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Minutes of May, 2008 Meeting




9:00 AM, Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sedona Fire Station #3 - 125 Slide Rock Road, Sedona, AZ 86351

Call to order - Pledge of Allegiance – lead by Fire Marshal Will Loesche

1. Determine Quorum by Roll Call - 19 Members present and 7 absent, and there were approximately 25 members of the public present - EXHIBIT A

Council Representatives (or Alternates) who will be voting on behalf of each Member are requested to sit at the front table -

2. Agenda changes from Executive Board meeting - Dorothy O’Brien - The Executive Board had their meeting this month at the Tequa Management Office on 5 May 2008 at 9:30 AM and there were no agenda changes

3. President’s Report - President O'Brien introduced Fire Marshall Will Loesche, and then made a short slide presentation of the open house ceremonies last month at the new Ranger Station.

4. New Members/Member Changes - letter request from Wild Horse Mesa homeowner association dated 30 April 08 to be admitted as a Residential Association Member. On motion made and seconded, Wild Horse Mesa was unanimously elected as a new RAM. A question came up regarding the organization of the association, and past President Don Beard advised that Wild Horse Mesa qualifies under the new Bylaws. Wild Horse Mesa RAM appointed Dave Cook as its Representative, and MaryAnn Allencourt as the Alternate - see EXHIBIT B

5. Secretary’s report - Henry Reiter - draft minutes with proposed amendment to Item # 10 were previously distributed and displayed on the screen. On motion made and seconded, the draft minutes for the 10 April 2008 Regular Meeting, as amended were unanimously approved by voice vote

6. Treasurer’s report - Dave Norton

(a) Monthly Treasurer's report was displayed on the screen and discussed. All dues have been paid. A bank fee from last month was reversed and credited to our account. The first fee for conversion of our records to the website archive was paid. The remainder of the conversion will appear next month. The Treasurer’s Report is available on the website.

(b) Audit committee report - the annual audit has been completed by the Committee consisting of John Sahr, Craig Dible and Henry Reiter, Chair. A report will be made at next month's Regular Meeting

7. Corresponding Secretary’s report - Jane Petty - no report

8. Visitor Presentations - Don Harr made a 40–minute presentation as an update to his report on the Sedona Fire District budget to the Council last fall. The presentation stressed: (a) the importance of increasing communications with the community, (b) running the District as a “business” with regard to budgeting and services, and (c) the high quality level of departmental staff.

9. Committee Reports - A reminder for Committee Chairs that display material for the screen should be submitted to Dave Norton by the Friday prior to the Thursday Regular Monthly Meeting

(a) Website Committee - Jane Petty, Chair – committee member Dave Norton made live presentation of BPRCC website, and extensive additional material that is now on the site, including 12 years of minutes of the BPRCC. Material on website is searchable through Google. Website can be found at www.BigParkCouncil.org.

(b) Recreation Committee - Don Beard and involved parents have formed focus group of 20 to 30 children for a series of activities, including trips to points of interest, hikes, and various art, cooking and other classes.

(c) P&Z Committee- Mark Mumaw

(1) Art Shows - Tequa weekend special events are being considered by the committee

(2) Wild Horse Mesa/Zambrano – The applicant has called for a Citizen Participation Meeting at VOCA Tuesday, 20 May 2008, at 7:00 PM

(3) Sedona Golf Resort Gate - applicant to schedule meeting with Forest Service and report back to the Council

(4) Colosimo Sign Variance - meeting scheduled for Friday, 9 May 2008 – the Council last month voted against granting a variance, but recommended that if a variance is granted, it should specify aesthetic constraints consistent with VOCA restrictions

(5) Bell Rock Vista – 12-unit property in VOCA under threat of foreclosure, and the applicant is looking to change from the existing single-family use to a hotel lodging use

(d) Transportation Committee - John Gillam - no report this month. President O’Brien presented letter from Yavapai County dated 28 April 08, which was displayed on screen. See EXHIBIT C

Next meeting of the Transportation Committee is 19 May 08 at 8:30 AM - Sedona Winds

9. Other Reports (see reminder about display material under #9 above) - BPRCC seeks to have attendees at meetings of the following organizations. In the interest of shortening our meetings, these reports will be made on a rotating schedule of 2-3 per month:

(a) ADOT Executive Team - no report

(b) Yavapai County Regional Planners - no report

(c) Verde Valley Master Regional Trails Plan - no report

(d) Verde Valley Regional Transportation - no report

(e) SID Steering Committee - Carolyn Fisher reported that currently, 53.52% of eligible property owners have signed petitions supporting the Red Rock Maintenance Improvement District according to County sources. 56% of property owners were "local", and 44% were “out-of-town”; and 61% of local property owners have signed the petition.

The following Motion was made:

The Council Secretary will report to the BOS at the public Hearing set for May 29, 2008, stating the Council vote in December 2007 on the SID.

By: Carolyn Fisher

Second: Dorothy Baker, amended by Jane Petty

Passed: Unanimously

(f) Special Districts (Sedona Fire District, Sedona-OC School District, Sewer District) – no report

(g) Village Library Center - Carolyn Fisher reported on: (1) upcoming Memorial Day weekend book sale - donations can be made by calling 284-1603; (2) “These Is My Words” book discussion on May 28th at Sedona Winds, 1:30 PM - copies available at Library Center; (3) the Village Library Center will be holding monthly programs from now on, and (4) announced invitation to celebrate Sedona Library system 50th anniversary event on June 6th at Sedona Winds, 3:00 to 5:00 PM – please RSVP to Ann Meiggs at 284-9100 by May 27th.

(h) Sedona Village Main Street Revitalization Committee – no report

10. Old Business - none

11. New Business - none

12. Announcements

(a) Book Sale - Memorial Day weekend – May 24-26th – call 284-1603

(b) Book Discussion of “These Is My Words” – May 28th at Sedona Winds

(c) Library 50th anniversary event – June 6th – call 284-9100

(d) County Road closure of the Mingus Avenue extension

13. Adjournment – the meeting adjourned at 11:15 AM




Exhibit B


Yavapai Seal A.G. "CHIP" DAVIS
Supervisor, District 3
10 S. Sixth Street
Cottonwood, AZ 86326
(928) 639-8110

April 28, 2008

Ms. Dorothy O'Brien, President
Big Park Regional Coordinating Council
P.O. Box 20248
Sedona, AZ 86341

Re: Big Park Traffic Study

Dear Ms. O'Brien:

We are in receipt of your correspondence dated April 14, 2008 requesting an update on the Big Park Traffic Study. Following is the latest information for you to share with your Council.
In mid March we contacted Lima and Associates regarding adding a more detailed component to the larger Verde Valley Regional Transportation Study. We agreed that Public Works would compile previous studies and other background information and provide that to Lima so a scope could be developed.
Due to the heavy work load County-wide on major roadway corridors, work on the 179 SID project, the VOCA median project, and the Cornville Multi-Use Path we were not able to immediately find everything. However as of this week we did confirm that we have the preliminary Design Concept Report (DCR) study prepared by Shephard-Westnitzer (SW) for Jack's Canyon Road, but not the final document. We have requested a final sealed document from SW and expect to receive it soon.
That SW DCR study contains traffic projections for Jack's Canyon and the surrounding area based on 2 scenarios, one with build out occurring in 2024 and the other by projecting population growth into the future. That document and the other 1994 report will provide the background traffic information for finalizing the scope of work with Lima.
Lima and Associates is nearing completion and calibration of the existing conditions model. The next task is to build the future conditions model. The future projected traffic in the base model will be developed during the summer of 2008. When the future traffic model is calibrated, alternatives to alleviate issues with the future traffic are identified. This is the appropriate time to also include any alternative detailed model runs for the Big Park traffic component.
We understand that the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council Transportation Committee Chairman John Gillam has and will be attending the Regional Study TAC meetings. He should also be able to provide updates to the Big Park Council.
The timeline as we presently see it is the Scope with Lima will be finalized in May, presented to the BOS in June, a Notice to Proceed in June and the detail work with the Big Park Study notching in with the larger study in mid summer.

Best regards,

Chip's signature

Supervisor A.G. "Chip" Davis
Board of Supervisors, District 3

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