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Minutes of April, 2001 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of April 26, 2001 Meeting

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.    Call to Order: by President Carolyn Fisher at 6:30 p.m. followed by the Pledge to the Flag. A quorum of thirteen member Associations represented.


2.    Finalize the Agenda: The agenda was finalized.


3.    Secretary’s Report: It was moved and seconded to accept the minutes.  Ayes carried. Zona announced there are new badges and an updated roster.


4.    Correspondence: Lorraine announced that all correspondence received had been passed on to the correct committees.


5.    Treasurer’s Report: Prior month activity was the receipt of dues from a member association bringing the total paid members to 16. The net balance to date is $2,406.58. Officers and Directors insurance will be due in June along with Corporation Commission fee. Bob pointed out that the Recreation Committee has been receiving various donations and after discussion with the Executive Committee and Carolyn, the Committee will open a second checking account under the name of Big Park Regional Coordinating Council for those monies. He said that as Big Park Council is not a 501C3, entity donations are not tax deductible. Bob feels that since most donations are a small amount, this would not be either a major problem or tax consequence, but donators will be apprised. A motion was made and seconded to accept the Treasurer’s report. Ayes carried.


Committee Reports:

A.    Transportation:

1.  As a result of last month’s meeting, the President of the Council asked the Transportation Committee to investigate devising an emergency road plan for the Big Park area. The emergency issue was discussed by the Transportation Committee, and decided the Transportation Committee does not have the expertise to come up with a plan, or how to address such a plan.

     The Transportation Committee recommends the committee develop a letter to the county and ask the county to develop an emergency road plan. The committee will ask the county to come back with a preliminary plan for Council review. Carolyn suggested Council members supply a list of specific emergency issues to the Transportation Committee. She suggested that there be a plan that can be enacted immediately during a crisis situation throughout the entire Big Park area. Dennis agreed to accept emergency scenarios for inclusion into the letter.  His telephone number is on the roster.

2. Don Dorman of ADOT attended the last Transportation Committee meeting and talked to the committee on the proposed highway 179 plan, specifically as it deals with the portion through the Village of Oak Creek. Dennis also went to the Transportation Board meeting in Flagstaff last week and got additional information on the tentative 5-year construction plan. The Village is Phase I and is scheduled for fiscal year 2002 with the portion into Sedona scheduled for fiscal year 2003. The tentative plan, and/or any modifications, will be brought to vote by the transportation board sometime at the end of June. The Transportation Committee, at their May 8 meeting, will be reviewing the information they have obtained, including the recent receipt of the environmental analysis dated February. At this point the final design phase will not be completed for another 18 months. The committee will come up with a list of items that they know are currently in the proposal for the section through the Village business corridor. The committee is going to send out the list to all of the Council representatives and have them obtain as much feedback as possible from their homeowners and come back to the May meeting in order to have a consensus to vote on whether or not a letter should be sent to ADOT supporting the Village phase with/without modifications. The committee fears that if action is not taken before June, Phase I may be taken out of the 5-year tentative plan and/or based on a study currently being done, the results to be completed at the end of May, that may or may not give the board the information to go ahead or to cancel the project for the time being. Regardless of the outcome, the committee would like to salvage the portion that concerns the Village. Don Dorman stated there is a possibility the Village portion could be separated and put on a fast track. The business association is supporting this separation. Mary Peters is withholding her decision until the traffic count data is available, probably after May. Gary Hofmann stated that fiscal 2002 is about 66 days away so we are not going to see construction in 2002, 2003 or probably 2004. ADOT seemed to be somewhat supportive of the separation however they cannot officially consider it until the environmental impact study is complete at the end of May. The business association is asking the construction plan be a ten-mile project in three phases of 2, 4 and 4 miles instead of the current 6 and 4 miles phases. The business association fears further delay on the improvements through the Village. Their theory is that there should not be much dispute whether sidewalks are needed over drainage ditches for pedestrian movement and expressed the hope that ADOT would take this portion of the project seriously. Carolyn expressed her wishes that a homeowner’s consensus can be brought to the May meeting.

3. The Transportation Committee wrote a letter to Supervisor Chip Davis as a result of a prior meeting asking support for the development of a non-motorized and pedestrian lane along Beaver Flat Road. The lane was not originally planned for the now near completed road. Supervisor Davis supports the project with a grant effort from the Council. The committee does not have manpower to pursue a grant. The deadline for this round is July27 of 2001.


B.    Planning and Zoning:

1. Concerning a driveway on Verde Valley School Road, Mr. David Seeley, owner of property along Verde Valley School Road West of Bell Rock Blvd. has requested a modification to stipulations of an original zoning map change approved by the Board of Supervisors in 1997. He wishes to install another driveway on his property to create a circular drive. The original intent of the board was to minimize the number of driveway cuts, but residents now say that it is dangerous to back out onto Verde Valley School Road and circular driveways with two driveway accesses would be safer. In order for Mr. Seeley’s request to be granted, a hearing by the P&Z commissioners is needed to modify the stipulation of the original zoning map change. The P&Z committee recommends that a comment be sent to the county stating we have no objections to the zoning map change. Dorothy is one of the seven residents in the area and all are in favor of the change. It was moved and seconded to provide comment to the county and ayes carried.

2. Joanne presented a reminder on the non-conforming lodge ordinance change that she has addressed several times; the first public meeting was held in Prescott, the second one will be May 9 and it will be in Cottonwood and those wishing to attend should be there about 10:00 a.m. The supervisors will discuss the ordinance change on May 21. Call Planning and Building at 639-8100 the week before for the agenda time, or look it up on the internet at www.co.yavapai.az.us or call Joanne.


C. Recreation: Dorothy said the committee has been working to get recreation activities going. She said the census numbers between 1990 and the year 2000 show the number of Big Park residents ages 17 and under increased 100 percent for a total of 668. Through the efforts of Bob Carlile, they now have insurance to cover the committee when they sponsor activities. The committee has been trying to get a van load of kids to go to the Camp Verde skateboard park on a Saturday morning. Hopefully it will happen before school is out, but if not the committee will do it whenever it can.


Regarding volunteers for swimming, it has been as up and down as the weather. Dorothy has some volunteers in place. If you would like to help out on Sunday afternoons for two hours in the month of May at the Hilton Cascade pool, please let Dorothy know as they are always looking for volunteers. The PTSA is also volunteering.


Dorothy stated that they are working with Gary Hofmann on the Suncliffe project on the possibility to getting a small pocket park in that subdivision. Gary Hofmann stated that they did submit a preliminary site plat to P&Z and that particular plat does locate a park facility within the subdivision subject to shifting around. Dorothy stated that they have some park maintenance lined up backed by the Kiwanis.


7. Old Business: Dorothy stated that at the last BP Council meeting a one-page handout was passed out regarding the open space plan for the county and in that regard there is going to be a meeting. This meeting will be held outside of a regular Council meeting, as it will require 45 minutes or more for presentation with a question and answer period to understand what is be undertaken. She noted that this is an important meeting as it is the first attempted in Yavapai County. It fits together with the Growing Smarter plan and this will become the base for that plan. The meeting is being planned for June 2 at VOCA at 10:00 a.m. to 12:00. Mike Reber who is one of the two original leaders of the planning effort that prepared the information will be here to make a presentation and to respond to your questions. Joan McClelland noted that a packet of material will be given participants to help explain the plan and the part of Growing Smarter. Susan Bronson, Planner from the county, mentioned that the county is in the process of hiring a consultant to work with the county on a general plan. Dorothy also said that they are in the beginning stages of creating a regional parks and recreation plan that would be consistent with the open space plan. An inventory of existing parks has been made.


From the audience, Alice Musgrove said that the community plan mandated that we come up with a design review overlay, but that business community has undermined any effort to create a DRO. As a case in point she pointed out the “blue” building across from the Circle K. Gary Hofmann said that the Village Business Association has never taken a stance for or against the DRO. He said that every property owner they could find that owns commercial property has been contacted. The said that the DRO is 20 years late, as the DRO asks them to subject themselves to the standards for which, in their mind, have no purpose. He said businesses fear if they ever were to redesign or remodel their facility, they would be out of compliance and they would not be given permission to redesign because of inadequate parking or inadequate setbacks. Mr. Hofmann said that if the DRO was adopted as written, the Bell Rock Plaza would not be able to develop one more building and you are not going to get even 10% of the business owners to agree to standards that should have been done when we had a lot of vacant property. He said they would love to see a concept that would make this area a more attractive commercial corridor. They are also pushing very hard to make this area a safe place to walk down the highway. Alice said that they have asked whether they could come up with only one or two things like color codes or lighting, but they will not agree to anything. Gary stated he feels as frustrated as Alice because they have spent a tremendous amount of energy writing to, visiting with, committee meetings, etc. He said, they have tried to at least to have some architectural integrity and color control and unfortunately it is not that easy to apply that standard to the 50, or more, owners, most of which have already developed their property. They have had contact with the property and business owners, and they are as frustrated as you. Alice asked if the project was “down the tubes”. Gary answered yes. A question from the audience asked if anything could be done about the “blue” building. Gary stated that he would talk to the owner. The P&Z committee also stated that they would talk to the owner.


8. New Business: From the audience Mitch Mandel said that he was looking for support for a new group concerned with parks for children. This new group is called “Concerned Parents for Children’s Rights. He stated this committee is going to create a fundraiser. Carolyn suggested that the Council Recreation committee join together with this committee as Village Park Recreation, Inc. still exists and suggests they work together for like goals. Carolyn stated that they have had indications from Chip Davis that the county will support maintenance of a park. Dorothy stated that the Recreation Committee had attended the first meeting and they are talking about resurrecting V.P.R.I. Gary Hofmann suggested the Sedona Village Business Association would participate in the effort.


9. Announcements: Tom Broderick from Citizens Gas stated that they expect to be done with gas line installation early July. Their website, citizensvoc.com, gives up-to-date information on questions you may have including how to get gas at a later time if you are not included in this stage. They have about 1150 applications and are expecting 1200. There are 185 meters set. Joan McClelland mentioned that Citizens dirt storage on vacant lots has infringed on private property rights beyond the county right of way. Lorraine Dean thanked Citizens for the great service from beginning to end. Tom Broderick said he would look into dirt disposal.


10.     Adjourn: Meeting was adjourned at 7:26 p.m. Respectfully submitted,



Zona Fink


The next meeting will be June 28, 2001 at 6:30 p.m.

in the VOCA Community Center













The following specifics pertain to the Village’s 2-mile highway portion of ADOT’s proposed highway plan.


HIGHWAY DESIGN South of the Ridge Trail Drive light, there will be a 4-lane roadway with a 16-foot wide, raised median and paved 16-foot wide inner lanes, 12-foot wide outer lanes, and 8-foot wide shoulders. From Ridge Trail Drive north to Bell Rock Boulevard, there will be a 4-lane roadway with a 16-foot wide raised median and paved 14-foot inner lanes, 16-foot outer lanes, and 5-foot sidewalks with curbs and gutters. From Bell Rock Boulevard north about 1/10 of a mile, there will be a 4-lane roadway with a raised median and a paved sidewalk on the east side only, continuing to the Forest Service pullout. Rubberized surface to reduce sound will to be used on the entire roadway. Left turn cuts in the median will be included in the final design plan, as appropriate. ADOT will surface the median areas with crushed native rock and provide pipe sleeves but no plants or irrigation system.


SPEED LIMIT A final speed limit within the Village has yet to be established. ADOT is currently considering a proposal to reduce the existing speed limit to 35 MPH, but there is no guarantee that this lower speed will remain in effect if a new roadway is constructed.


TRAFFIC SIGNALS Additional traffic signals within the Village have not been identified, although traffic patterns may indicate a need for additional signals when the final design phase is completed.


BICYCLE ASSESSIBILITY The southernmost roadway segment will include 8-foot wide shoulders that may be used by bicyclists. Similarly, the segment with 16-foot outside lanes (which are four feet wider than standard lanes) provide for more separation of vehicles and bicycles in a “shared” lane operation.


SOUND BARRIER WALLS Noise mitigation features are to be decided on the basis of a final noise analysis conducted during final design. Nevertheless, ADOT’s Environmental Assessment states that six residential units at the Oak Creek Estados may entail the construction of an 8-foot high noise wall, and several residential lots on the east side of the highway between the Village Baptist Church and Navajo Road may entail noise barriers higher than eight feet. Noise walls as well as other structures such as retaining walls will be treated with a patterned or textured surface colored to blend with the natural surroundings. The coloring will be coordinated with USFS, ADOT, the Village, and local jurisdictions during final design.


Important Note: ADOT’s noise walls are designed to be effective at the one-story level only, and they must continue without separations (i.e., openings) for several hundred feet to help reduce sound.

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