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Minutes of April, 2007 Meeting


Amended Minutes of the Meeting - April 12, 2007

1. The April 12, 2007 meeting of the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Bert Berkshire in the Big Park Fire Station meeting room, immediately followed by the pledge to the flag.

2. In attendance were eleven (11) members and five (5) alternates, a quorum.

3. Secretary's Report. Peggy Dorrell asked that the Amended Minutes for the month of February 8, 2007 and the Amended Minutes for the month of March 8, 2007 be approved. Motion for approval by Tom Graham, 2nd by Janis Mock-Jones, approved unanimously.

5. Corresponding secretary's report. No report.

6. Treasurer's Report. Carolyn Fisher, substituting for Jeff Dunn reported a current balance of $4,464.39 with the Recreation Committee showing a balance of $1,254.07. Fisher further reported that Dunn had indicated that all HOA's had paid their dues except for two and Dunn had said he would be contacting during April. This report was submitted for audit. Vote on budget postponed until May meeting.

7. Bert Berkshire requested information for the County Supervisors Association of Arizona upcoming meeting a list of concerns for rural areas: Security, Transportation, Communications, Growth Management, Water, NSA, and Disaster Preparations.

The Yavapai County Water Advisory Committee has contracted a population projection study used in modeling future water demands. Loyd Barnett, who is a member of their Technical Committee, noted that the Big Park projections from DES appeared to be very high compared to the available land and the proximity to buildout. He requested that the Council work directly with the contractor, Hoyt Johnson, to more accurately reflect the probable population. Bert Berkshire asked Craig Dible to assist in this project.

On Friday, April 20, 2007, at 8:00 PM the Kaufman Gallery is holding its gala opening at Tequa.
On May 5th and 6th, there will be Open Studios from 10-5. Eight studios will be open and this is a "free" event.
Mr. Berkshire then introduced Don Nelms, of Nelms Insurance Agency representing Farmers Insurance for the past 25 years. Mr. Nelms has reviewed the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council's Liability insurance coverage and Directors and Officers coverage. He stated that the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws state the primary rules of governing to reach goals. Policies and Procedures are the method by which they are carried out. Management has the liability to require that the Bylaws are clear and concise. Currently, we have no annual review to record changes and no orientation for new board members (representatives of member associations). He stated that should be proactive and make certain that all Bylaws and Policies and Procedures have no conflict. Jim Gibson asked what was the nature of coverage if we strayed and/or made Errors and Omissions - Mr. Nelms responded that that would be a wrongful act and coverage would be denied. Mr. Nelms further stated that everyone should have a copy of the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws.

Dorothy O'Brien stated for information that she was an employee of Nelms Insurance.

Mr. Berkshire announced that there would be a presentation at the May 12, 2007 meeting by the Forest Service.
Committee reports:

A. Transportation Committee: Joanne Johnson, Chair:
(Meetings at call of Chair)

1. Joanne Johnson brought up the subject of the Gate at Pinon Woods. Chip Davis gave the history. Johnson would like permission to send a letter from the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council to John Hays . How does the procedure work? Bert Berkshire tabled the subject which should be put on Agenda for the May 12, 2007 meeting.

2. Johnson announced that VOCA's new General Manager was no longer on the job. Johnson stated that she contacted the County to help with the Bell Rock Boulevard median starting at Hwy 179. The county will put in the median and VOCA will pay for the plants. ADOT will be landscaping the median. The All American Road Committee will be involved.

B. Planning and Zoning Committee: Zona Fink, Chair (Meetings on 2nd Wednesday, 8:30 AM at Sedona Winds

1. Zona Fink introduced Mr. Ramon Zambrano who owns 14.1 acres off Wild Horse Mesa. Mr. Zambrano traveled from California to make his presentation for his plan to have 25 SFD lots at 6000 sq. ft. each and 9 patio homes. He discussed that he will install a bike and walk way if BPRCC so desires. Houses to be 1 or 2 story, Height of 16 feet. Limit to 2 stories, maximum 3,000 sq. ft. Cluster homes 1500-1800 sq. ft. There will be stone inserts at corner before the road is finished. Mr. Zambrano indicated that there had been an inadvertent pre-start and that they just received the permit from the county to do remedial work. The Fire District had indicated that one gate is OK if all houses are sprinklered. The benefit to the community: 50% open space; pathway is benefit, underground utilities are also a benefit. A question asked him to address liability and insurance as there must be pick-up maintenance. This will be a gated community and would be built out in about two years. They would put in the bicycle and pedestrian walkway, and a positive statement from P & Z Committee would be nice.

The P&Z Committee has indicated that this would require a change to the community plan. If changed, fractional sales would be prohibited in the revised zoning. Mr. Zambrano was informed of this and that fractional is only permitted in commercial zoning.

2.BR Consulting (brain revitalization) "Health, Smile Peace" represented by Amy Ko, has purchased 3 lots behind Circle K and adjacent to the Forest Service beside Bell Rock(Bell Rock Vista I. They desire to put a 2-story building for a height of 32 feet for a training center with 18 bedrooms, 18 baths, 1 kitchen, and dining room. The current CC&R height limitation is 16 feet. They were asked what the requirements are for membership and did not respond. This facility would be for training the trainers. They are proceeding with working with ADOT to enable connecting with the sewer line and will pay for bringing the sewer line to that property. Ms. Ko was informed that she should take this request to VOCA first. She asked for help and it was suggested that she seek out a Land Planner who is familiar with the Village of Oak Creek community.

4. Zona Fink said that Tequa made an amendment to their PAD on signage and it was unanimously approved by the P&Z Commissioners. The item will be on agenda for the Board of Supervisors on April 16, 2007.

5. There will be a meeting of the Board of Adjustments on Thursday, April 19, 2007 at 10:00 AM in Cottonwood regarding the property at 10 Navaho. This property is R1L and had asked for a zoning change to RS which was approved, subject to stipulations including the revamping of house to satisfy ADA requirements. The owner decided not to fulfill the ADA requirement and the zoning then returned to R1L. The owner subsequently has applied for Home Occupation. However, she had ordered signage based on RS allowed size which is commercial sign. Current zoning of R1L with Home Occupation only permits 4 sq. feet of signage.

C. Recreation Committee: Bob Carlile (Meetings at call of Chair)

1. Carolyn Fisher announced that she has not kept the school calendar updated since December because she is having difficulty collecting data. She has an action item to pulse the PTSA and others to find out how and if this calendar is used. Depending upon that result, a Recreation Committee may not be required.

D. All American Road Committee: Bill Kusner, Chair (Meetings at call of Chair)

1. Dorothy O'Brien speaking for the AARC announced that the All American Road Committee is not planning on separating from the Big Park Council. Further, she announced the event taking place on April 21, 2007 at Tequa, co-sponsored by the Kaufman Gallery and corresponding to the grand opening of the gallery. ADOT will be doing driver training on roundabouts in the Tequa parking lot.

2. Jim Gibson announced that the State Transportation Board which controls the money is having a meeting May 4, 2007 in Flagstaff regarding Phase II of Hwy 179. We should voice opinion as to whether or not Phase II should be done.

3. Bert Berkshire said he had attended a PR Meeting of the Chamber of Commerce at Los Abrigados. They are trying to get Sedona to keep flow of traffic. ADOT is going out for bids in May with contracts to be awarded in December of 2007.

E. Ad hoc Library Committee: Carolyn Fisher, Chair
(Meetings at call of Chair)
1. No report

F. Ad hoc Bylaw Committee:

1. Don Beard stated that the committee comprised of Carolyn Fisher, Dorothy O'Brien, Craig Dible and Don Beard as Chair have met and reviewed the proposed revised Bylaws. There are three items upon which there is no consensus:

1. Combining Bylaws with Policies & Procedures
2. Committee membership - encouraged to rotate and optimum number of members.
3. Role of AARC. What does the AAR do? They shall be meeting again.

8. Old Business: None.

9. New Business:

A. Bob Carabell's reporting on 501 C3 corporation requirements is postponed until May 12, 2007.

B. Bert Berkshire, Chip Davis, Tom Graham, Dorothy O'Brien, Chris Moran and Mike Willett me to review Draft 5A from Mike Willett for where we are in the process for the maintenance agreement.

10. Announcements.

April 23, 2007 Meeting with Supervisor Davis at 6:30 PM at VOCA Community Center.

Office Space is still needed (storage) for P&Z and BPRCC Records.

The US Forest Service Wild Fire team wants to do a presentation in May. The Fire Department will do home surveys as to fire surround areas. This will be scheduled at the end of the May 10th meeting.

Day Care at Big Park School. Dorrie lost the lease when the school determined that they required the space. This daycare provider needs a space with 1500 sq. feet outside and a room of 500 sq. feet inside. If you have knowledge of such a place, please contact Carolyn Fisher.

Meeting adjourned at 11:15 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Dorrell, Secretary


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