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Minutes of May, 2001 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of May 24, 2001 Meeting

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.    Call to Order: by President Carolyn Fisher at 9:01 a.m. followed by the Pledge to the Flag. A quorum of thirteen member Associations were represented.


2.    Finalize the Agenda: The agenda was finalized with the addition of discussion on speed bumps under Planning and Zoning.


3.    Secretary’s Report: It was moved and seconded to accept the minutes. Motion carried.


4.    Correspondence: Lorraine stated there was no correspondence.


5.    Treasurer’s Report: The May Financial report shows a balance of $2,396.58. Carolyn Fisher in the absence of Treasurer Bob Carlile noted that the Directors and Officers insurance cost increases this year to approximately $1,800.00. She asked that if any of the representatives from member associations also were insured under their particular homeowner’s association, to report that to Bob. The Recreation Committee bank balance is $10.00. Dorothy Hores noted that the Recreation Committee activities have been separated from the ordinary day-to-day activities of the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council. A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s report, seconded and carried.


6.    Committee Reports:

A.      Transportation: As asked by the transportation committee last month, the member associations brought back the vote/consensus on each member organization present including any caveats. A poll was taken, recorded and all caveats noted. The decision to approach ADOT with a request to fast track The Village of Oak Creek section of Highway 179 was accepted by a majority of organizations casting their vote. A letter will be drafted to ADOT affirming the desire to fast track the issue with caveats. The most persistently mentioned caveats were sound barrier walls and speed limits.

B.      Planning and Zoning:

1.  The Suncliffe Estates Preliminary Plat/Final site plan will come before the County P&Z Commissioners on June 6, 2001 and the Board of Supervisors on June 18. This is a proposed PAD of 146 dwelling units on 55.83 acres with a current zoning of R1L-lO, 4 units per acre and RCU-2A units per acre zoning. The Council P&Z committee and the Council has had several meetings with the developer’s agent, Mr. Gary Hofmann and neighboring residents regarding this development. Mr. Hofmann has indicated that he intends to include two park sites within the development, a 1.83 parcel on the SW corner and an approximately 1-acre site on the NW corner of the parcel. The P&Z committee recommends the Council add this stipulation to its approval of the development. The P&Z Committee also recommend they ask the Yavapai County Flood Control look into the possible flooding of this property as a further stipulation. The final recommendation of the P&Z Committee is that the Council indicate they have no objections to the proposed PAD with the exception of the flooding and park concern and any other stipulations the Council may vote on.

     Mr. Hoffman displayed the site plan and gave a detailed description of the planned development. He stated that their hydrologist will give a through report on flooding possibilities. The issue of height limitations was raised during the question and answer period. Mr. Hoffmann stated that he would work with each homeowner, walk their site, and note in the CC&R’ s any particular site limitations such as blockage of views by surrounding homes in place. In some cases he may recommend single story structures. He noted the procedure to do this is to contact his office. In regard to the park sites, he called them a “moving target” without explanation. He noted that some of the current walking paths will remain. He acknowledged that park or path use parking accommodations have not been addressed.

A motion to approve the zoning change with stipulations was stated as follows:

     “The Council states that they have no objections to the proposed PAD with the exception of flooding and park concerns.” Joan McClelland said that at the VOCA board meeting she was asked to indicate that the VOCA board directors agreed with the motion but they did express concerns and she was asked originally to indicate whether the developer consider lowering the heights of the houses to be more in conformity with Cathedral View if that is possible. Mr. Jenkins, President of VOCA, left the meeting but he suggested that Mr. Hofmann work with the homeowners in Cathedral View subdivision so VOCA would support the motion. At this point Mr. Hofmann noted what the county did in La Barranca. They named specific lots subject to height restrictions and stated that he is perfectly happy to do this. He said he would promise to visit everybody the project may have an impact upon. The call to question had one opposed and one abstention. Joan McClelland noted that it is very important that the County Flood Control be involved in this matter. Zona Fink noted that a Pinon Wood I resident had asked Dan Cheny, County Hydrologist, to walk the property and he had promised to do this and give a report back to that resident.

2.  Joanne stated that she had talked to Mr. and Mrs. Al Bieber and they are requesting that the County look into a speed hump on Beaver Creek Drive. They live at 175 Beaver Creek Drive. She talked to Norm Davis in Public Works because this matter has been previously addressed a number of times. Mr. Davis would like the Council to address speed bumps on an overall policy basis. If this is not possible, the County will have to come and research each individual complaint. Joanne recommends that we do what Norm Davis asks rather than to address each issue individually. However if the Council wishes to research each complaint, we should address the issue on Beaver Creek Drive. Mr. Bieber stated that there is a safety issue. Often there are people driving 50 to 60 mph for 4 blocks. It has a lot of humps where a driver often cannot see 200 feet, particularly in about the center area where a driver backing out of his driveway cannot be seen by an auto coming from the East and the speeder may not have time to stop especially on the downhill portion of the hump, compromising braking. They have had cases of drag racing and going over the humps in excess speeds. The County Sheriff has been called and it has been added it to the V.I.P. for surveillance. Mr. Bieber stated that this has been a 10-year problem. A spokesman from the V.I.P. said they were aware of the problem for the last few months and the speeding over the bumps is a “fun” thing to do for some drivers. Mr. Bieber has stop-watched drivers at 60 mph while children, dogs and adults were walking along the road, which does not have shoulders or sidewalks. A motion was made to write a letter to the County asking them to investigate this serious problem. Motion carried. Joan McClelland requested that futures items such as this be placed on the agenda.

3.  Other updates on previous agenda items included the Oak Creek Wellness Resort request for a Special Use permit. Tabled until August. Mr. Davis Steely requested a modification of stipulations. This modification would allow building a circular driveway at his unit on Verde Valley School Rd. County approved for safety factors. Non-conforming lodging ordinance change resulted in rescinding the 11 times per year rental provision for rentals less than 30 days and to limit to 30 days a lapse in non-conforming activity.

C.      Recreation: Mrs. Hores noted that the flyer for the June 2 Open Space meeting had been distributed and more were available. A map of the proposed Open Space was displayed on the wall. Dorothy noted that this is the first time Yavapai County and in particular the Verde Valley has created an Open Space plan. She said this is the starting point for Growing Smarter. She mentioned there will be overlay of a trails plan and they are working on a Parks and Recreation plan although they may not be complete by the Growing Smarter deadline of December 31, 2001, however, an extension has been applied for. She noted that public input is very important.


The Rec. Committee is planning to do their first youth trip to Camp Verde for skateboarding and swimming on Saturday, June 16. They also put together a final plan for the year that went home with the kids on summer activities.


7.    Old Business: Review of Policies and Procedures to be carried over until next month.


8.    New Business: No new business.


9.    Announcements: Bob Aberg called attention to the “Critical Mass” bicyclists ride event in Sedona the following day.


Carolyn noted that she had received a County notice regarding an inter­governmental meeting tonight at 7:00 in Cottonwood covering several topics, one being open space. She has been informed the meeting on June 2 will cover the same open space material.


10.  Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 10:47 a.m. Respectfully submitted,



Zona Fink


The next meeting will be June 28, 2001 at 9:00 a.rm.

In the VOCA Community Center


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