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Minutes of June, 2008 Meeting




9:30 A.M., Monday, 12 June 2008

Sedona Fire Station #3 - 125 Slide Rock Road, Sedona, AZ 86351

Pledge of Allegiance - Will Loesche

1. Determine Quorum - a quorum of 20 of 27 Member representatives were present - see roll call EXHIBIT A

2. Agenda changes from Executive Board meeting - no Executive Board changes

3. Presidents Report - Dorothy O'Brien reported that:

(a)   Chip Davis has advised that he will be representing the unincorporated areas of the Verde Valley at Intergovernmental Meetings.

(b)   Introduction of guests – (1) Heather Provencio of Forest Service, (2) Jennifer Wesselhoff of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce, and Fire Marshal Will Loesche, Sedona Fire District.

4. New Members/Member Changes

(a)   The SVBA has designated Judy Hill as their Representative, and Henry Reiter and Mark Mumaw as Alternates

(b)  VOCA has designated Eddie Burdette as their Representative, and Gary Kincaid and Steve Nelson as Alternates

5. Secretarys report - Henry Reiter

(a)   Consideration and approval of minutes from 5/8/08 regular meeting - minutes were approved unanimously with deletion of Exhibit C to those minutes

6. Treasurers report ­ Dave Norton

(a)   Treasurer’s report – Income was received from prorated dues for Wild Horse Mesa and expenditures for conversion of archived minutes posted to the website were made.  The report is posted on the website

(b)   Audit committee report ­ Henry Reiter, Chair of the Audit Committee, asked that the report be deferred to July meeting, pending John Sahr's return

7. Corresponding Secretarys report ­ no report

8. Visitor Presentations

(a)   Heather Provencio ­ District Ranger, Red Rock Ranger District, Coconino National Forest provided a slide presentation on the Ranger Station opening ceremony; Heather wanted to clear up a misconception regarding the source of funds for the facility – it was NOT built using Red Rock Pass funds (which are used to maintain the trail system) the facility was paid for by proceeds from the sale of the old Ranger Station property. Heather reported that initial visitation is about 200 per day and counting, and that landscaping will be phased in as funds are made available. Finally, Heather reported that recent Red Rock pass sales have been the highest ever for a 30-day period.

(b)   Jennifer Wesselhoff – gave a short update on the Sedona Chamber of Commerce activities. Recent visitation activity at the village visitor’s center in Tequa was up to 8,000 in one month.

9. Committee Reports

(a)   Website Committee - Dave Norton - reported that May 2006 and July 2002 meeting minutes are still missing (or perhaps do not exist). Nancy Brown suggested a "join us" button so associations who still are not members of the Council could download information on how to join.

(b)   Recreation Committee -­ Don Beard - The "Summer Fun" program sponsored by the Council is concluding its second week with a bus trip to the Camp Verde swimming pool. Last week there were 19 participants in a cooking/nutrition class and 21 for "A Day at Los Abrigados." Tuesday this week was "Vortex Viper Reptile Exhibit." The numbers of participants are at the minimum level for the program to succeed, so the Committee is scheduling only one week in advance. Next week the Committee has scheduled a "Bird Talk and Nature Day” with raptors on display and "Hiking West Fork". The same buses used by the School District are used for recreation program transportation. Parents are not pre-registering which makes it difficult to predict numbers, but as long as they keep showing up, the programs will be in business. More than one parent has thanked the Council for sponsoring this program. One complication, Kortney Zesiger's husband has been transferred to Phoenix so she will be unavailable starting in July. If the number of participants justify continuing the program, other arrangements will have to be made for a director in July.

(c)   P&Z Committee - Mark Mumaw

(1)  Update on Wild Horse Mesa Project (Zambrano) - applicant has mailed notice to property owners within 1,000 foot radius; neighbors have formed steering committee to work with applicant; work session meeting scheduled for later in June

(2)  Update on Colosimo Sign Variance - current sign was erected by tenant, not owner; Committee has negotiated an esthetically acceptable design see EXHIBIT B, which is scheduled for installation by end of July

(3)  Administrative Residential PAD (Section 441) – Council discussion focused on the general support for PAD’s but that the lack of public participation in the proposed amendment needed further study; a motion was made and passed unanimously to adopt the Committee’s recommendation that the proposed Zoning Ordinance be rejected – see EXHIBIT C

(4)  Commercial Vehicle Amendment H7178 - discussion followed and a motion for “no comment” was passed with one Member opposed and one abstaining – see EXHIBIT D

(5)  Guest Home Utility Hookups Amendment H8063 – the separate hookup concept of this proposed amendment was discussed, and a motion was made and unanimously passed to recommend against adoption of H8063 – see EXHIBIT E

(6)  Secondary Medical Dwelling Amendment H8062 – the proposal would add RV’s and trailers to list of acceptable “dwellings”; upon discussion that a use permit or variance would still be required, a motion was made and passed to recommend approval with two votes against – see EXHIBIT F

(7)  Trash Receptacles Amendment H8062 – motion was made to support approval with one vote against – see EXHIBIT G

(8)  Public Purpose Statement – on motion made, the Council voted unanimously to authorize the President to write a letter to the County requesting a short introductory statement as to the public purpose of a proposed ordinance amendment to facilitate public comment

(8)   Tequa Special Permit – the Council was advised that Tequa is working on a Special Permit application for certain shows to take place within the complex

(d) Transportation Committee ­- John Gillam

(1)  Las Piedras Stop Sign Request – to address a blind curve as viewed from pool parking/mailbox area – the Committee’s recommendation to support the request was unanimously approved by the Council - see EXHIBIT H

(2)  Pinon Woods Gate – Committee presented a draft emergency protocol for opening the gate – see EXHIBIT I. Fire Marshall Will Loesche advised that he was receptive to the concepts outlined in the protocol, questioned the need for a written protocol, and suggested that relying on the judgment of the professional on duty rather than a written protocol would better serve the safety needs of the community. Chairman Gillam asked the district to consider developing some form of written communication to assure residents.

(3)   Pinon Woods Gate Traffic Study – Chairman Gillam advised that he was advised the report was moving forward and may be available in a few months

10. Other Reports (note that the Council seeks to have attendees at meetings of the following organizations. In the interest of shortening our meetings, these reports will be made on a rotating schedule of 2-3 per month)

(a)   ADOT Executive Team – John Gillam - the next meeting will be in September

(b)   Yavapai County Planning Workshop – Mark Mumaw

(c)   Verde Valley Master Regional Trails Plan -

(d)   Verde Valley Regional Transportation -

(e)   Special Districts (Sedona Fire District, Sedona-OC School District, Sewer District) -  

(f)    Village Library Center -

(g)   Sedona Village Main Street Revitalization Committee – Judy Hill provided update on activity, which this month consists of a Full Moon Walk on Saturday, June 14th. The Committee plans to hold this event on a quarterly basis. Businesses and residents were encouraged to display flags because this is also Flag Day.

(h)   Chamber of Commerce, Community Issues Committee - Dave Norton represented the Council at the May 9th meeting.  Information was received from the airport that the operational ceiling for local aircraft has been raised several years ago to put aircraft at a higher altitude over the general Sedona area.  If the airport had a tower, more restrictions could be put in place.  If John McCain is elected as President, a tower is expected to be constructed at the airport to regulate the anticipated increase in air traffic.  The airport is also seeing an increase in business jet traffic bringing day visitors to the area.

(i)    Verde Valley Intergovernmental Meeting – the Council will be meeting with other unincorporated areas of the Verde Valley and caucus with Supervisor Davis who represents those unincorporated areas at these intergovernmental meetings

11. Old Business

(a)   Fire District Task Force – President O’Brien read a summary from task force Chair, Don Harr as follows:  The only remaining work will be a combined analysis (with SFD) on true costs & income involving SFD‘s Communication Center.  If both SFD & our analysis figures match, all will be fine.

Aside from the Chapel Station, SFD has completed architectural work on a totally new & free standing Communications Center at a cost of additional millions.  If the numbers don’t check out, there will need to be considerable explanations from SFD.  In a recent article from the Red Rock News, despite all of their previous comments & concerns, SFD acknowledges the round-a-bouts are apparently not a problem.

12. New Business

(a)   Ratification of Recreation Committee Insurance coverage – a few days ago the Executive Board was obliged to expend $400 from the recreation account to pay for special sporting event insurance. Since the Bylaws provide that all expenditures of the Executive Board over $250 be approved by the Council, a motion was made to approve the payment for the special insurance, which passed unanimously

(b)   Council's D&O insurance – the renewal is the same as it was last year and will be paid by the Treasurer pursuant to the approved budget

(c)   General Liability Insurance – Dave Norton advised that he is obtaining quotes for such insurance, and upon motion made, the Council unanimously approved a premium expenditure in the $200 to $400 range.

13. Announcements

(a)   Wastewater District Hearing June 17 – Ruth Kane, Chair of the Big Park Domestic Wastewater Improvement District announced the district’s public hearing on 17 June 2008 at 9:30 AM, at the Sedona Fire Station #3 – Ruth summarized the subject of the hearing, focusing on budget line item 45 proposing an ad valorem tax; other possible actions include increased fees and rates

(b)   KSB Annual Awards – Bill Kusner advised that Keep Sedona Beautiful will soon be making its annual awards, and is looking for nominations from the Village for architectural, landscaping and individual recommendations for recognition – nominations can be made via e-mail

(c)   Sedona Sunrise Center for Adults – Kathy Huffstetler updated the Council on the Sedona Sunrise Center for Adults, a program for seniors who want to stay at home but need assistance

(d)   Full Moon Walk – Saturday, June 14th – 5:00 to 8:00 PM

(e)   Alzheimer’s Memory Walk – scheduled for October

14. Adjournment - the meeting adjourned at 11:15 AM






Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Exhibit B
Colosimo Sign Variance

Exhibit B


- Approved with the following stipulations:
Major portion of sign reduced from 12' to 6.5'
Width reduced to 7'2'' (original was 9' wide)
Visibility through each section.
Earth tone colors and Dark Sky compliant

Currently in the Permit process.
Should start construction by end of July
Is NOT Responsible for current sign


Exhibit C

Section 441 Administrative Residential PAD
P & Z Committee Recommendation

This new ordinance is a result of work done by the Sustainable Planning Committee and is intended to implement Smart Growth policies and practices. This has been commonly referred to as "cluster development". Although there are several attractive aspects of the proposal, the committee has a number of concerns that need to be addressed:
As currently written, this is very broad and will require significant in-depth study by the P&Z committee, as well as constituent HOAs, before the committee could support this ordinance.
It may have unintended consequences for communities far from services or utilities
It gives no incentive for "green building"
There is serious potential for abuse with grave consequences
How will neighborhood compatibility be considered?
There is no going back after approval with Prop 207
The public process is completely eliminated! - Residential PADs would be allowed as a "Matter of Right" provided all other conditions are met.

This item is scheduled for the Planning and Zoning Commission to take action on July 23, 2008, and forward a recommendation to the Board of Supervisors (tentatively for their Aug 18 meeting)

The P&Z Committee recommends the ordinance be rejected until the above issues can be researched and resolved.

Exhibit D
Zoning Ordinance Amendment H7178
Commercial Vehicle
P & Z Committee Recommendation

This amendment would allow parking of one commercial vehicle, up to 7 tons, in a residential zoning district. The vehicle must be for the occupants use.

An example of a 7 ton vehicle is a 1 ton truck with tool boxes such as used by a plumbers, electricians, or APS emergency vehicle. Large semi-trucks, trailers or dump trucks would NOT qualify.

It also adds that any vehicle over 7 ton capacity would need to be parked within a garage or a fully enclosed building.

It is recommended that each HOA check their CC & R's as they may be more restrictive and easier to enforce.
The P&Z Committee recommends that the Council respond "No Comment"

Exhibit E
Zoning Ordinance Amendment H8063
RV Secondary Medical Dwelling
P & Z Committee Recommendation

This amendment would delete the requirement that the utilities of a detached guest homes (section 537) be metered and serviced by the primary structure. Detached guest homes require a minimum of a 1.6 acre parcel. Depending on the size and terrain of the parcel it is sometimes more efficient to use a separate utility hookup. However, these cases can be accommodated by a variance.

The P&Z Committee felt that this amendment could facilitate the use of these guest homes as illegal rentals.

The P & Z Committee recommends the BPRCC reject this amendment.

Exhibit F
Zoning Ordinance Amendment H8062
RV Secondary Medical Dwelling

This proposed ordinance amendment would add RV's and travel trailers to the list of allowed structures/vehicles to be used as a secondary medical dwelling. The dwelling is required to be connected to an approved wastewater system.

The occupancy use of the vehicle would still require a Use permit or a Secondary Medical Dwelling Variance.

The exclusive use of this dwelling is for

"an ill, handicapped or elderly person in need of special care or supervision, or a care provider for such a person, if the ill, handicapped or elderly person is the owner or resident of the main dwelling or a relative of the owner or resident of the main dwelling."

The Committee recommends the BPRRC responds "No comment".

Exhibit G
Zoning Ordinance Amendment H8064
Trash, Garbage, Refuse
P & Z Committee Recommendation

This amendment would require trash containers to have a cover so that trash will not blow out of it.

The P&Z Committee recommends that the BPRCC recommend approval of this amendment.

Exhibit H

Piedras del Norte (westbound) at Colinas
Request by Las Piedras POA that a stop sign be placed on Piedras del Norte (westbound) at Colinas:
Piedras del Norte curves at Colinas at the pool and mailbox parking lot;
Westbound (downhill traffic usually doesn't follow speed limits;
Because of the curve, cars turning left into the parking lot can't see traffic coming towards them;
Vehicles facing south, stopped on the road for mail pick-up, have a poor sightline for cars coming from behind.

Stop sign

MOTION EXHIBIT # __H__ June 12, 2008

Subject: Las Piedras Stop Sign Request

In order to mitigate an unsafe traffic condition and reduce the risk of potentially serious injuries and lawsuits, it is recommended that the County install a stop sign for west bound traffic on Piedras del Norte at the intersection of Colinas in the Las Piedras Property Owners Association.

By: Carolyn Fisher
Second: Neil Pope

Exhibit I
Approved by BPRCC Transportation Committee May 19, 2008
Protocol for the Pinon Woods Gate

The Big Park Regional Coordinating Council recommends that the following protocol be implemented for opening the gate in the Piñón Woods subdivision:

The Piñón Woods subdivision gate should be opened when any of the following events occur:

•  A traffic collision on Highway 179 at or in close proximity to the Jacks Canyon roundabout OR on Jacks Canyon at or in close proximity to the Highway 179 roundabout that obstructs the normal flow of traffic on Jacks Canyon Road out of the community

•  Any major medical emergency in the neighborhood East of the gate that would be better facilitated by emergency vehicles utilizing the gated roadway

•  Any event, that in the opinion of the on-duty officials of Sedona Fire District, Department of Public Safety or Yavapai County Sheriff's Office, would be better managed for the general safety of community residents by opening the gate. This could be a fire or law enforcement event.

•  Any other situation, at the discretion of Sedona Fire District, DPS or YCSO, deemed to be a safety concern.

At the conclusion of any of the listed events, personnel should be assigned to close and secure the gate.


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