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Minutes of August, 2008 Meeting




9:00 A.M., Thursday, 14 August 2008

Sedona Fire Station #3 - 125 Slide Rock Road, Sedona, AZ 86351

(Note that previous MINUTES and EXHIBITS may be viewed at www.BigParkCouncil.org)

Call to Order - Pledge of Allegiance

1. Determine Quorum - a quorum of 21 of 27 Member representatives were present - see roll call on website as EXHIBIT A

Exhibit A

2. Agenda changes from Executive Board meeting - no changes

3. Presidents Report - Dorothy O'Brien announced that State Senator Tom O’Halleran has been invited to speak to the Council on this year’s legislative update at 10:00 AM

4. New Members/Member Changes no changes in representatives and alternates were announced.  The updated roster is posted on the Council website: www.BigParkCouncil.org

5. Secretarys report - Henry Reiter – there were no comments on the draft minutes of the July 2008 Regular meeting, and on motion made and seconded, the minutes were unanimously approved – see approved minutes on the website Archive.

6. Treasurers report

(a)  Monthly Report - Dave Norton – Last month’s activities are summarized in the Treasurer’s spreadsheet – see Treasurer’s Report on website.

(b)  Annual Audit - Henry Reiter – This year’s audit committee, consisting of John Sahr, Craig Dible, and Henry Reiter, reviewed last year’s accounts and reported that with the accounts were in order, noting that there were only a couple of minor instances were transaction documentation was not available.

7. Corresponding Secretarys report ­ no report this month

8. Committee Reports

(a)   Website Committee - Dave Norton advised that a CD of all of the Council’s minutes was available and anyone desiring a copy should contact him.

(b)   Recreation Committee -­ Don Beard reported that volunteers were working on an article for the Villager on this year’s recreation program.

(c)   P&Z Committee - Mark Mumaw

(1)  Colosimo Sign – VOCA’s Architectural Review committee is working with the owner and the tenant; a meeting is scheduled for August 20th.

(2)  Wild Horse Mesa Project (Zambrano) – The applicant presented an amended plan to the Wild Horse Mesa neighborhood steering committee, with reported site plan layout improvements and a reduced lot count of 29 from 31. A follow up meeting with the P&Z Committee is scheduled for September, after which that committee expects to bring the proposal to the Council.

(3)  Proposed Section 441 – The ad-hoc Sustainable Planning Committee intended goal to promote cluster development has been the subject of several meetings. Some of the issues include density transfers between zoning districts, and Citizen Participation.

(4)  Scenic Hwy 179 Signage – The “sandwich board” temporary signs seem to be re-appearing; the Council’s P&Z Committee is meeting with four community groups (All-American Road Committee; the Chamber of Commerce; the Sedona Village Business Association; and VOCA) to address concerns and explore signage guidelines for Scenic Highway 179.

(5)  New Tequa Restaurant – the Fork in the Road restaurant has just opened at Tequa, after dealing with reported State and County regulatory hurdles.

(d) Transportation Committee ­- John Gillam

(1)  Alternate Route/City of Sedona Study – The Transportation Committee studied the City of Sedona’s 5 Alternate Route Options and voted to recommend the Council adopt a resolution supporting two of the five options. On motion made and seconded, the Committee’s recommendation was considered and an amended resolution was unanimously adopted as follows:

“The new private bridge across Oak Creek, which is accessible by emergency vehicles, greatly reduces the benefit that might be gained by using Verde Valley School Road (Options 2 and 3) as the eastern portion of such a corridor.

In addition, Options 2 or 3 create significant negative impacts to the residents of the Western portion of the Big Park area, without additional benefit to the residents of the City of Sedona that would be provided by Options 1, 4 or 5.

Accordingly, we recommend Option 5 (Sunset Drive) or Option 4 (West Mallard Road) for possible further study. Both of these alternatives would be accessible by City and Big Park residents and would seem to provide the most potential benefit for residents and travelers in the greater Sedona area.

Finally, we respectfully request that any decision regarding these Options be based upon a thorough understanding by all concerned of the main purpose to be served by the road

(2)  Traffic Study/Pinon Woods Gate – apparently, the County’s Regional Transportation Plan does not include the traffic circulation issues raised by the Pinon Woods Gate. The Committee is scheduled to meet with Supervisor Davis on Tuesday, August 19th to discuss – the Committee thanks the community for its patience, and says “stay tuned”.

(3)  Braking Noise on Hwy 179 – The Transportation Committee investigated a complaint of trucking braking noise on Highway 179 made by a village resident, and reported that ADOT does not regulate such practice, but that certain incorporated communities do have the ability to adopt regulations prohibiting certain truck braking practices. Big Park, as an un-incorporated area of Yavapai County, has no such ability.

(4)  Highway 179 “Rumble Strip” – the installation of a “rumble strip” on Highway 179 south of the Ranger Station to Interstate 17 reduced the width of the paved shoulder for safe use by bicyclists, resulting in a hazardous situation by forcing those bicyclists onto the vehicular roadway. The Committee investigated and reported that although ADOT acknowledges the rumble strip was installed in a shoulder less than 4 feet wide, contrary to its own guidelines, no immediate solution seems to be apparent. The Committee plans to write to ADOT regarding the unsafe condition.

9. Visitor Presentation State Senator Tom OHalleran provided a 30-minute detailed briefing on the legislative session that just ended, focusing on the 2008 budget. The 30-minute presentation included an overview of: (a) the Budget Process - and the need to diversify revenue sources so that State finances are less susceptible to economic swings; (b) Investment in Tourism – has been proven to be a source of immediate payback of investment dollars; (c) Investment in Healthcare and Education – two areas of the budget that will have to increase to sustain Arizona’s knowledge-based economy; and (d) the Transparency Bill – slated to become effective in 2011, which will mandate that a complete description of all expenditures be posted on the State’s website.

10. Other Reports (note that the Council seeks to have attendees at meetings of the following organizations. In the interest of shortening our meetings, these reports will be made on a rotating schedule of 2-3 per month)

(a)   ADOT Executive Team (John Gillam and Bert Berkshire) – no report this month

(b)   Yavapai County Planning Workshop (Mark Mumaw) – no report this month

(c)   Verde Valley Master Regional Trails Plan (Cliff Huffstetler) – no report this month

(d)   Verde Valley Regional Transportation (John Gillam) – no report this month

(e)   Red Rock Road Enhancement Maintenance District - Tom Graham reported that an unexpected large number of 11 bids were submitted for the enhancement work, with three of those bids under budget; ADOT plans to award contracts in mid September

(f)    Sedona Fire District - Don Harr, Fire District Task Force Chair, distributed a chart representing the Sedona Fire District’s annual budgets from 2002 through 2009, and noted that the 2009 budget of $15,924,839 was almost two and a half times larger than the 2002 budget of $6,668,566. And, represents a 45% increase over the 2007 budget of $10,965,671. There were 5 candidates on the ballot for the Fire District’s Board, including Charles Christianson and Don Harr, and two former District employees now retired.

(g)  Sedona-Oak Creek School District (Jan Montgomery) – no report this month

(h)   Yavapai County Schools – no report this month

(i)    Big Park Domestic Wastewater Improvement District (Ruth Kane) – no report this month

(j)    Village Library Center (Carolyn Fisher) – no report this month

(k)   Sedona Village Main Street Revitalization Committee (Kathy Nelms) – no report this month

(l)    Community Issues Committee - Chamber of Commerce (Dave Norton) - , Community Issues Committee – no report this month

(m)  Verde Valley Intergovernmental Meetings (Dorothy O’Brien) – As a reminder, at last month’s Regular Meeting, the Council unanimously resolved that the President, with the Vice President as an alternate, represent the Council at these meetings.

11. Old Business none this month

12. New Business - none this month

13. Announcements

(a)   Supervisor Chip Davis’ next community meeting will be on August 25th at 7:00 PM at Sedona Winds

(b)   Everyone was reminded of the primary elections on September 2nd

14. Adjournment - the meeting adjourned at 10:55 AM



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