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Minutes of January, 2007 Meeting




Minutes of the Meeting – January 11, 2007



              1.           The January 11, 2007 meeting of the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Bert Berkshire in the Big Park Fire Station meeting room, immediately followed by the pledge to the flag.


              2.           In attendance were fourteen (14) members and four (4) alternates, a quorum.


              3.           Agenda.  Agenda item added to acknowledge cards of Thanks received from the Sedona Airport and from Supervisor Chip Davis.  Agenda as prepared by Executive Committee and circulated prior to the meeting with this addition was approved.


              4.           Secretary’s Report.  The minutes of the meeting held December 14, 2006 were accepted as submitted.


              5.           Corresponding secretary’s report.  No report.


              6.           Treasurer’s Report.  The Treasurer reported a current balance of $2,380.34 with the Recreation Committee showing a balance of $1,254.07.  The Treasurer also noted that the 2007 dues invoices have gone out.  This report was submitted for audit.


              7.           Election & Installation of 2007 Executive Board Members.  The new officers of the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council for 2007 are:  President – Bert Berkshire; Vice President – Tom Graham; Secretary – Peggy Dorrell; Treasurer – Jeff Dunn.  Additionally, all committee chairs are approved:  P&Z – Zona Fink, co-chair Carolyn Fisher; All American Road – Bill Kusner; Transportation – Joanne Johnson; Library – Carolyn Fisher; Recreation – Bob Carlile.


              8.           Committee reports

                           A.  Transportation Committee:

                                         No Report

                           B.  Planning and Zoning Committee:  Carolyn Fisher, co-chair

                                         1.           Nelms Kitchen was passed unanimously by Supervisors

                                         2.           Hi-Lo Ranch side trip for “Retreat at Oak Creek”

                                         3.           Tequa PAD amendment.

                           C.  Recreation Committee:

                                         No Report

                           D.  All American Road Committee:  Bill Kusner, Chair & Jim Gibson

                                         1.  Working on new NACOG grant to extend scope past Bell Rock Blvd

                                         and past Jack’s Canyon. 

                                         2.  Liability –continuing to work with Yavapai County on maintenance

                                         and enhancements.  Tom Graham is working on agreements.

                           E.  Ad hoc Library Committee:  Carolyn Fisher, Chair

                                         1.  The Children’s Reading Corner is open

                                         2.  New Library Hours:  1-5 Tue – Fri; 9-1 Sat

F.  Audit Committee: 

1.  Members appointed by President Bert Berkshire:  Jeff Dunn, Carolyn Fisher, and Jane Petty.  Report requested by February

              9.  Old Business:

1.  Bert Berkshire announced that Carolyn Fisher had been awarded the Ruth Berkner Leadership Award AND the KSB award.  KSB award to be presented Sunday Noon February 11, 2007 at the Hilton.  Carolyn was given a “Standing O”  by those present.

2.  Don Beard asked that the Corresponding Secretary send letters of appreciation for service to BPRCC to Al Thiele, Tim Westbay and John Gillam.

              10.  New Business

1.  Carolyn Fisher requested that the council approve the roster of P&Z (12 primary and 3 alternate) members.  Unanimously approved.

2.  Dorothy O’Brien asked to submit 2 more names to P&Z.  Carolyn Fisher asked that the matter be addressed at the next P&Z meeting.

3.  Jane Petty, as President of Valley Vista Estates,

 announced that she had responded to a letter to the editor of the Sedona Red Rock News from someone complaining about the well drilling by Arizona Water in Valley Vista Estates.  She was complemented on the tone of her response.

4.  Carolyn Fisher asked that we contact the Red Rock News to ask that they provide a reporter to cover BPRCC meetings and would thus have the facts of such this like the well on record.  At this time the council members asked that we wait until Red Rock News fills the open personnel requisition before making that formal request.

5.  Carol Agers commented on the Verde Valley School Road median decorations for the holiday season.  She thought they were tasteful and she reported that after the first of January 2007, the decorations were promptly removed.  Local residents were pleased about the entirety of the holiday decorations.


              11.  Adjournment

1.    Meeting adjourned by Bert Berkshire at 10:45 AM.



                                                                                               Respectfully submitted,




                                                      Peggy Dorrell, Secretary




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