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Minutes of October, 2003 Meeting


Minutes of October, 2003 Meeting of Big Park Regional Coordinating Council


  1. The October 9, 2003 Big Park Regional Coordinating Council meeting was called to order by President Zona Fink at 9:00AM at the Big Park Fire Station Meeting Room. 15 members were present, which is a quorum.

  2. Zona Fink announced the very sudden passing of Council member, Jim Patterson. Several members spoke, remembering Jim as:

    1. A tireless and passionate worker for Community parks and other Community causes;

    2. A team player, with a talent for bringing together 2 diverse sides of an issue;

    3. A good listener and consensus builder, etc., etc. All agreed that Jim will be sorely missed by the Big Park Community and the Council. Donations in Jim’s memory can be made to Parks & Rec. of BPRCC.

  3. The minutes of the September 11 meeting were approved as presented.

  4. Pie Baking Contest—Zona Fink agreed to send a letter to Jake Weber to thank him for his enthusiastic support during the recent Pie Baking Contest.

  5. Treasurer’s report – Don Beard reported that there were expenses of $90 (revised insurance quote) during September and that the September ending balance for the Regular account is $1,419. The Recreation account balance remains at $8, excluding $125 in donations received for the skateboard program. Report was approved.

  6. Sundance Rep to BPRCC – Nancy Brown was introduced as the new representative from the “Sundance” HOA.


  1. Committee Reports:

    1. Transportation Committee:

      1. Jacks Canyon Road Update—Tom Hutchinson reported that Jacks Canyon Road will be re-built by Yavapai County, beginning in May, 2004. He will follow-up to find a copy of the previous study of the proposed project by the Transportation committee that was done at the request of Chip Davis a few years ago and discuss it at an upcoming Transportation Committee meeting.

      2. SR 179—Tom Hutchinson introduced Jennifer Livingston from ADOT and John McNamara from DMJM+Harris to the audience. Also, as part of the Needs Based Implementation Process (NBIP) that there would be several opportunities for the public to participate in the upcoming weeks, including Educational Forums in October and the Charrette process in early November. It was agreed that the many people who filled out the survey expressing interest in the SR179 project be contacted directly and reminded about these events. Jim Gibson agreed to coordinate.

      3. KDA/ADOT Presentation – Jennifer Livingston (ADOT Sr. Project Manager for SR 179 project) summarized the upcoming events related to the NBIP:

        1. Three remaining Educational forums:

          1. Today (Oct. 9) – Roadway Development, Planning & Design

          2. Oct 16 Share the Road (Mobility Options);

          3. Oct 30 – Context Sensitive Solutions.

        2. Donuts & Dialogue at the Project Office from 7am to 9am+ on Friday, October 31. This would be a good opportunity to learn more about the Charrette process. The Project Office is located in Bell Rock Plaza, Suite C and the phone number is 284-2503.

John McNamara, the Project NBIP Manager discussed the NPIP process time table:

  1. Charrette #1 (Core Issues, Vision and Values, Situation Assessment) is beginning on Saturday, November 1 with a kickoff event at the Big Park school. The Charrette will culminate with repeated 2 hour public sessions at 11am and 6pm at the Hilton Sedona Resort and Spa where the Charrette #1 findings will be presented and discussed. Everyone is strongly encouraged to attend as many of the Charrette events as possible

  2. Charrette #2 (Roadway Corridor Alternatives; Evaluation Criteria of Alternatives) will be in mid-January;

  3. Charrette #3 (Prioritizing of Preferred Roadway Framework – including alternative features) will be scheduled for Early March;

  4. Design Work (DAPs) – for each segment will begin in May for approximately 6 months.


    1. Planning and Zoning Committee:

      1. Presentation by Mr. Henry Reiter – Judy Cooper announced that Mr. Reiter’s presentation will be delayed until the November 14 BPRCC Meeting to permit completion of ongoing discussions with the P&Z Committee.

      2. Update on apartment complex meetings-- The P&Z have scheduled a special meeting on October 14 to discuss the project and plan to discuss again at the regularly scheduled meeting of October 27th with Mr. Reiter who is representing the owners of the proposed 56 unit Apartment development being considered at a 4+ acre site at the corner of SR179 and Avenue de Piedras. 22 issues, including visual impact and flood plain, etc. have been identified for possible corrective action. While the proposed development does not call for any zoning changes or variances, it does need site plan approval from the County. The County’s legal hearing on the matter is planned for November.

        1. Don Arey, representing Las Piedras homeowners, expressed thanks to the P&Z for all its efforts to improve the project outcome.

    1. Recreation Committee:

      1. Update on Community Park—Dorothy Hores announced that Yavapai County has approved $88,000 to complete the planned improvements at the VOCA park site, including: restrooms, sewer hookup, 3 Ramadas, exercise/fitness walking course, and installation of the new playground equipment.

      2. Skateboarding Donations—Bob Carlile reported that $125 has been raised to cover fuel, etc. expenses so that the participants will not have to pay any fee to participate in skateboarding outings. The first outing will be on October 11 with additional outings in November and December. The program has received strong support from the Big Park School principal.


  1. Old Business:

    1. Community Clean-up day – Bob Carlile reported that the owners of the property at the SE corner of Jacks Canyon Rd/SR179 (Mr. & Mrs. Patel of Prescott) have kindly agreed to let us use that land to collect refuse at the Community clean-up day on November 22nd from 9AM to 4PM. The County will be providing 11-15 dumpsters for the project and that everything except Hazardous waste (paint, liquids, etc.) will be OK including tires. He will schedule a short meeting with the volunteers to discuss and hopes to have enough volunteers to keep the work sessions to 3 hours or less each.

  2. New Business:

    1. Sedona Winds Contribution – Zona Fink announced that the Executive board will discuss a possible contribution to Sedona Winds for use of its facilities and make a recommendation at the next Council meeting.

    2. Nominating Committee Approval—Jeane Ray, Jeff Dunn and Dorothy Hores were approved to nominate Council officers for the 2004 calendar year.

    3. Library Survey –Volunteers are needed to review the list of priorities generated by the Library Planning Committee group last spring (excluding members who may have been on that committee).

  3. Announcements:

    1. National Scenic Area Designation—Joan McClelland spoke briefly regarding the progress being made to achieve “National Scenic Area” designation for the Forest lands in the Sedona/Big Park area; final approval will require Congressional review. Joan will prepare a resolution for the Council’s consideration at the November 14 Council meeting.

    2. December Social event—Zona Fink proposed that the council have a social “mixer” similar to the one for Joan and Helmut last month, sometime during the Holiday period (December?) and asked members to consider how they would like it organized.

    3. Plaza de Angeles—Zona Fink reported that the weeds have been removed from that property.

    4. Sedona Academy—now called “Verde Valley Academy” is scheduling its next annual conference for Feb 27-29th. The topic is “Achieving a Sustainable Economy”. People interested in attending can contact Zona for details.

    5. Used Car Sale Problem – Joanne Johnson reported that Yavapai County has appointed a new enforcement officer who is working on this problem and that we should see a reduction in the frequency of such occurrences in the near future.


Meeting adjourned at 10:35 AM.


John Gillam,


Approved November 13, 2003

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