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Minutes of June, 2001 Meeting


Big Park Regional Coordinating Council

Minutes of June 28, 2001 Meeting

Village of Oak Creek Community Center


1.    Call to Order: by President Carolyn Fisher at 6:30 p.m. followed by the Pledge to the Flag. There was a quorum with eleven member associations present. Carolyn announced that the minutes can now be located on the county website by accessing the date/month of the minutes to be viewed.

2.    Finalize the Agenda: The agenda was finalized with the addition of the “blue building” under Planning and Zoning and multiple residential ownership. Under Recreation Committee, a report on the skateboard day was added. Under New Business discussion of a request for a speed hump on Bell Rock Blvd. and redistricting.


3.    Secretary’s Report: The date for the June meeting was corrected. It was moved and seconded to approve the minutes. Motion carried.


4.    Correspondence: Lorraine stated that a letter had been sent to the county requesting speed humps on Beaver Creek Rd. A reply was sent to the county with the information they requested on Suncliffe. The reply to the county Planning and Zoning commissioners was to recommend to the Board of Supervisors the approval of the proposed PAD with the exception of flooding and park concerns. The PAD recommendation was sent on May 28.


5.    Treasurer’s Report: Bob Carlile distributed the year-to-date Treasurer’s report. He noted that there were expenses in June of $154.79 for postage and copies. He stated that the D&O insurance had been raised to $1,800.00, but at the insurance company’s request he polled the member associations for information on D&O carried in homeowner groups. He then negotiated a new rate of $1,150.00. This insurance bill is due in July.


6.    Committee Reports:

A. Transportation:

1.  Dennis announced that Jim Patterson requested to become a Transportation Committee alternate. Jim recommended that Gary Hoffman be his replacement. The Transportation Committee accepted this request.

2.  Shari Walter and Dennis met with Chip Davis and the grant writers that are going to be working on the TEA-2 1 federal funds grant proposal to be submitted to the county by July 27. The committee is requesting paved bicycle lanes on sides of Beaverhead Flat Road. Chip Davis feels that this grant request has a good chance as this is the only TEA-2 1 request in Yavapai County this go around.

3.  A plan for road emergencies is being investigated by the county. According to the county, there was a plan written by the county about 3 years ago. This plan was never implemented and it will be resurrected by the county and looked into. The final plan is to be formulated by the county, without passing through the Big Park Council for approval, with information flowing to the Council.

4.  A letter was written to Mary Peters, head of ADOT, requesting the fast track of 179 work through The Village. To date Ms. Peters has not responded. The entire funding for 179 is still in the 5-year plan with final road design not expected for another 18 months

5.  Carolyn reminded members that Beaverhead Flat Road is now open and travel time to Cornville and beyond has been significantly reduced.


B.      Planning and Zoning

1.  In December of 1993 the Yavapai County Supervisors approved an application for a 46 unit assisted care living facility on Canyon Diablo Road. The facility is now owned and managed by the Biltmore Group of Louisiana. They will be appearing before the Commissioners for a change of use of this property in August. The Biltmore Group wishes to allow the use of the facility by groups (mainly senior citizens) who are in residence for wellness and/or educational activities. They are also proposing use of the facility for an Elder Hostel program. The Committee has met twice with their representatives and received conflicting messages concerning their proposed use for the facility. In their latest letter to the County, they said they are presently operating a wellness spa for visitors in residence. In fact they are using the facility as a motel in violation of their use permit. They advertise nightly and weekly rentals on the Internet. The County has been informed of this activity. No Council action is needed this month, but when we receive their final application for the August hearing we will ask for your response. Joanne talked to Enalo Lockard who said the County has received another letter from Biltmore, but the application process for the August hearing has been missed and it is unclear whether they will be on the August agenda at this point. Dennis noted that through working at the Visitors Center he noted that the Chamber of Commerce directory lists the Wellness Spa under motels.

2.  Suncliffe Estates update: The developer met with the P&Z Commissioners to present the Preliminary Plat/Site Plan on June 6th many residents residing near the development were present and stated several unresolved issues concerning the project. The Commissioners deferred the project until July and asked that the developer and citizens meet and try to work out these concerns. Height, density, flooding and a park site were the main issues. Last month the Council responded to the County supporting the development, but also stated their support of the neighbors’ concerns. Subsequently, a meeting was held with the developers. The meeting format was informal with tables with maps of the development. The developers were available to answer any questions and to hear concerns. Many issues were resolved. Dorothy is working on the park issue with hopes of a resolution.

3.  A developer with a request for a zoning change to build a Texaco station on a privately owned 11-acre parcel along 89A and Bill Grey Road was brought before the Commissioners. This is in direct opposition to the Verde Valley Regional Planning Resolution adopted several years ago, which discourages such leap-frog development. The request was denied. Cottonwood is planning to annex this area so the same issue will probably have to be addressed with Cottonwood at the near future.

4.  Big Park’s Blue Building: A member of our committee talked to the renter of the bicycle shop building concerning the blue exterior. The renter said the owner was planning to repaint next month. As yet we do not know what color, but the original color was to be a blue-gray.

5.  For your information we understand there is a homeowner in Big Park who has proposed selling his home to 10 individual owners as Timeshares. This was reported to the County and they have stated this procedure is illegal. Homeowners may want to consider such challenges in their CC&Rs.


C.      Recreation:

1.  Dorothy Hores stated the Committee is in the process of drafting a position statement to take to Planning and Zoning next week and then to the Supervisors. The Committee position with Suncliffe will be for 2 acres unless the developers are successful in obtaining the Kachina property on which they have placed an offer. In that case the park would move to that property which would be advantageous because the park would be adjacent to Suncliffe Drive and more accessible to the community Bob Carlile mentioned that in the absence of the Kachina property, the developer wants to have what he calls a neighborhood park, namely one that only has trail access and no parking. Bob notes that this would not be a viable community park, but one mainly for the use of the Suncliffe residents.

2.  In regard to skate day in Camp Verde, only 3 kids participated. The Church of the Red Rocks van was used, but a good time was had by the participants. There was good publicity from the kids, but Bob notes nothing much can be done until school starts. Bob believes we will start attracting more kids in the fall. There is a possibility of expanding to the Cottonwood park as well.


7.    Old Business.

1.  Policies and procedures: The purpose of this draft is framework for people both internally and externally to understand how the Council operates. It addresses how the agendas are put together and identifies the standing committees, which are Transportation, Planning and Zoning and Recreation. Each of those committees put together policies and procedures for their committee in draft. Carolyn noted that she would like to add how the Executive Board meets. Carolyn invited comments. Dennis suggested the draft be reviewed, cleaned up and voted on at the next meeting.

2.  DRO: Doug McDaniel, President of the Sedona Village Business Association was present. He said the DRO process is still going on and that the business association is undergoing a major reorganization and revitalization. He requested that anyone who wants to come to the monthly breakfast meeting on July 11 at the Hilton, to inform him of their intent. At this breakfast meeting they are presenting the new proposed procedures from each of the chairs.


8.    New Business:

1.  Speed hump on Bell Rock Blvd.: This concerns speeding drivers between the last hump and 179. This is the third individual request for a specific speed hump directed to the Council. The Executive Committee has taken a long-term prospective in which the purpose of the Council is not to patrol the whole area. The Board has asked the Transportation Committee to look at how to handle the subject of speed humps and recommend a plan to the Council. Transportation Committee head Dennis Parker noted that in his particular homeowner’s association the issue of speed humps was settled through that association. Carolyn suggested that while the Transportation Committee is determining policy any individual take their concerns directly to the County.

2.  Redistricting: Craig Dible called Carolyn to raise a flag on what is being considered in regard to state legislature redistricting. Voters as a body elected to have a commission decide the districting boundaries. Carolyn recommends that people consult the website www.azredistricting.org for information. The website also includes a citizens input form. Copies are also available at the sign in table. Our district No. 2 includes Flagstaff, Big Park, but not all the Verde Valley. One of the proposals has been to realign the Big Park area so we would align with the County boundaries in which case instead of being linked with Flagstaff we would be linked to Prescott. At this point the Council does not know whether they either wish to take a position or just to encourage individuals to become informed. A possibility exists of sponsoring a forum.


9.    Announcement, Suggestions, Comments: In the absence of Tom Broderick of Citizens Gas, Carolyn suggested complaints be directed directly to the County.


10.  Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 7:47 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,



Zona Fink


The next meeting will be July 26, 2001 at 9:00 a.rm.

In the VOCA Community Center

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