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Minutes of March, 2007 Meeting



Amended Minutes of the Meeting – March 8, 2007



1. The February 8, 2007 meeting of the Big Park Regional Coordinating Council was called to order at 9:00 AM by President Bert Berkshire in the Big Park Fire Station meeting room, immediately followed by the pledge to the flag.


2. In attendance were thirteen (13) members and four (4) alternates, a quorum.


3. Agenda changes from Executive Board meeting: Jane Petty asked that an additional amount of time be added for consideration of New Business Item 9A – BPRCC Bylaws. The document sent to members on the 6th of March was suggesting the combining of Bylaws and Policies & Procedures. Subsequent to the discussion on this item, Zona Fink moved, seconded by Joanne Johnson, that a Committee is appointed to review Bylaws and to make recommendations deemed necessary, after consultations with each committee. After several minutes, Joanne Johnson called the question. Motion passed: Yes 8, No 7.


4. Secretary’s Report. Peggy Dorrell reported that she had a request for changing one item in the February 8th meeting and that she had discovered that some information had inadvertently been omitted. Approval of minutes is tabled until April meeting.


5. Corresponding secretary’s report. No report.


6. Treasurer’s Report. Peggy Dorrell, substituting for Jeff Dunn reported a current balance of $4,104.13 with the Recreation Committee showing a balance of $1,254.07. Dorrell further reported that Dunn had indicated that all HOA’s had paid their dues except for three and Dunn had said he would be contacting during March. This report was submitted for audit. Vote on budget postponed until April meeting.


7. Bert Berkshire introduced Bob Rothrock of Cocopai Research Conservation who gave a presentation on Regional Trails Planning for which an ad hoc committee will be formed to solicit funding for trail development. It was suggested to Mr. Rothrock that he could contact Friends of the Forest inasmuch as their goals were similar and Friends of the Forest have an established method for obtaining those goals. An electronic copy of said presentation is to be attached along with these minutes, with paper copies to those who have no e-mail access.


8. Committee reports:

A. Transportation Committee: Joanne Johnson, Chair:

(Meetings at call of Chair)

1. Joanne Johnson presented the names for Transportation Committee for approval: Joanne Johnson, Chair; John Gillam; Jim Gibson; Bill Kusner; Norm Murdock; and Sherrie Walters..

B. Planning and Zoning Committee: Zona Fink, Chair (Meetings on 2nd Wednesday, 8:30 AM at Sedona Winds


1. Peggy Dorrell reported on Vistella, a proposed development by Donn House, adjacent to VOCA subdivision Bell Rock Vista #4. The sketch review for this project as held Friday, March 2nd in Cottonwood. A new survey was done by the developer and it was discovered that several properties in the Bell Rock Vista #4 subdivision encroached upon Vistella property. Evidently, errors were made by the original surveyor. To correct this, the developer announced at the sketch review that the entire amount of the encroachment would be deeded to the VOCA residents. This meeting was technical with Fire Department, Flood Control for their input. Elise Link attended with Tammy DeWitt, Planner, Yavapai County Development Services Department. The neighbors west of this proposed subdivision had issued to Yavapai County a concern for “Greenbelt Park Landscape” which had been promised by the developer of Firecliff. This 9.7 acres was privately owned by another party who sold this property to Mr. House. No zoning change is being requested. Also, builder-developer does not intend to set up a Homeowner’s Association.


2. Zona Fink, Chair of the BPRCC Planning & Zoning Committee announced that a formal complaint had been filed against Chevron property by the Dark Skies sub-committee. The county had agreed to start enforcing its own ordinance. Further Bob Carabell asked the Supervisors (thru Chip Davis) to take action with the sellers of lighting.

C. Recreation Committee: Bob Carlile (Meetings at call of Chair)

Carolyn Fisher announced that she is keeping the school calendar updated and distributed until Bob Carlile can resume this effort.

D. All American Road Committee: Bill Kusner, Chair (Meetings at call of Chair)

1. Bill Kusner announced that the All American Road Committee had received another $250,000 to extend the footprint of the landscape design and maintenance area. By working with DMJM, the pole situation has been settled. Mike Willette is working with us for maintenance of enhancements. Landscaping & nurturing subject for liability. VPRI will handle the money and provide liability coverage. This will also pick up VVSR maintenance as well. We have received notice to proceed. Further, we are exploring the possibility for a special district tax.



E. Ad hoc Library Committee: Carolyn Fisher, Chair

(Meetings at call of Chair)

1. No report


9. Old Business: It is imperative for all members to keep the Secretary informed of any changes in email addresses.


10. New Business:


  1. Bert Berkshire submitted the names of Don Beard, Craig Dible, Dorothy O’Brien and Carolyn Fisher to the Bylaw Committee. Jane Petty moved that these names be approved with a second by Al Thiele.


  1. Bob Carabell volunteered to investigate what steps would be necessary to declare that BPRCC would be a 501 C3 corporation. Peggy Dorrell volunteered to check with her CPA on the same subject.




April 23, 2007 Meeting with Supervisor Davis at 6:30 PM at VOCA Community Center.


Office Space is still needed (storage) for P&Z and BPRCC Records.


The US Forest Service Wild Fire team wants to do a presentation in May. The Fire Department will do home surveys as to fire surround areas. This will be scheduled at the end of the May 10th meeting.



Meeting adjourned at 10:40 AM.


Respectfully submitted,

Peggy Dorrell, Secretary

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