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Minutes of July, 2008 Meeting




9:00 A.M., Thursday, 10 July 2008

Sedona Fire Station #3 - 125 Slide Rock Road, Sedona, AZ 86351

(Note that all EXHIBITS may be viewed on the Council’s website www.BigParkCouncil.org)

Pledge of Allegiance – William Boler, Fire Chief

1. Determine Quorum - a quorum of 22 of 27 Member representatives were present - see roll call EXHIBIT A

2. Agenda changes from Executive Board meeting - no changes

3. Presidents Report - Dorothy O'Brien introduced two guest speakers - Fire Chief William Boler, and Steve Gudovic, owner of Big Park Water Company

4. New Members/Member Changes Changes in representatives and alternates were announced.  The updated roster is posted on the website and was distributed to the Council membership.

5. Secretarys report - Henry Reiter – there were no comments on the draft minutes of the 12 June 2008 meeting, and on motion made and seconded, the minutes were unanimously approved.

6. Treasurers report ­ Dave Norton – The only transactions this month were for the Recreation Committee’s Summer of Fun programs.  See Treasurer’s Report posted on the website.

7. Corresponding Secretarys report ­ no report this month

8. Visitor Presentations

(a)   Big Park Water – Steve Gudovic – the Big Park Water Company is family owned and serves 3,000 customers in the Village area.  Steve advised of the area’s assured 100-year water supply and his company’s program of providing quality water from its 7 active wells.  The company is in the process of fitting its wells with arsenic control devices to reduce arsenic levels from the previous standard of 25 parts per billion to the current recommended standard of 10 parts per billion.

(b)   Sedona Fire District - Fire Chief William Boler – advised that he has been working with Council representatives Don Harr, Craig Dible, and Carolyn Fisher, and spoke briefly on the district’s 11.75% budget increase for the current fiscal year. He encouraged district residents to contact him with questions and concerns. Terry Keller, Chief of Operations, made presentation on the proposed Chapel station.

        Proposed Chapel Station – There currently are 5 stations in the district: #1 in West Sedona, #2 in the Red Rock Loop area, #3 in the VOC, #4 in Uptown Sedona, and #5 in Oak Creek Canyon. 4 of these are currently “manned”. The proposed Chapel area station would be the 5th “manned” station, and would meet two objectives of the district: (a) provide the Chapel area with shorter response times, and (b) provide nearby service backup to both the #3 station in the VOC and the #4 station in Uptown Sedona. The presentation covered the pros and cons of the Design/Bid/Build approach to the construction of the proposed Chapel area station, which is slated to cost about $2.5 million plus equipment and staffing costs.

9. Committee Reports

(a)   Website Committee - Dave Norton encouraged everyone to check out the website at www.BigParkCouncil.org

(b)   Recreation Committee -­ Don Beard – reported that the "Summer of Fun" program sponsored by the Big Park Council ended June 26, one month sooner than planned.  As reported last month, the program director was not available for July. Attempts to find a suitable replacement were not successful.  One person was willing to take the job, but wanted a guarantee through July.  Based on attendance at that time, the committee was unable to make that commitment.  Parents were promised that they would be given a two week notice before the program would be ended so they would have time to make other arrangements.  The June 12th trip to the Camp Verde pool had only 12 participants and a bus bill of $350.  There were not many advance registrations and no commitment as to future attendance.  After paying for insurance, the program was left with about $800 which could be used up in a week with the continued level of participation.  Chairman Beard made the decision to terminate the program at the end of June and the parents were notified. The second trip to the Camp Verde pool was cancelled and replaced with a water day, courtesy of the Sedona Fire district.  Attendance picked up during the last couple of weeks, and the program actually ended with a surplus of about $900 and a lot of valuable lessons.  Next year the committee plans to start earlier, offer discounts for early registration and stay closer to home to cut down on travel expenses.  Parents were enthusiastic in their support and actually asked for more than two days a week.  The committee is looking forward to a bigger and better program next year.

(c)   P&Z Committee - Mark Mumaw

(1)  Update on Wild Horse Mesa Project (Zambrano) – the Wild Horse Mesa neighborhood steering committee met with the applicant on June 24th, and then walked the site with the Chairman of the committee to the following morning. A follow up meeting between the applicant and the steering committee is planned for the end of July.

(2)  Highway 179 signage violations – the Committee recommended that the Council adopt a motion regarding temporary signage in the ADOT Highway 179 right-of-way. The motion was unanimously approved - see EXHIBIT B

(d) Transportation Committee ­- John Gillam

(1)  Pinon Woods Gate – following the Council’s request at its June 12th meeting, Fire Marshal Will Loesche sent an updated protocol letter for opening the gate on June 13th – see EXHIBIT C

(2)  Pinon Woods Gate – Chairman Gillam reported on the Lima and Associates upcoming traffic study report. The committee developed an outline of questions to be considered regarding the study – see EXHIBIT D

(3)  Las Piedras Stop Sign Request – President O’Brien advised that she will be sending out a letter to the County as follow up to the Council’s resolution last month to install that sign.

10. Other Reports (note that the Council seeks to have attendees at meetings of the following organizations. In the interest of shortening our meetings, these reports will be made on a rotating schedule of 2-3 per month)

(a)   ADOT Executive Team – John Gillam reported that the next meeting will be on September 26th

(b)   Yavapai County Planning Workshop – Mark Mumaw reported that the next meeting will be on July 16th at 2:00 PM at the new Ranger Station facility

(c)   Verde Valley Master Regional Trails Plan – Cliff Huffstetler made a short presentation on activities

(d)   Verde Valley Regional Transportation – meetings are on the 4th Wednesday of each month; the next meeting is on July 24th at 2:30 PM in the County Supervisors conference room in Cottonwood


(1)  Big Park Domestic Wastewater Improvement District – Mark Mumaw reported on yesterday’s meeting of the District Board and restaurant owners in the village, which was informative and constructive with positive reactions from restaurant businesses. The next meeting will deal with measures to control grease generation scheduled for the 3rd Tuesday of the month at the Fire District station #3 in the village.

(2)  Red Rock Road Enhancement Maintenance District – Tom Graham reported the 5 steps towards the implementation of the enhancements and the maintenance district: (a) securing a majority of district property owner signatures by May; (b) County establishment of the district by the end of May; (c) signing of the Joint Project Agreement between the County and ADOT; (d) State Transportation Board approval; and (e) putting the project out to bid by the end of June. Tom reported that ADOT expects to commence construction on the enhancements by the fall, with a construction duration of approximately 6 months.

(3)  Sedona Fire District - Fire District Task Force – President O’Brien advised that task force Chair, Don Harr, will have an update report next month

(4)  Sedona-Oak Creek School District – no report this month

(5)  Yavapai County School District – no report this month

(f)   Village Library Center – no report this month

(g)   Sedona Village Main Street Revitalization Committee – no report this month

(h)   Chamber of Commerce, Community Issues Committee – no report this month

11. Old Business

(a)   Council Insurance – Dave Norton reported that pursuant to last month’s resolutions, he has secured a $1 million general liability insurance policy with Ayers and French for the Council. The annual cost for the additional coverage is $217.

12. New Business

(a)   Verde Valley Intergovernmental Meeting – on motion made and seconded, it was unanimously resolved:  That the Council’s President will represent the Council at periodic meetings of the Verde Valley unincorporated communities. The Vice President will be the alternate representative.

13. Announcements

(a)   Supervisor Chip Davis’ next community meeting will be on August 25th at 7:00 PM at Sedona Winds

14. Adjournment - the meeting adjourned at 11:20 AM








Hwy 179 Signage Violations

The issue is the temporary signs on 179 permitted during construction.

The P & Z Committee recommends the follow resolution:

“The Big Park Regional Coordinating Council, per a recommendation of its P&Z Committee, recommends working with the business association to bring into compliance all temporary signage on ADOT’s SR179 right-of-way by completion of Phase 1.”

This resolution is limited to temporary signage in the 179 ROW

The Sedona Village Business Association  Board of Directors support this resolution.





Meeting Quorum - July 10, 2008

Exhibit #   A   

26 Members in the Council

Quorum Result

Legend: P=Present X=Not Present

      Will 1994 Traffic Study be used as a reference?

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