. Bob Carlile seconded the motion recommending a courtesy copy to IMS.


Joanne Johnson informed the committee that she had been alerted by the County Planning and Zoning that a variance was being requested without going through the Big Park Council. This variance, requested by Arteri Antique Gallery and Mall asked for a sign thirty-four square feet over and above the thirty-two square feet allowed by county ordinance for a total of sixty-six square feet. Planning and Zoning feels this would be too great a visible impact and requests a letter to the County Board of Adjustments to deny the variance. Several motions were made but after discussion amended as follows: Motion made by Joan McClelland to send a letter to Planning and Building and to the Board of Adjustments requesting the county sign ordinance be followed and limit the requested sign to 32 square feet. It was further asked that the sign adhere to the Dark Sky Ordinance. Dennis Parker seconded and the motion passed.


The new management of the Hilton, formally the Doubletree Inn, would like to place a large lettered Hilton sign over the portico. It will probably be red with backlighting. The Hilton will also have a large monument sign. The Council Planning and Zoning committee feels the sign excessive also noting the sign would only be seen for a few seconds. Discussion followed regarding the process in which the Hilton may or may not be able to gain approval of the sign. It was decided to start a paper trail on this matter. Joan McClelland made a motion to send a letter to the County requesting notification from Planning and Building of any request by Hilton for a sign addition. Bob Carlile seconded the motion and the motion carried.


C. Recreation: Chair Dorothy Hores said the committee had again met with Robin Cunningham of the Ridge and Beverly Coleman of VOCA Tennis. She stated that Robin and Beverly wished to continue to be invited to the committee meetings and noted that they will be. A trip to Camp Verde is in the planning stage for skate boarding and swimming. There is an estimate of $10/hour for a bus plus fuel with insurance and chaperones being looked into. A May date is planned. Another skate day was discussed with PTSA. A lively discussion was held with six 7th graders. There was discussion of needs in the area and areas where kids are allowed to skate. The committee explained their efforts in this area and asked the kids to discuss these matters with their parents also. Dorothy noted that she has funding for one more Newsletter but was in need of funding for the April and May 15 issues. The cost is $50.00 and issue and contributions will be accepted.


D.      e-COMMUNICATIONS Ad Hoc Committee: Bob Carlile has received twenty responses to his questionnaire to date. Of these twenty only three respondents were without computer ownership. The remaining seventeen wrote that they would access our site and the site would possibly lead to more thorough reading of the minutes and more community exposure. Encouraged, Bob sent a message to Chip Davis to be forwarded to the webmaster with several requests. He is unsure if all requests will be granted, but he will go forward with his efforts. At present, the Big Park agenda can be accessed through the County web site www.co.yavapai.az.us under Public Meetings, Big Park Council. Click on agenda. Bob hopes to add minutes by the March meeting.


6. OLD BUSINESS: Lloyd Marlowe met with Mac McCall of Sedona Airport. Mr. McCall expressed his leanings toward an airport tower and his conviction that it would cut air traffic over Sedona. Mc McCall would also like to see the bi-planes become motorized gliders. He feels that the tower will help the airport become more controlled, but may lead to more commercialization. Carolyn Fisher expressed her doubts of any help it would bring to the Village of Oak Creek.


Jim Patterson expressed his thanks to Chip Davis and the assessor’s office for their time and talent in assisting the DRO committee. At this time the important commercial core has been identified and a letter has been drafted to cover the DRO document, which they expect to be sent out next week. The letter requests the recipients concur and response will be solicited by directly contacting each recipient.


7. NEW BUSINESS: Carolyn Fisher was contacted by Jeff McCutcheon of the Sedona fire department requesting the Council co-sponsor a health care fair. Involvement would be making phone calls to potential participants. Carolyn asked for volunteers, however no interest was expressed. Joan McClelland introduced Mr. Doug Ayes of Canyon Mesa from the audience. Mr. Ayes wished to speak to the predominance of commercial rental use in the Canyon Mesa units and the desire by some residents to put a time limit to the grandfathering of rental units through the passage of a county ordinance. He noted that Canyon Mesa Homeowner’s Association has no rental regulations. There is a proposed ordinance change coming up at the next County P&Z meeting and Carolyn Fisher suggested that interested parties attend.


Carolyn Fisher introduced a representative from the Sedona Film Festival. Brochures were passed out listing the events. The event is a tribute to the book and film writers of the fiction “2001”.



Hores announced that the Regional Planning Committee will be holding a

Regional Planning seminar in Cottonwood on March 15 at 1:00 p.m. Watch

the newspaper for the location.


ADJOURN:          The meeting was adjourned at 8:12 p.m. Respectfully submitted,


Zona Fink


The next meeting will be March 22, 2001 at 9:00 a.m.

In the VOCA Community Center









Minutes of Meeting February 13 2001



The fourth meeting of the Transportation Committee was called to order at 9:05 a.m. by the Chair, Dennis Parker. Other members attending were Bob Aberg, Tom Hutchison, Dick Byrnes, Shari Walter, Joanne Johnson, Dorothy VandeLinde, and Jim Patterson. Bill Kusner did not attend.


A quorum was established and the January 9, 2001 minutes were approved as written.

The discussion then turned to the development of two letters requiring approval by the

Big Park Regional Coordinating Council before they can be sent out.


1.    Beaverhead FIats Road This letter, addressed to Supervisor Chip Davis, will request that Mr. Davis do whatever possible to have a 4-feet paved shoulder included in the roadway currently under construction from Highway 179 to the Cornville Road. Committee members believe that this shoulder width is the minimum suitable for the safety of bikers and other users. TEA21 funds may be available for this purpose.


2.    Highway 179 This letter, addressed to Don Dorman, ADOT District Engineer, requests information pertaining to several transportation concerns that could affect the Village of Oak Creek area, including design volume and road speed, roadway composition, sound barrier walls, traffic lights, medium designs, sidewalks, and pedestrian/biker safety.


The Committee members unanimously approved the drafting of these two letters by the Chair, Dennis Parker, who will subsequently present them for the Big Park Council’s approval during its February 22nd meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m. The next Transportation Committee meeting was set for March 13th, at 9:00 a.m. at the VOCA Clubhouse.


Dennis Parker, Chair



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